Australian Homeschool Stories

Laura - Cairns, QLD / Yirrganydji Country

September 18, 2023 Australian Homeschool Stories Season 2 Episode 14
Australian Homeschool Stories
Laura - Cairns, QLD / Yirrganydji Country
Show Notes

Laura and her family have been on the road since the beginning of 2023 exploring our beautiful country in their 9m caravan. With three kids in tow aged 8, 5 and 2, I spoke with Laura whilst in FNQ about the highs and lows of unschooling with no fixed address and she shares her top tips for embracing an adventure filled life.


  • Laura recounts what life was like for her moving around and attending  a number of different schools (including a brief stint being homeschooled herself)
  • Becoming a mum at the age of 23 opened up a whole new way of living and being for her that was extremely satisfying and fulfilling
  • Deciding to commit to homeschooling when her eldest was two years old after feeling pressure to put her daughter in daycare and enrol in preschool
  • Unschooling for their family is very child led, they don’t follow a curriculum, don’t have a lot of structure that’s imposed on the kids, it's flexible and flowing
  • After her husband moved into full time remote work following the pandemic, they decided to begin planning their big adventurous life they now live
  • Travelling indefinitely without a home to go back to - “This is our life now. Here for the journey and here for the adventure and excited for where that continues to lead us”
  • The challenges, rhythm and resources of road schooling for their family
  • Connection as their big why for choosing this lifestyle
  • How Laura is addressing the basics of health and self care whilst on the road
  • Her tips and advice for other families wanting to travel Australia
  • Permission to be creative with your life


The Call of the Wild and Free - Ainsley Arment
The Brave Learner - Julie Bogart
Raising Free People - Akilah S Richards
John Taylor Gatto's books
(Consider asking your local library to order in a copy of these books if they don't already have them in their collection)

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This podcast is recorded on the lands of the Bunurong people of the Kulin nation. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. This always was, always will be aboriginal land.

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