Beyond The Beacon
25: Our role in addiction recovery: Keaton Douglas & iTHIRST
25: Our role in addiction recovery: Keaton Douglas & iTHIRST 36:12 24: School can be fun. Pastor and principal of Assumption School in Morristown 32:36 23: Father Ed Reading on addiction, recovery, and spirituality 52:26 22: Brilla School, the Cathedral, and the 'Block of Mercy' in downtown Paterson 42:48 21: We are pilgrim people. An interview about our upcoming Marian pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. 33:32 20: On a mission! We hear from one of our parishes about service in Appalachia 39:28 19: Back from World Youth Day. Now what? With Crystal Guerrero 35:24 18: Bishop Sweeney calls in from Lisbon, Portugal during World Youth Day 2023 25:26 17: An interview with missionary priest Father Joseph Healey, M.M. 38:25 16: Coffee with Kupke 46:00 15: Remote episode at Quo Vadis discernment retreat at Camp Shiloh; interviews galore 38:44 14: Bishop Sweeney on sitting with Bishop Barron at USCCB assembly, Yogi-isms, religious freedom, more 48:01 13: An interview with one of our new deacons and his wife 40:59 12: Mary Baier on the joys and benefits of a Catholic School education 36:22 11: Chris Brancato on feeding the hungry and the work of Catholic Charities 40:20 10: Fr. Agustino Torres, C.F.R., on the Eucharist and youth ministry 35:12 9: Two Catholic moms discuss their journey of faith and motherhood 36:20 8: Solanyi Rodriguez on walking with moms in need and the gift of life 47:52 7: An interview with two of our newest priests about vocations 36:26 6: Fr. Frank O'Grady on tearful meeting with President Biden in Ireland 38:46 5: MLK and U2, Chrism Mass and community, Holy Week 32:10 4: Catholic Charities’ Scott Milliken on service 30:20 3: 'Run so as to win,' almsgiving, Catholic Charities, Catholic Schools 30:40 2: Pope Francis, St. Patrick, Noche Blanca and Hispanic Ministry 31:14 1: Lent, Latin Mass, Novus Ordo, Sports, St. Patrick's Day 28:54