Australian Homeschool Stories

Sheree - Mornington Peninsula, VIC / Bunurong Country

May 29, 2023 Australian Homeschool Stories Season 1 Episode 8
Australian Homeschool Stories
Sheree - Mornington Peninsula, VIC / Bunurong Country
Show Notes

Sheree grew up an only child and now homeschools her only child, her outgoing 5 year old son on the Mornington Peninsula. As well as delving into Sheree's passion for music and her struggles at school with undiagnosed dyslexia, we chat about socialisation, community and our mutual love for our local toy library.


  • The story of how Sheree and Steph met
  • Growing up in suburban Melbourne, struggling throughout school and never feeling like herself
  • Her passion for music which propelled her through school was lost completely at university and how she rediscovered this passion later in life but from the angle of pure creation and joy over perfectionism
  • Her husband's brief experience of homeschooling during his own childhood made him adamant he would homeschool his own kids and Sheree's inital reaction to this was "No, homeschool kids are weird"
  • Reflecting upon her own education with undiagnosed dyslexia and how this made her a self-learner 
  • The fears she faced adopting this lifestyle - socialisation, what will people think, how will I make it work
  • Accepting that not everyone in your life will understand and support your choices and that is okay
  • Busting the myth of the selfish only child
  • What our homeschool community co-op looks like and how it operates
  • The incredible resource that is your local toy library
  • Less is more in homeschool and life

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This podcast is recorded on the land of the Bunurong people of the Kulin nation. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. This always was, always will be aboriginal land.

Original music - Hazel by Daniel Garrood @garroodcomposer
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