Persistence in Prayer with Kylie Hein

Episode 46: How To Not Lose Yourself In The Sufferings Of Lent

February 27, 2024 Kylie Hein
Persistence in Prayer with Kylie Hein
Episode 46: How To Not Lose Yourself In The Sufferings Of Lent
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Show Notes

In this episode, Kylie delves into the profound question of why we suffer, taking us back to the beginnings of creation. She highlights the original harmony between body and soul, emphasizing that God's plan for us was holiness and eternal life, not suffering.

Kylie explores the impact of original sin on our nature, leading to the experience of suffering and death. Despite this deviation from God's original plan, Kylie offers insights on how to navigate and find meaning in our suffering.

The podcast provides three key points to help us endure and grow through suffering:

  1. Embrace Suffering for the Good of Others:
    • St. Catherine of Sienna's wisdom is shared, emphasizing that everything comes from love and is ordained for the salvation of humanity.
    • Kylie draws inspiration from St. Thomas More's powerful statement on accepting God's will, even in the face of challenges.
    • A reflection on Lent and how we are tempted to choose the easy way out is explored.
  2. Don't Ask for Extra Crosses:
    • Don't seek additional burdens, as life naturally brings enough challenges.
  3. Trust in God's Plan:
    • Drawing from "The Chosen," Kylie reminds us that God allows us to hunger but never to starve. Trusting in God's plan, even in the midst of sin, sorrow, and struggle, is crucial. Suffering is a revelation of our weaknesses and attachments, and we must trust in God's transformative process.
  4. Suffering is NEVER Wasted by God:
    • Suffering, when understood in the context of our creation as beings of God's hand, becomes meaningful and purposeful.
    • A powerful real-life example is shared, featuring Jessica Hanna.

Kylie concludes with the profound idea that our human suffering is an opportunity to participate in redemption. Each person's cross is unique, and the response to suffering shapes our personal vocation with God. The episode ends with a reminder of hope and the transformative power of renewing our minds.

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