Women RISE
Humanizing Technology: Agathe Daae Qvale on Weaving Love in the IT World
Humanizing Technology: Agathe Daae Qvale on Weaving Love in the IT World 43:54 Rising Above Adversity: A Conversation with Nadalette La Fonta on Resilience and Transformation 31:50 Entrepreneurship with Purpose: A Conversation with Cytandra Hoover, Founder of B3C Global 39:27 Fulfilling Our Soul Purpose with Dr. Holly Woods 47:00 Feminine Intelligence Shaping our Future, with Karen Downes 36:21 Fueling Social Change Through Spirituality, with Reverend Kathleen McShane 37:39 Balancing Act: Motherhood, Career and Advocate Life with Nicoleta Ursescu 34:00 Navigating Activism, Motherhood and Leadership, with Tiffany Lo 47:13 Sensitivity as a Super Power, with Leela McClintock 44:37 The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership, with Katie Ferman 40:54 A Heart of Service: Lillian Enyang-Akpet’s Mission to Empower Nigerian Girls 35:10 The Game-Changing Role of Women in today's Blue and Green Economy 34:15 The Power of Presence, with Paola Della Casa 30:13 Leading in Multicultural Contexts, with Dr. Tess Goodliffe. 29:15 Leading from the Heart, with Abbie Hain 24:12 Celebrating Each Person's Uniqueness - With Jenn Grindeland 32:53 "Leading from Source", with Meis Thewissen 34:55 "Judge" as a spiritual practice, with Sam Presland. 28:04 Cultivating "Emergence" as a response to the emergency of our time. 30:35 "What makes us resilient?" with Melissa Stone 29:58 "Walking the land" with Becca Gardner 23:05 "Words worth fighting for" with Margot Andresen 31:03 "Bridging Worlds" with Marie Anne Amadieu 30:53