Humanitarian Leadership Academy's Podcast

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – and why it matters for humanitarians

March 21, 2023 Humanitarian Leadership Academy Season 1 Episode 5
Humanitarian Leadership Academy's Podcast
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – and why it matters for humanitarians
Show Notes

“Solidarity is the political expression of love. And I have hope and faith that we can get to a place that's equitable for all.”
 – Michelle Brillouet

Listen to Ka Man Parkinson in conversation with Michelle Brillouet and Tim Carpentier on a thought-provoking exploration of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) - and why it matters now more than ever, particularly in the humanitarian sector. 

Michelle and Tim illustrate why systemic change is necessary by taking us on a personal journey of what DEI means to them, before delving into topical issues including power and decision-making, neo-colonialism and anti-racism.
 As committed DEI advocates and representatives, Michelle and Tim share their experiences of creating inclusive work practices – and highlight actions we can take to play our part in creating a humanitarian space that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Michelle Brillouet (She/They) is a User Experience Specialist at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, dedicating her days to empowering individuals and organisations through the innovative Kaya platform. Michelle brings a wealth of experience to her work, with a strong background in education, particularly working with at-risk young people and international students.

Michelle is a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity, and her expertise in creating safe and inclusive environments that promote mental health and wellbeing is second to none. As an EDI coach, she is committed to driving change in the EdTech industry and promoting psychological safety in organisations.

Tim Carpentier (He/Him) is Digital Learning Lead at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy where he supports a team to design and develop digital learning resources for frontline humanitarian practitioners.

He has a technical background in gender equality, with a particular emphasis in humanitarian settings and holds an MA in International Humanitarian Action. Tim joined the HLA in 2020 and has also undertaken work across the Humanitarian Department at Save the Children UK integrating gender equality into its work.

Ka Man Parkinson (She/Her) is Communications and Marketing Advisor at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. She  joined the HLA in 2022 and holds a background in communications and marketing in the education and NGO sectors.
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