Overcome Fear, Reach a Calm State, and Make Your Pitch with Ingela Onstad - 373
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Overcome Fear, Reach a Calm State, and Make Your Pitch with Ingela Onstad - 373
Apr 06, 2023 Episode 373
Moshe Amsel

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Most professionals, like lawyers, are high-functioning, head-focused people. You'll find them confident with their knowledge and intellect in their expertise. However, as we know, there are different stages in the professional world where we have to perform. Even the pros can experience stage fright — like when making a pitch. To overcome it and maintain a sense of calm, you'd have to engage in deep internal work.

In this episode, high-performance coach and founder of Courageous Artistry, Ingela Onstad, joins us to discuss being calm and finding our confidence. She demonstrates practical techniques for achieving  calmness , such as journaling, introspection, or simply recognizing the emotional experiences in our bodies. She shares strategies and exercises in the three essential cognitive, physical, and emotional aspects. Ingela affirms that becoming an effective professional comes down to a holistic process.

This episode will help you become a confident, effective professional who stands out.

00:00 Introduction

1:56 Ingela’s Background

4:47 Becoming a High-Performance Coach

11:16 Why We Lose the Ability to be Confident When Pitching

15:08 Where to Start in Getting Past the Fear of Selling

17:22 #1: Examine the Cognitive Aspect

27:52 Scarcity and Survival

29:27 #2: Physical Strategies on How to Be Calm 

41:33 #3: Approach the Emotional Aspect

47:37 Becoming an Effective Leader

50:21 Ingela’s Parting Piece of Wisdom

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