How to Solve Your Firm’s Problems with Tech Solutions with Bim Dave - 375
Profit with Law: Profitable Law Firm Growth
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Profit with Law: Profitable Law Firm Growth
How to Solve Your Firm’s Problems with Tech Solutions with Bim Dave - 375
Apr 20, 2023 Episode 375
Moshe Amsel

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Technology has made many things in the world much easier. Today, almost everyone everywhere uses technology to access information, make processes smoother, and solve problems. Over the years, various industries have adopted tech solutions for data analysis, customer management, and much more. The legal industry has taken its time, but it’s catching up with the early adopters. With the right tools, life can be easier and lawyers can improve the way they run their firms.

Bim Dave has worked in legal technology for over 20 years. In this episode, Bim joins us to talk about how you can benefit from technology in the best way possible. He shares how he and his company, Helm360, provide creative technology solutions that firms can implement to solve unique problems. Bim shows law firms that there is no need to fear technology. Instead, it is something to be embraced and used to improve lives.

If you have a problem you’re struggling with, what you might need is a technology solution. Don’t miss this episode to learn more!

00:00 Introduction

3:08 Bim and Helm360

7:48 The Problems That Need Solutions

11:40 Who Can Benefit from These Technology Solutions?

16:44 Improving Solutions

20:42 Predicting the Future with Technology

26:44 The Cost of Technology Solutions

28:56 Bim’s Final Advice

31:32 Staying Profitable through Technology

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