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Matthew Stransky, Stransky & Company - Market Anticipations, Social Media, and More
Matthew Stransky, Stransky & Company - Market Anticipations, Social Media, and More 53:55 Mark Hamilton, Hamilton Zanze Real Estate Investments - His Journey and Top Tips for Others 46:41 Kaitlyn Pangrazzi, The KP Collective - Market Struggles and Kaitlyn's Challenges 47:02 Paul Apostolakis Shares His Story and His New Adventure 31:41 Nate Joens, Structurely - AI Application That is Nearly Human 36:41 Sam Liebman, WealthWay Equity Group LLC - Multi-Family Investing, Building Wealth, and Mastering the Fundamentals 43:42 Scott Muska, Built Technologies - Scott's Story, Construction, and Renovation 52:42 Renee Lossia Acho, KW Domain - High Anxiety Market, Interest Rate Hike, and More 41:22 Stacey Taylor, Quest Realty - Combating Competition, Listing Homes 2022, Multiple Offers Beat and More 46:06 Mark Shaftner, Keller Williams - Social Media 101, Unpredictable Market, and More 45:40 Tory Sheffer, Sheffer Capital - Multi-Family Investing, How to Get Started and More 44:18 The Omega Boys, Omega Lending Group - Market Conditions, Higher Rates and More 30:34 Chris Craddock, eXp Realty - REI Revive Program, Cheap Money, and More 34:36 Ashley Smith, Mark Z Real Estate Team - Top Buyers Agent, Changing the Game 42:53 Johnny Wolff, HomeRoom Coliving - Roommate Market...Meets Investors 55:40 Tonya Eberhart, BrandFace - 4 Marketing Failures, Agent Fears and Frustrations 50:11 David Schroeder, Caliber Home Loans - Initiatives Against Competition, Market Tightening, and More 48:56 Daryl Wizinsky, Elegant Homes Realty - Unfiltered and Raw... Success 49:27 Chris Prefontaine, Smart Real Estate Coach - Market Shifts, Investors, Rent and More! 43:26 Bill Dallas, Finance of America Mortgage - Business Models and Success 1:03:35 Ron Provenzano, Mark Z Real Estate Experts - Listing Agents 101 44:49 Michael Phillips, Keller Williams Legacy - Dearborn, Recruiting, Market Outlook 50:07 Ruben Izgelov, We Lend LLC - The Right Client, Private Lenders, and More 49:55 Sheel Sohal, KW Domain: Luxury Homes International - Bubble or No Bubble? Agent Under Attack? 47:31 Terri Bailey and Morgan Stone, Kendall Design Build - New Construction Challenges, Being Transparent, and More 48:29