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Daryl Wizinsky, Elegant Homes Realty - Unfiltered and Raw... Success
Daryl Wizinsky, Elegant Homes Realty - Unfiltered and Raw... Success 49:27 Chris Prefontaine, Smart Real Estate Coach - Market Shifts, Investors, Rent and More! 43:26 Bill Dallas, Finance of America Mortgage - Business Models and Success 1:03:35 Ron Provenzano, Mark Z Real Estate Experts - Listing Agents 101 44:49 Michael Phillips, Keller Williams Legacy - Dearborn, Recruiting, Market Outlook 50:07 Ruben Izgelov, We Lend LLC - The Right Client, Private Lenders, and More 49:55 Sheel Sohal, KW Domain: Luxury Homes International - Bubble or No Bubble? Agent Under Attack? 47:31 Terri Bailey and Morgan Stone, Kendall Design Build - New Construction Challenges, Being Transparent, and More 48:29 Gogo Bethke, Gogo's Real Estate - Advice for Agents, Coaching, and More 45:00 Samantha Hillery, Motus Real Estate - Being A Leader, Ingredients for Success, and More 51:50 Mat Ishbia, UWM - 2nd Quarter Results, Stock Price, Turn Times, and So Much More 49:31 Vic Simjanoski, DOBI Real Estate - Market Update, Appraisals Explained, and More 48:04 Edna Keep, Coaching - Leveraging Investor Money 47:01 Amy and Heather, Epic Title Services - Title, Escrow, and More 48:16 Willie Davis, Perks by Perk Real Estate, Re/Max Eclipse - Minorities, Market, and More 49:56 Kyle Lang, RE/MAX Dream Properties - Crisis Management, Market Strategy, and More 45:12 Avery Carl, The Short Term Shop - Short Term Rentals, Managing Rentals, and More 40:24 Khash Saghafi, Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation - The Story and The Business 53:37 Simon Thomas, DOBI Real Estate - Growth, Relationships, and the Market 49:44 Tonya Eberhart, BrandFace - What is BrandFace, Coaching Consistency, and More 53:35 Omega Lending Group - Calculating Payments, Credit, and More 31:43 Brennen Clarke, Mark Z Real Estate Experts - Seller Side Transactions, Softening Market, and More 42:06 Sheel Sohal, KW Domain: Luxury Homes International - High End Sales, Recent Changes, and More 46:27 Omega Lending Group - PMI, Credit Scores, Down Payments and more 49:10 Erik Wright, Social House Group - Social Media, New Construction Pullback, Forbearance and More 45:35