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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Reality

January 29, 2024 Sam Daghash & David Capablanca Season 1 Episode 4
Rising Minds
Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Reality
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Show Notes

Episode 4: Sam Daghash is an Alignment & Breakthrough Specialist and is a certified Master Coach & Practitioner with a relentless passion for guiding traders on a journey of self-transformation. With a deep understanding of the inner workings of the human mind, he specializes in helping traders overcome their mental barriers and limitations, setting them on a path to personal and financial liberation.

Sam is also the co-founder of Conscious Trading Academy with his esteemed partner and world-renowned Master Trader David Capablanca. Together they are on a mission to empower traders to become profitable by elevating both their mindset and skillset, showing up as the best version of themselves.

Sam will be in Los Angeles for the second Conscious Trading Conference on March 2nd, 2024

For more details on tickets  please visit: www.ConsciousTradingAcademy.com

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