Persistence in Prayer with Kylie Hein

Episode 35: Do You Know What's Better Than A Nap? Featuring Roxsan DeVera

December 05, 2023 Kylie Hein
Persistence in Prayer with Kylie Hein
Episode 35: Do You Know What's Better Than A Nap? Featuring Roxsan DeVera
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Welcome to another episode of Persistence in Prayer! Do you ever find yourself yearning for a day of pure relaxation, free from the demands of your bustling life? Well, you're not alone. In today's episode, we're diving into the art of rest – and trust me, it's way better than a nap!

I often oscillate between two extremes. On one hand, I'm in full-on beast mode, tackling tasks, learning, helping others – sleep is optional. On the flip side, there are days when I just want to escape, lie in bed, and avoid the world with my trusty phone. Burnout and overwhelm? Yeah, they're familiar companions.

But here's the catch – rest wasn't something I prioritized for a long time, and maybe you can relate. This week, as we embrace the season of Advent and its spirit of waiting, we're delving into the importance of rest. And guess what? The Lord commands it.

Join me and the wonderful Roxsan DeVera of as we unpack what true rest looks like, especially for people-pleasers, achievers, and everyone navigating life's hustle.

Rest is where we lean on the Lord, finding sustenance and support. So, whether you're a go-getter or a quiet observer, learn with us how to reclaim rest, just as God intended. And in case you're still wondering what's better than a nap – spoiler alert: it's resting with Jesus! Tune in for a delightful conversation on the beauty of rest and its profound connection with our spiritual journey this Advent.

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Do you feel tired? I don't know if it's just me or the weather, but this time of year always. Makes me really want to take a nap I want to snuggle up on the couch with my kids and watch movies. Or maybe if I'm feeling a little more ambitious bake cookies and sit and look at the Christmas lights or the snowflakes out the window. I remember when my mom told me that. I now understand why grandma doesn't like Christmas. Which was a concept that I could not comprehend. As a young child, or even a young teen or young adult, how can you not like Christmas? How could you not enjoy it? But as I've grown older, I've come to understand some of the struggles that come with Christmas. The expectations that we have to buy the perfect gifts. The struggles with finances and not being able to afford the things that our children want or that we feel that our loved ones deserve. When we should be slowing down. Our culture seems to tell us to speed up. To do more. All of these things come to fruition. Maybe we're missing loved ones this time of year. And it's forcing us to operate out of a place where we become restless. And that's what we're going to talk about today. What is the cause of restlessness? And how is it that we can find rest? True rest that is even better than a nap. Arrest that even people pleasers and high-achievers can come to appreciate. C8. Arrests that makes us whole. I arrest that prepares us for the coming of our Lord, this Christmas season. So join me today with my special guest Roxanne DeVera, as we discuss reclaiming rest. Hello, beautiful souls, and welcome to the Persistence in Prayer podcast hosted by Catholic Mindset coach, wife, mother, educator, and speaker, Kylie Hine. Kylie is passionate about helping you deepen your relationship with God through the power of prayer. This podcast is a space for high achievers who want to do it all, but also want to prioritize their spiritual life and grow in faith. Join us as we explore the beauty of persistence in prayer and the transformative impact it can have on our lives. Get ready to discover practical tips, insights, and inspiration to help you develop a daily prayer practice and cultivate a deeper sense of trust in God's plan for your life. Let's journey together towards a more fulfilled and faithful life as we invite the Holy Spirit in. Let's begin. Today I'm joined by the beautiful Roxanne de Vera. Roxanne is a Catholic life coach and owner of Meek and Humble. She is a trained coach through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and the Human Formation Coalition. As a coach, she helps busy Catholics toward intentional and simple living by providing tools to reclaim time and space and maximize their God given talents. Roxanne, welcome and thank you so much for being here today. Thank you, Kylie. Thanks for the opportunity to be here. It's a pleasure. Can you share with us a little bit about you and your family? Yeah, so I'm married, happily married for, uh, it's been four years, almost five next year. And we live in Southern California. We don't have children, but we're praying for that. And so add us to your prayers. What I do right now is I'm doing Catholic life coaching. I came from corporate, I have 10 years of experience there where I was working in medical device. And then God has been calling me, asking me to multiply my talents and somehow, well, I didn't get to share this with you, but, um, it was because of the OSB, our Sunday visitor innovator challenge, that, uh, it was an opportunity that was open to me randomly. And they said that they accepted napkin ideas, and so I had submitted an idea that just came to me in the parking lot at work, and then I submitted the idea and I actually made a couple rounds, and after that. I was like, wow, I didn't really expect that I would get that far. And, after that experience, I realized there's, there's a need. So even if I didn't make it through the final rounds, I found God calling me to the need that he wanted me. To fulfill my purpose, how he designed me. And so I ended up going to coaching because people kept sharing with me. Have you ever thought of life coaching? I didn't know I was already doing that. And so that experience really opened a door for me. And now I'm here. So it's been such a blessing. It's been so fruitful to be able to operate in God's design in me. That's beautiful. Was it tough for you to leave corporate and do this or did you feel very convicted like you just knew? What was your discernment process like? So it's always been in my heart. You know, there are things I was capable of doing, but It was really draining my energy, and I couldn't figure out, like, what does God really want of me? And, so I didn't really realize this until later, until, you know, really good holy people called it out on me. But, I really struggled with my identity. And so what was hard for me is that, I mean, this is a confession, but I'm a plea, I was a people pleaser. And so I love making people happy, but sometimes at the expense of my wellbeing. And so after being called out for that and really, other people declaring who I was and what my true identity was in God, that I'm his child, that I have an inheritance in heaven. When they called that out on me, um, I realized like, oh wow, I was Trying to prove myself, prove my worth to other people, when I already had worth in God. That was such a mind shift for me. I think that most of us can relate to lost identity and not really recognizing. Who it is that God called us to be I love that saying, remember, who you are and whose you are. That's such like a great thing to remember and whatever it is that we're doing in life. And, if I remember right, your temperament, are you phlegmatic? Yes. Yes. Okay. So the people please. Don't want to rock the boat. Don't want to rock the waters. but my story, I mean, I'm choleric and so high achiever, but for me, my identity was wrapped up in achieving things of feeling like I needed to get all the certificates, feeling like I needed to be, you know, the top of my class and have all of these accolades when a lot of my gifts were actually in the other direction, not so much the science and math areas. In more creative aspects and so it's easy to get lost in the world and what other people tell us so it's so awesome that you are surrounded by people who recognize your true identity and your other gifts that God has given you so I absolutely love that one of the things that we've talked about that you are passionate about sharing with others is how to reclaim rest and I think this is such a great topic for the start of Advent. We're just a couple days into Advent. Can you share with us what does reclaiming rest mean to you? Yeah. So, you know, as children, that's the time when we really did know how to rest. And when you think about rest, it means to stop work, to seize work, to refresh oneself, to recover. And when I think about being a child, how Much trust that we had, and how much peace we had. And so we could really rest. We could really, tap into our creativity and, take our naps without having something preventing us from sleeping. Besides maybe sugar or something, but nothing really, sitting in our mind and what we're distracted by. But as an adult, it became. A lot harder and to reclaim rest is to reclaim what we were given by God. sO brass is really, it's essential. It's the opposite of work. So all of us know how to work, but work is something that we exert outwardly where, rest is interiorly focused. It's focused on restoration and recovery. And even in Genesis, God Gives us an example. He says like on the seventh day God completed work and he rested and then he on the seventh day. He made it holy because on it. He rested. So there's, I don't know if you've seen any formed, uh, episodes on the Bible project. Okay. I haven't seen them. Yeah. Yeah, it's a, it's a beautiful video illustration, and they do word studies, and, the biblical Hebrew word of seven, so on the seventh day, God rested, it's actually connected to fullness, completeness, um, wholeness. So what rest does is allows us to be whole. And so reclaiming rest is reclaiming that wholeness. That we're called to. So another, definition of rest that. Actually, really resonated with me on dictionary. com, to lean on something and let it support you. Ooh. But it was such a beautiful thing to think about is to rest is really, it's God who gives us rest. And, When we lean into Him and let Him support us, that's surrender, that's trusting in Him. I feel like a lot of the source of our rest comes from Him. Yes, I love that. I would just change that definition to like, to lean on Him and let Him support you. I, I love that. REST is something I struggled with as one of my number one CliftonStrengths, well the number one CliftonStrengths, which I've fought really hard against and I thought maybe over the years it had shifted and then I took the test again and it was still the same, is Achiever. And it's funny because my husband just did the CliftonStrengths test for his job and his number one was also Achiever. And I had to laugh because for Achievers, You start every day at zero. It's like, what you did the day before doesn't matter. You feel like you have to do something every single day. And if you don't, then we fall into that negative mindset of, Well, I'm being lazy. I should have done this. And the Lord has really Taught me to rest through my health, like when I didn't want to rest, I mean, especially over the last eight years, it's like, you know what you're, this is, it's a blessing. Like being sick all the time is difficult. You can, if you're listening now, you can tell my voice is not a hundred percent, but to rest and this opportunity to grow near to him through rest. You said to reclaim what we are given by God and rest leads to fullness and allowing us to be whole and The wholeness that we get from resting with God that understanding of our full identity that understanding of how he has created us and continues to create in us and The gifts that he has given us to multiply We lose sight of that. We don't hear his voice when we are so focused on completing all of the tasks. Mm hmm. So, I love hearing your perspective as a phlegmatic, versus my perspective as the choleric, where it's like, this is where I have lived since I was a child and had to really work by, through God's grace, but have had to really work to let go. Like you said, surrender, control. Yeah. of my expectations for the day and embrace fully what he is asking me by sitting in the present moment. Yeah. That's beautiful. So how do we, how do we do that? How do we reclaim rest? If you think of some of the clients that you work with, maybe I know you work with busy Catholics. How do you teach them how to do that? So it, it takes Work. it's a process. So, when you think about rest, you think about, oh, relaxing on your couch, just doing nothing, but it actually takes some activity. It actually takes a lot of interior work. And, um, rest is actually different from sleep, because even if you sleep more than nine, ten hours. There's times when you still feel tired, and so the quality of rest actually can determine the quality of sleep. Rest, happens, it can happen during the day, too, not just when you're in bed, and restlessness prevents you from being able to sleep. So there's a book actually by Dr. Sondra Dalton Smith, called, Sacred Rest, and she identifies seven different types of rest. So there's physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, sensory, social, and creative. I highly recommend that book, just to help you evaluate the areas where you're being depleted. and strategies to help restore and renew the body, mind and spirit. And so how we can do that, it's, it really depends on each individual because we're all designed so uniquely and unrepeatable. So identifying the root cause of our restlessness, like first identifying. where your restlessness is coming from. And a huge indicator is our body. It'll tell us, our mind will tell us and our emotions. So you'll recognize in your body that either you're suffering from a lot of pain, or you're having headaches. Or you're feeling a little more irritable, like what patterns are you noticing in yourself? And that's already an indicator of where restlessness is coming from. another strategy I like to do for myself to find the root cause of anything is, um, called the five whys, or I like to ask myself the five what caused this. So the more you ask yourself why gets you closer to the root cause. And then only when you determine that you can start figuring out the best solution for yourself. So it comes with a lot of self awareness. Amen to that. Okay, so the former teacher in me, which will always be there. I want to go back and highlight some of the things that you said, because I just think they're really significant. And sometimes we need to hear those things more than once. So you said that rest takes work, which seems to be like, those don't go together, right? But Okay. Anyone who's ever read the book Soul of the Apostolate and any books on mental prayer, they will tell you mental prayer, that interior work is one of the hardest things that you can do and that's why people don't do it. Yes. And so I love that you said it takes work. It's not just sleeping or laying on your couch and watching Netflix, those things that are still activating your brain and not getting to the root cause. So that interior work, it is difficult, but why is it worth it? Let's Start with that. Why is that interior work worth it? The interior work. It's I always think about the innermost being that that is where God dwells the interior work is so important because that's where we meet God and he's the source of life, joy, peace, All the fruits of the spirit, things on the outside will help us learn and help reveal to us what's actually being expressed on the inside. So as a coach, our job is to help draw out that life for it to be physically present in front of them to be able to mirror what they share. And so that they could see it outside, but it's actually being reflected inside. So, um, when I say drawing out life, it's like, Drawing out God's fullness in them, making the invisible visible. I like that., last week I was meditating on St. John on the cross and he talks about the indwelling of the Trinity. And the picture that kept coming to me was, I've never been in a party like this, but have you seen those pictures of like the champagne, glasses, you know, they're stacked in like the pyramid and then you fill the top and it trickles down. And what I think of when I think of. When we're busy, right? When we're focused, because that's how the devil, he gets us distracted. He keeps, if he can't get us to sin, he keeps us busy. I know that there's that saying out there, right? It's like we're so busy trying to fill every single glass and we're getting overwhelmed because we can't keep up with filling every single glass one at a time. Yeah. But if we just come to the Lord, he fills that top glass. And then it overflows into all of the other, it fills everything else. But instead we get so wrapped up in trying to work from the bottom up and trying to reach that tall, it like that top class, like, Lord, I'm going to pray, but I'm going to get there. I'm going to get there. Or maybe we like throw a splash in once or twice throughout the day. You know, I hear people say like, well, I'm praying throughout my day. That's great. And it's beautiful. But did you sit and let him fill your cup first? Because if we don't, then we're, again, that picture just comes to my mind of trying to fill all the cups on our own rather than just allowing him to fill the top cup and letting it flow down to everything else. And so when you talk about this rest is where we meet God, I think it's so true and so beautiful and the peace that does come. Um, is a piece that you can't explain unless you've just done it. Like you can't explain it unless you've just allowed yourself to go there and trusted that God is going to give it to you. At least I can't, I can't explain it any other way. It's not the same kind of peace that you get from anything else in the world. The other thing that you mentioned was identifying the root causes of our restlessness. And I might've shared this on the podcast before, but I remember. Talking to a priest about like, I had a week where I was just, I felt like I was, really restless and I was constantly reaching for my phone. And he said something he, he reminds people of is when you find yourself reaching for your phone, ask yourself, what are you reaching for? And again, that goes back to the why, the self awareness of what are we reaching for? What are we grasping for? What do you think it is that your clients are grasping for? What are the obstacles that get in the way of them resting? So, it's just I guess just going through life, society or culture kind of, um, puts more of a focus on performance, on the external, that everything outside is. It's pretty much the opposite of living from your identity. It's the idea that we have to do everything Mmm, help everyone give of ourselves to help another which is it's charitable But also we're not God like it's Jesus who's the Savior and he's given us A particular mission where we're to focus on and give our whole heart to but we think that we have to do everything. And we really don't. I could think, one of the things, even I myself, has struggled with, and is setting boundaries. I'm really knowing ourselves well. Knowing our talents, knowing what we value, what our needs are, and living alignment with God in that, because, we're called to operate in our authentic self, but when we're trying to perform and trying to do other things to base our worth on, then that's when the, we get restless through that, I think one of the things that I know hits home for me is you talk about what kind of things are we basing our worth in? And just like you said, culture and society tells us that that's on, you know, what we have achieved, our income, the things that we have, the material things. Or our worth is based on what we look like. How fit we are, a lot of the things that require doing and we forget that our worth comes from who we are, not from what we do. So that has hit home with me a lot since I've stopped teaching full time and you know, my, my paycheck is not consistent like it once was. And that was a big shift for me and really, okay, can I trust God in this? And do I still bring value to my family? Yes, I do, in a lot of different ways, but that was hard for me for a little bit. To make that transition, and I've seen that in some of my clients as well as they are transitioning jobs. So, for anyone listening, if you found yourself in that situation, first off, know that you are not alone, but also remember, That you have value and you're uniquely designed and beautiful. Just as you are without ever doing anything. I know you, you mentioned Roxanne about You guys are praying for children and I think that was one of the most eye opening things for me as a doer when I had my daughter and how much I loved her from the second I knew that she was in my womb and when she was birthed and Babies are not exactly fun to take care of, she would poop all over all of the time, like explosive diapers, didn't sleep, wanted to eat all the time, wanted to nurse all the time, and so you're exhausted, but you love them, and they're not It's like, if we think in sort of tangible things, like what are they giving to us? They're not able to give us money. They're not able to clean the house. They're not able to technically do anything for us, but just their being, holding them in your arms can have such a calming and soothing effect. And it's just their, their very existence gives so much to the world. And so to think of when God created us, it was that times a million, our very being, the very thought of our being gave him so much joy. And he placed us here knowing all the ways that we were going to mess it up, but still loving us anyway. So I don't know. I just, I really love that. That's a beautiful thing to think about because, you know, a child in your arms, they don't do anything but just trust you. And they're just resting in your arms and there's something so beautiful about that image. And that's what I feel God calling us to is to reclaim that, you know, that we may have lost along the way. So as we continue on in Advent, is there anything that you would recommend or, do you have any special ways that you have kind of celebrated Advent in the past, either in your family growing up or with your husband now? Yeah, so in the Philippines, there's a tradition where you go to mass for nine, evenings or early mornings. It's called Simbangabi and we would go to mass, like it's a novena. So at four 30 in the morning, we go to, the Simbangabi mass. And then afterward there'd be a fellowship. And so that's usually starts nine days before Christmas. And so we go to that, but there's just a sense of togetherness. And connection that we experienced through that tradition, I have loved because it connects us to God and helps us prepare altogether because sometimes you can just get so caught up with the hustle and bustle of getting gifts prepared and cleaning the house, but it really allows you to be present and sacrifice because it's really early in the morning that you'd have to do for. A little bit more than a week. So I think it's such a beautiful thing to do and to offer to God for Adamant. I have never heard of that. I think that is so cool. Do you still try to practice this? Yes. So before COVID there were a lot more, but now there's a few parishes that do it I'm not sure about this, this year, but I'm sure that there's such a huge Filipino community out here that there's somewhere where you can experience it. I love the Catholic culture, and how Diversities and the different traditions that come. I grew up in super small town and I still live in a super small town. I moved for a while, but have come back. And I think that the, the way that we can share those traditions with others. is so valuable. I think that's such an incredible tradition and, I don't know if you see that outside of your particular community, but I'm so grateful for you just for sharing that right now as something that we can all consider because sometimes it can be hard to think of ways to implement the liturgical year in our lives. And One, it can get overwhelming if we're looking at so many different things, but finding something that fits for our lifestyle, for our state of life, can be really helpful. And when we can look to some of those cultural traditions that are very in line with our Catholic faith, that are really beautiful. And then also it's solidarity and connection with people who maybe aren't exactly like us. And it's a way that we can grow in holiness. With others throughout the world. So, thank you for sharing that. Speaking of fun things to share, you have a really cool fun fact about you. Will you share with us what that is? Well, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to shake hands with the Pope twice. And where were you when this happened? So, I went with A couple of girlfriends who went on a trip to Italy, for the first time, and they knew how to get around all the things they knew when the day that the Pope would, appear to the public, and so that day happened to be raining, and we were brought into the auditorium, and so we went straight to the aisle, but there was a father and his Young daughter, right next to us. And he said, you should stand next to us. Cause I have Pope bait. So we thought that was funny, but he was right. He came right to us. And so each of us got to shake his hand. So that was an amazing experience. The second time was we, my husband and I, we were able to do this Sposinoveli, which is the blessing for newlyweds and they bring all of the newlyweds, right next to the Pope. And so he goes down the line and we were able to get to the front also. So that was such an amazing experience. I had never thought that would ever happen to me, but yeah, it's a once in a lifetime experience. Or twice in a lifetime for you. Twice, yes. That is so amazing. Italy is still on my travel bucket list. So I keep telling my husband, one of these days we're going to get there. Okay, so a couple more just fun questions. Can you think of a moment in your life when you felt like God showed you his sense of humor? A good question. Um, I have, well, it's a simple one, but, you know, the St. Therese novena? Yes. I think I was praying for a husband at the time, but, I prayed that novena. I prayed it a couple of times and, you know, at the end, you're supposed to see signs of flowers or things like that. And I particularly asked. Just for fun, I wasn't really expecting, like, I don't really look for signs or anything. But I said, Oh, Lord, it would be nice, or St. Therese, a white rose would be nice, just a single one. Nothing, nothing too fancy. And so, um, I think it was Christmas and friends were giving gifts. And I was given the gift of a candle and the candle scent. was a white rose. Ah! So it wasn't an actual rose, but it was a candle set. It was funny. But what a God moment. Like, answering our prayers but never in the way that we expect. Seriously, yes. We always have to be open for His interpretation. What is In your mind, the hardest thing about being Catholic? Hmm, we'll have to think about that one a bit. I guess the hardest thing has to be, you know, you can relate to people as being Catholic, but not necessarily, um, being on the same page, I guess. Mm hmm. What's challenging is you know, the heart to evangelize, but it really takes time, it takes a lot of patience, to walk with people and praying for conversion. I think that's the hardest thing for me is that I desire everyone to get to know the Lord. Like, there's such amazing experiences to have with him and how much joy in life that can come to you. But I'd say that's the hardest thing. The hardest thing for me is like, I want people to experience that, but, um, everyone has their story and their journey with. Yeah, I think for so many of us when we, especially when we have loved ones who either have left the faith or have never been part of the Catholic faith, it's easy to fall into despair and sadness. I mean, I know there's some people it's like praying rosary after rosary after rosary and I think that's beautiful, but I also think that again, it goes back to that surrender of control and that. We are not created to do everything. At some point, we have to trust that God has heard our prayer, and yes, by all means, be persistent in prayer. That is the name of this whole podcast. Be persistent in your prayers, but trust Him. Trust that He hears you. Trust that He understands your heart. Will be merciful on behalf of those whom you are praying for. I think from that aspect like the hardest thing for me with evangelization is like they have to at some point they have to say yes. I can pray for God to put all these opportunities and to really change and convert their heart, but ultimately They have the free will, and they have to desire to say yes, and I think that's the hardest thing for me to let go of is, okay Lord, but I know you can't make them say yes, but how do you make it so enticing that they can't say no? How did becoming a life coach help you to grow closer to God? How it helped me grow close to God is. It's kind of helped me stay accountable because I'm calling myself a Catholic life coach. And so there's a sense of responsibility that I have, but how it's helped me, it's both challenged me, but also encouraged me. Because before I wouldn't see myself doing something like this, um, speaking in public and I'm a natural introvert and I would much prefer to be, you know, at home and not speaking in front of people, but somehow, God does something and by his grace that I'm able to do this and. I didn't even know that it was aligned with how he designed me, like all the talents, and the charisms that he revealed to me, other people would affirm that, that's what a life coach does, and I had no idea unless people, unless they affirmed truth in me. That's when I was able to see who I was truly meant to be. So I really praise God for the individuals that encouraged me to enter this line of work, even really taking a leap from the job that I was at, which was also a very good place, but. It's like surrendering that small teddy bear for the big one. And so that's what God did, really. Courage. Yes. I think that's one of the, the greatest gifts of coaching that I have seen come out of all of the, the coaches that I went through certification with. The courage for them to step out into something different. And Just like you said being the introvert and not wanting to be in the spotlight, but we know as Entrepreneurs that you have to be a little bit in the spotlight Even if that's not where you're comfortable, but by God's grace When we are living in his will and not in our own, he gives us what we need and he provides the courage and the fear just kind of dissipates. Not that it's never there, that it doesn't show up sometimes, but in the moment, he just takes it away and he provides the encouragement. that we need. And I think that is so beautiful. I'm curious, for me, when I'm coaching, this shows up a lot in our thoughts. Like, we really focus on the lies versus the truth and what we were capable of. And also looking at scripture, look at all the disciples and how many people in scripture were so weak and did not fit the bill for what was, you know, the ideal person for the job. Yes. But that's exactly who God picked because those people knew the lack of their strength and they relied on God and that is what made them so powerful and so courageous and so perfect for what he designed them to do is because they were able to understand like I have nothing and everything good in me comes from you, Lord. I don't know if you've seen, there's these little Only the first one is out, but it's called Young David. It's this five minute video clip, for anyone who has kids. It's on Minnow and it's also on Angel Studios, like for streaming devices. The David movie is coming out I think in 2025, but my son is obsessed with David and Goliath. That is his favorite Bible story. He loves David and Goliath, and I, I love just that little five minute clip of David because. He was tiny and scrawny and it's him with his sheep. It's really funny. So if you haven't seen it, you just need to go watch it. It's so funny, but it's just, he's little, but so courageous and acknowledges that, Lord, give me courage, give me courage. And, I know I found that in coaching too. So. I'm excited that that has been something that's helped you as well. Okay, last question before we get to our scripture verse. What is your coaching superpower? For me, I feel like my coaching superpower is holding space. I think that years of teaching has really helped me with this because even though I want to jump into conversation, I got really, really good at God has gifted me with the ability to ask good questions, especially when it's one on one. So I think mine is holding space. What do you think your coaching superpower is? I'd say empathy. Just being able to provide a safe, non judgmental space for my clients. Allowing them to feel heard and seen. Mm-Hmm. it's not common to be able to receive that, you know, on our day-to-Day. And just to be able to, like what you're saying about holding space for people, allowing them to just share their heart openly being their authentic self, not having to per perform or, try to prove anything. It's just. Being able to share openly and, being able to connect, God with their story, to be able to connect the patterns in which they do things and see God in it. So yeah, I think empathy would be it. I can 100 percent see that in you. And what a gift of the Phlegmatic Coach, because You know, I think that phlegmatics so often can be such incredible listeners Because they are a little more introverted and because they are a little more gentle and slow to react to things they aren't as likely to jump to their own conclusions, but really just Gentle listening which I think helps fuel that empathy. So what a blessing you are for all of your clients Oh, thank you. Okay, so I like to end always with either prayer tips or a favorite verse. You have provided me with a favorite verse that you have, and I giggled when I saw this because if I think back to when I very first started this podcast, this was the verse that I used in the very first episode. So I love it. Okay. So the verse you shared was Matthew 11, 28 through 30 perfectly, uh, incorporates this Rest and, reclaiming rest and the verse, if you guys don't know it, is come to me all who labor and are heavily laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. How is that verse significant for you? Oh man, I think this was my turning point for a lot of things in my life because it was a verse that came to me often and you know when you see something often it's like okay god what are you trying to tell me so I was saying this Well, it was probably the Feast of the Sacred Heart too, which is why that verse would show up in Mass, but the most random place was a bus stop. Wow. Just a random sign at a bus stop, not promoting anything, but just saying that verse. And so I started to do Lexio and I would continue to read it. And each time God was revealing something to me, because before I would think, Oh, you know, I just give it to God and I'll take care of it. But he was telling me, Take my yoke. Learn from me. And you will find rest. And so he was asking you to partner with him to learn from his heart and to connect to him. Because if you think of a yoke, it's It's heavy if you're pulling it by yourself, but if Christ is inviting me to take his yoke and be connected to him, then pulling it with him makes it so much lighter. And so that was a huge mindset shift for me. It changed the way that I was living my life and how I was operating. I think the biggest. I think the greatest thing that I recognized in myself was that even if the circumstances around me hasn't changed, I myself have changed because of it. By taking the yoke of Christ, I was seeing the world from his lens, um, and that's where I found rest, is just being able, you know, when you spend so much time with someone, you become like them. I think being yoked to Christ allowed me to view even rest from his lens. It's being connected. It's like that abiding relationship. It's very intimate. And that's where we can find, um, the opportunity to reclaim rest. That is such a wonderful explanation. And I appreciate that you use the word partner. I think sometimes we can get so caught up in I need to do everything or people get to the point where they're burned out and it's like, okay, fine Lord, you do it all. Like you take care of it. But then we expect him to just do everything, but it's a partnership. It's both of us. And. Even when I think of prayer, like, prayer should be simple. We go to him and we, we place ourselves in his presence and then let him do the work. The partnership is we have to show up. We have to show up and we have to be willing to give him all of the things that are distracting us. And I think that's the hardest part for most people is to just show up and let everything else wait. Yeah, there's something in that just being courageous enough to show up and then. I mean, God takes over. It's that, that surrender, just like letting go of control. Yes. Okay. So where can people find you? So you can find me through Instagram at meekandhumblecatholic and meekandhumble. com is the website. And you are offering a special promotion for anyone listening to this podcast from now through the end of the year. Is that correct? Yes. So if you're interested, there's a contact form in the website, meaganhubble. com, where you can contact me and just put in the notes that you listened to Kylie Hines podcast. Amazing. Thank you so much for being here, Roxanne. It is such a joy to learn from you and to have this opportunity for others to learn from you as well. Thank you all so much for being here. Thank you, Roxanne, for the beautiful gift that you are to the world. Thank you so much, Kylie. Appreciate it. Beautiful souls, thank you again for journeying with me. If you have been blessed by this episode, it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review. Be sure to screenshot it, share it on your social media stories, and don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook at Kylie M. Hine. Stay persistent in prayer, protect your peace, and as always, share the light of Christ with everyone around you.

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