Australian Homeschool Stories

Melinda - Wodonga, VIC / Wiradjuri Country

September 25, 2023 Australian Homeschool Stories Season 2 Episode 15
Australian Homeschool Stories
Melinda - Wodonga, VIC / Wiradjuri Country
Show Notes

Eclectic, natured based, Waldorf inspired, holistic homeschoolers is how Melinda sums up her family's approach. With four children in tow ranging in age from 11 - 1, she and her husband have crafted their lives in celebration of the seasons, community, art and the natural world. 


  • Being the kid who spent her lunchtime doing art by herself because she struggled with the social side of school
  • Melinda dabbles in all sorts of arts, predominately a fibre artist, in particular felting - also loves painting, drawing, working with clay and jewellery and this passion for art has now trickled down to her own children
  • Her husband suggested homeschooling in relation to his own negative school experience and the more they looked into it, the more they liked
  • Motherhood is the true beginning of homeschooling because it’s just this natural flow on that doesn’t stop
  • It’s just as important for the parents as it is for the kids to have community
  • Wanting their kids to feel supported in who they are and never experience bullying in a school setting that both she and her husband endured
  • Getting to experience four full seasons where they live and how they celebrate each one - poetry tea time, nature journalling, seasonal displays, nature crafts and wheel of the year
  • “The joy is getting to witness all those little moments with my children that I would miss out on and also the moments they wouldn’t get to experience if they weren’t living this lifestyle.”
  • Deschooling has been her greatest struggle and how she handles judgement
  • A holistic education is hand in hand with interest based learning - mind, body and spirit, hands on sensory learning, handcrafts and nature crafts
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to homeschool. Melinda advocates for making your own resources and gives examples of using natural materials that produce no waste
  • You are learning with your child along the way so you don’t need to know everything


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This podcast is recorded on the lands of the Bunurong people of the Kulin nation. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. This always was, always will be aboriginal land.

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