Tales of Female Badassery

EPISODE 5: with guest MICHELLE MURPHY - Comedian, Storyteller, and Actress

March 28, 2023 Not Sorry Club Season 1 Episode 5
Tales of Female Badassery
EPISODE 5: with guest MICHELLE MURPHY - Comedian, Storyteller, and Actress
Show Notes

In Episode 5, we speak to multi-award-winning comedian Michelle Murphy, who our podcast host had the privilege of meeting in beautiful Bali during a one-month stay.

Michelle Murphy's brand of honesty, hilarity, and insightfulness gets us talking about all sorts in this episode!

Listen into this deep dive conversation about...

- The devastating power of an email (this is one badass story)
- Imposter Syndrome!
- Mansplaining - and dealing with it
- Depression, and how one seemingly small action can feel like the most badass move
- Owning your calling, and the power in saying out loud "I am an artist"
- The power of NOT being perfect
- Living a life without chasing awards
- Sticking up for yourself in the face of restaurant-staff rudeness, or corporate f*ckery
- Mental health and therapy
- The importance of demonstrating curiosity
- And much more!

Find Michelle online:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/meeshoffleash
Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-g-murphy
Michelle's YouTube channel where you can watch some of her recorded live performances: www.youtube.com/@meeshoffleash

Michelle Murphy has another podcast interview on the Moth website which is a must-listen:  themoth.org/storytellers/michelle-murphy

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