098: Make Career Success Happen, With Scott Anthony Barlow

December 12, 2019 Dr. Pelè Season 2 Episode 98
098: Make Career Success Happen, With Scott Anthony Barlow
Show Notes

In a world where so many professionals have little or no knowledge about what their career path will (or should) look like, we are left with so many questions. Is one in the right career? Is one utilizing their signature strengths? Is one truly happy in their current career? What is the best way to get on the path toward career success?

In this episode, we meet Scott Anthony Barlow, who is a top Career-Change Podcast Host, Author, CEO and Career Happiness Expert. Scott has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo, Careerbuilder, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and many other top media outlets.

My favorite quotes from Scott Anthony Barlow (paraphrased):

"Make It Happen!"

"Life crafting is like building a puzzle, while you're in it!"

"An important question you must ask at work is, am I using my signature strengths?"

The best ways to reach Scott and his team online are:





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