18: Homeschool Q&A Part 1 - Answering YOUR Questions!
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18: Homeschool Q&A Part 1 - Answering YOUR Questions!
Aug 05, 2023
James and Shanda

A few weeks back, we asked YOU what you wanted to know about homeschooling, so today (and next week's episode), we are going to be answering those questions!

We chose not to script these episodes because we want our answers to be like we are sitting down and chatting over a cup of coffee. We wanted to give honest feedback about homeschooling and what we truly think about it.

Here is what you can expect in this episode:
2:25 - Tips for Homeschooling While Also Caring for a Toddler/Infant?
10:10 - Curriculum for the "Why" Behind Letter Sounds and Rules?
14:04 - Any Tips for Homeschool Dads Who Are Leading the Homeschool?
20:36 - How to Change Mindset From Public Schooling to Homeschooling?
24:50 - Is There a Book to Learn About Different Styles of Homeschool and What is Best For Our Family?

Charlotte Mason advocated for formal education to start at the age of 6. She had 20 principles she used to guide her schooling philosophy.

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