214: The One-Page Marketing Plan, With Allan Dib

May 27, 2021 Dr. Pelè Season 4 Episode 214
214: The One-Page Marketing Plan, With Allan Dib
Show Notes

👉 It is Amazon's #1 Bestselling Global Marketing Book.
👉 It’s been called a “business bible” and “game-changer.”
👉 Huffington Post named it one of the 10 best marketing books for small business owners.
👉 Universities across America use it as a modern-day textbook.

Welcome to the 1-Page Marketing Plan, by Allan Dib!

I was recently blessed with the rare opportunity to interview world-renowned, bestselling author, business coach, and all around nice guy, Allan Dib, who helps business owners rapidly build their in-house marketing capabilities to scale.

My Favorite Quotes from Allan Dib in this episode, (paraphrased):

“It's not always the best PRODUCT that's the product with the best MARKETING that wins!”

“The 1-Page Marketing Plan is all about CLARITY, STRUCTURE, and PRACTICALITY!”

“Profitable Happiness is when you have clients you consider to be FUN, who PAY, and when your service to them leaves you PROFITABLE in your own business!”

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