Be Authentic, Be You with Heshy Friedman - 181
Profit with Law: Profitable Law Firm Growth
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Profit with Law: Profitable Law Firm Growth
Be Authentic, Be You with Heshy Friedman - 181
Feb 16, 2021 Episode 181
Moshe Amsel

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COVID-19 has made physical offices unviable. Companies worldwide have responded by shifting their businesses from the office and into the digital world. While there are many cheap services available to jumpstart your website, can they tell your unique business story? How do you create the perfect web strategy? 

In this episode, Heshy Friedman joins Moshe Amsel to talk about his experience leading a dynamic web technology firm. He shares his insights on why businesses need a personally crafted web design to convey their story. Web design is not simple and requires the understanding of many different features. He also emphasizes the importance of the authenticity of these strategies.  

If you want to know more about creating your ideal web strategy and staying authentic, then this episode is for you.

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