What tasks do I need to do to operate a WFM system?
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The Workforce Management Podcast
What tasks do I need to do to operate a WFM system?
Apr 26, 2023 Season 1 Episode 4
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In this episode, we delve into the inner workings of workforce management software and explore the regular tasks that are required to keep it running smoothly. We're joined by a WFM expert, Ben Nakimovitch, Customer Success Manager, who answers our burning questions about what's involved in operating such a system.

He takes us through the essential tasks needed to operate a WFM system, the stakeholders we need to consider and what users need to do to keep it going. We dive deeper into how long these tasks take and who is involved in the process. 

We ask Ben to walk us through an example of a typical WFM task to give us a better understanding of the process, shedding light on what's involved in some of the more complex tasks, and how they're accomplished. Finally, we touch on the support aspect of WFM software and ask if it's standard practice to get assistance from the vendor for tasks that users can't do themselves. 

Whether you're new to workforce management software or a seasoned user, this episode provides valuable insights into the regular tasks involved in keeping a WFM system running smoothly.

Tune in now or read the full blog post for more in-depth view :

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