Do Your Kids Know How To Handle Losing?
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Strong Family Project
Do Your Kids Know How To Handle Losing?
Nov 30, 2023 Season 1 Episode 72
Joe and Melanie Hashey

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Strong Family Project Podcast: Handling Losing & Teaching Children Emotional Intelligence

In this episode of the Strong Family Project Podcast, hosts Joe and Mel discuss important lessons on handling loss, dealing with emotions, and teaching children to learn from their losses. They share their recent family experiences involving Thanksgiving and a challenging basketball season, using these to highlight the process of guiding their children through handling loss and discomfort. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of allowing children to process their feelings while guiding them to find ways to improve and grow from their experiences. They also distinguish the difference between losing and being a loser, stressing that the latter is a choice based on unwillingness to put in the effort needed for improvement.

00:01 Introduction to the Podcast
00:16 Thanksgiving Reflections and Lessons
00:55 Involving Kids in Thanksgiving Meal Preparation
01:36 Overcoming Roadblocks in Involving Kids in Cooking
02:12 The Value of Including Kids in Cooking
05:00 Creating New Traditions Based on Values
05:36 Making Holidays Memorable with Physical Accomplishments
08:23 Transitioning to the Topic of Winning and Losing
08:41 Reflecting on a Challenging Basketball Season
11:18 The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Losing
13:33 The Role of Parents in Guiding Kids Through Loss
19:06 The Difference Between Losing and Being a Loser
21:51 The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Regulation in Losing
26:00 Conclusion and Podcast Wrap-up

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