Laadheenee Meehun

Love is Haram

March 12, 2023 Laadheenee Collective Season 1 Episode 2
Laadheenee Meehun
Love is Haram
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In this episode of Laadheenee Meehun, Burakashi and Zileybee talk about their experiences of growing up queer and confused in the Maldives. They recall their earliest experiences of living in the claustrophobic conditions of Male’, while also making sense of their gender, sex and sexuality. We cover the hottest corner-shop gossip, to experiences of harassment, and coping with the stress of being a queer teen in a theocratic society. 


  1. Intro 
  2. Queers in Paradise
  3. Corner-shop Goss
  4. Honey
  5. The Land of Confusion
  6. The Booby Intervention
  7. Boys and Girls
  8. Praying the Gay Away
  9. FK SMS
  10. Scribbles on the Wall
  11. All us sluts are going to hell 
  12. Wake up for prayers, bb
  13. A Safe Space for Harm
  14. Wrap up

 Please be warned that the last chapter "A Safe Space for Harm", starting at around 55mins and ending at around 1hr5mins deals with personal stories of self harm and suicide. 

Queers in Paradise
Corner-shop Goss
The Land of Confusion
The Booby Intervention
Boys and Girls
Pray the Gay Away
Scribbles on the Wall
All Us Sluts are Going to Hell
Wake up for Prayers, bb
A Safe Space for Harm
Wrap Up