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Viroqua Chamber Main Street

“54665" is a podcast for entrepreneurs who are on the go. Whether you are at the idea stage or are having the seven-year itch, “54665” is about meeting people where they are. All of us are just trying to get through the day— be good people, spouses, parents, friends, citizens. One of the biggest barriers for people looking to start a business or who have amazing ideas, or want to grow their business or are looking for support with an existing business is TIME. That is why our podcast, “54665” is all about accessibility and getting businesses, potential businesses and start-ups the information and resources that they need to be successful. We are going to talk about the fun stuff, the ugly stuff, and the heartbreaking stuff. The show will educate with topics that range from marketing to LLCs, from balance sheets to best hiring practices and everything in between. We are going to laugh, cry and figure it all out. This is rural development Viroqua style.