Making Data Simple

AI Ethics for the Real World with Frank Kane

February 05, 2020 IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub Season 4 Episode 5
Making Data Simple
AI Ethics for the Real World with Frank Kane
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This week on Making Data Simple, our guest is Frank Kane, Founder of Sundog Software. Frank's diverse career has allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of various data science and business concepts. The conversation ranges from how Frank got his start developing video games, to the importance of maintaining your skills for personal marketability. Host Al Martin and Frank also discuss the growing concern for ethics in computing that may be unknown to some.   

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Show Notes

07:07 - See here how Netflix uses machine learning to recommend what to watch. 

13:21 - "Good intention are not enough." Click here to checkout a similar Forbes article.

15:52 - Check out this medium article, emphasizing the need for humanities majors in tech.

27:18 - Here are 5 ways to keep up your coding skills while working as a manager.

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