202: Imagining the future and 'LeaderING', With Nancy Giordano

March 03, 2021 Dr. Pelè Season 4 Episode 202
202: Imagining the future and 'LeaderING', With Nancy Giordano
Show Notes

Imagine if you could see far into the future. What would you see? Would you be safe? Would things be great? Or would your present thoughts, actions, and realities have produced a future of difficulty and strife? Now, imagine that today, you're sitting across a virtual table from someone who has spent years as an expert, global, strategic futurist who can tell you precisely what you need to be thinking and doing in order to ensure a powerful and prosperous tomorrow. But you better take notes, because there is so much to learn...and so little time!

In this episode, we meet intellectual powerhouse Nancy Giordano, who is a Strategic Futurist, Global Keynote Speaker, and Author of LeaderING.

My Favorite Quotes from Nancy Giordano in this episode, (paraphrased):

“The most  powerful question we have is....WHAT IF?”

“In business development, you must be a LIGHTHOUSE, not a HUNTER!”

“Yesterday's operating manual can't be expected to work in the future!”

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