Australian Homeschool Stories

Jasmin - Lake Macquarie, NSW / Awabakal Country

October 30, 2023 Australian Homeschool Stories Season 2 Episode 20
Australian Homeschool Stories
Jasmin - Lake Macquarie, NSW / Awabakal Country
Show Notes

If the thought of adding homeschooling to your load seems daunting, Jasmin may be the person to inspire you. She is a multi-passionate mum, who in partnership with her husband, juggles homeschooling her two children (aged 6 and 3) and running three small businesses. They are living a rich and full, purposeful life where education, family and work are interwoven and inseparable. 


  • Jasmin's schooling journey across various Catholic all-girls private schools in NSW and the ACT, where she was heavily involved in representation sport and extra curricula activities
  • Feeling limited in subject choices at high school being a person with multiple passions
  • There are multiple ways to approach education and they have chosen an eclectic, project based home learning style 
  • How Jasmin and her husband have woven their children into their family sports coaching businesses
  • Why she decided to build her own homeschooling community from the ground up by starting not one, but two, co-ops in her area 
  • Living in the Hunter region is great for homeschooling where everything and anything is on offer to home educating families
  • The importance of involving grandparents, aunts and uncles in their homeschooling and sharing the load with them directly so they can see the benefits of this lifestyle firsthand
  • Her passion for imparting lifelong skills and fostering lifelong learners
  • Celebrating the magical moments when our children's enthusiasm and passion align with our own
  • The importance of relying on community through good and tough times, akin to how we once lived in villages and tribes, where everyone looks out for and supports one another to thrive


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@jasminkable - Instragram

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