210: Story Power Marketing, With Tom Ruwitch

April 16, 2021 Dr. Pelè Season 4 Episode 210
210: Story Power Marketing, With Tom Ruwitch
Show Notes

By now most of us have heard about the power and utility of storytelling as a business development tool. Some of us may have even experienced the power of story when performed by a true master of the art (and science) of narrative persuasion. But how can coaches, consultants, and service providers  proactively and strategically use storytelling to "captivate prospects and inspire them to act so they can get more clients, more quickly and easily?"

In this episode, we meet CEO Tom Ruwitch, who is the Founder and President of Story Power Marketing, where coaches, consultants, and thought leaders are able to power up their stories so they can attract abundant leads, keep them tuned in, and inspire them to act.

My Favorite Quotes from Tom Ruwitch in this episode, (paraphrased):

“If You Want More Victories, Start with Your Story!”

“Your story is actually not about you. It's about your customer!”

“Great "Tactics" Do NOT Guarantee Marketing Success. Great stories do!”

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