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Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!
1 - Put The Kids To Bed, Cause The Grown-Ups Are Puzzlin!
October 04, 2018 Ran Barnaclo
Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!

1 - Put The Kids To Bed, Cause The Grown-Ups Are Puzzlin!

October 04, 2018

Ran Barnaclo

Andrew welcomes his inaugural guest and special friend Ran Barnaclo. They discuss life, love, puzzles and comedy. Their special friendship will live throughout the anals [sic] of time in this barn burning episode. Take the kiddies to bed, because its time for the adults to puzzle!

Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 1.

Andrew welcomes his inaugural guest and special friend Ran Barnaclo. They discuss life, love, puzzles and comedy. Their special friendship will live throughout the anals [sic] of time in this barn burning episode. Take the kiddies to bed, because its time for the adults to puzzle!

Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 1.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:12Devleti. Your. Book.

Speaker 2:0:27Is just rude. It's the first house the inaugural podcast barnacled.

Speaker 3:0:38Hi Ron how are you doing.

Speaker 4:0:42Scary. That would be in the room what you did. Why. Well. You. Can.

Speaker 5:0:50Look at just relax at apartheids before his very first one.

Speaker 6:0:59Been on my part I know I've never hosted a podcast I've been on four of your podcasts no fiction never heard the border kids never get.

Speaker 7:1:10Hell yeah for public it is.

Speaker 3:1:13Ran is a very special friend of mine. It's like it's something. Like what it is Fred.

Speaker 8:1:22And it's it's got a good show we are doing a puzzle as we speak. And actually this is getting into it. Why are we doing the puzzle.

Speaker 7:1:32Because you like puzzles. I love puzzles because like you're an adult man that loves puzzles and whimsy. Thank you for calling me an adult and man whatever you. I mean it's very gray. The man part yeah.

Speaker 9:1:49But you love you love puzzles.

Speaker 10:1:51Yeah you did two weeks ago. Any time I would come home. I would come over you be like I'm falling out of my. Life. Like that's cool. I'm going to go to the bar and you come to.

Speaker 11:2:01I don't know if I sound like that and oh look out for possible words.

Speaker 7:2:11Let's get into why he's getting into this whole thing. Rand gave me to do this podcast. True. Well it was because I give you the idea you were doing puzzles. Yeah I was you know a puzzle. And you said you wanted to do it. I guess it was like Why didn't you do a podcast with a guest. Yeah. So we're going to figure out that idea.

Speaker 12:2:33Smart you are. You are. And we're going to figure out the pieces. Oh god day better please don't ever say that it's going to be something along the lines of I'm going by the way as I said that I was reading a Danielle Steel novel and drinking the white sand in my bathroom.

Speaker 7:2:59When we were friends. But it's just not appropriate. But listen we're moving on. Not as easy to do both things at once. It's really hard. You have 14 pieces of the work you want. James Yeah I've been practicing. Oh I know you sing a lot of them as a kid. Let's talk about why we chose this puzzle. For those of you viewers out there who see listeners we are looking at a 500 500 piece her company days remember. And the dock down the dock on the dock. Oh yeah yeah I think about this ran as most of you know he enjoys crab fishing. Now I don't enjoy it. It doesn't look that way. I don't try to explain to somebody because I just happened to me. Or my mom's friends asked me if I really like the Axum hillbilly guy. It works in her job which you like whoa. I was like No I just love this. I think I just look like this that these kids are the joke isn't even a joke. Yeah. I was wearing orange beanie that guy was a bomber. But actually it's whatever now. Yeah it's very on brand. It's very on brand brand barnacled. I like I like looking like that guy from Joe. Matt Hooper I'm not familiar. He's the one that his little rolling get wear. Oh yes he can wear. Yes.

Speaker 13:4:52Like I'll be wearing that you are in the picture on the Instagram proposal. What are you holding up my puzzle.

Speaker 7:5:00I think this really take off. I think there are a lot of puzzle fanatics out there. Yeah those people are comedy. One is your fans.

Speaker 14:5:11Yeah I got a real cool fan base puzzle fanatics. Oh. What a fucking shot. Just looking cardboard pieces all day. Are you. White. Or. A.

Speaker 2:5:28Mix. Yeah I'm sure you.

Speaker 15:5:33Just saw my fanbase my whiny fanbase. I hope this pop doesn't blow them namely because I'm a narcissist and number two because. I want.

Speaker 16:5:43To start making puzzles face.

Speaker 3:5:45Yeah. No beard is going to get into puzzles of me as they listen to the podcast yeah like plot out my murder. That's why you're scared.

Speaker 10:5:53Yeah you would love if you came off stage and somebody walked up to you. Hey hi positrons by the way. I mean this is your face. Nobody is Hulk Hogan.

Speaker 3:6:04Check out. You got to see it. It's in my. Hand outside. Running for some reason. Oh god I'm getting it. That's been my motto for life. You have a puzzle. I'm getting all right if you are if you want to see the Puzzle puzzle crawl over my vähän bed. And it's right.

Speaker 10:6:22There on the seat. It's real nice and tight. Just stick your head under there and at the. Proposal. For you. And then you're like.

Speaker 7:6:30A seizure. Why did I scream like that. Because that makes up my impressions of high pitched weirdos. Yeah.

Speaker 17:6:43Quick shout out to our sponsors Sheila Leonard root. Appreciate you guys really support my love.

Speaker 7:6:55Anyways so get to the questions. I don't give a shit.

Speaker 14:7:02I love you like this is professional and intimate. You really can't pull my shirt off now sitting over your question.

Speaker 18:7:12You cannot turn off and clear your back and thank God. Now you're sitting here each. I just. Got. Underwear. I'll. Be like you're ready. To.

Speaker 19:7:29Ask me a goddamn question.

Speaker 7:7:35Oh okay. Why did you why did you start to come. Because I think it was. Tell me about the first time you Stand scaled NovaCare.

Speaker 20:7:48Yeah yeah. Why did you do it. Because that's that's the only thing I actually just talked about this Sumiyoshi focus but it's it's weird that like the only thing I ever meet we're just talking about it like I only placed importance on humor.

Speaker 18:8:09Like if I was a little kid and I could make my kids friends laugh it was awesome. Yeah and plus people that are funny around a bunch of people not just stand up comedy just like if you're a fun person and you're going to hang people and you get away with all kinds of shit. Yeah like people would be like. Me my whole life would been like I don't have the money to do that.

Speaker 16:8:28So we'd be like oh wait for be dangerous. Want me to go.

Speaker 20:8:32I mean because I'm like funny right. Like drop a bunch of pennies on the floor of a movie theater and laugh. They have fun being funny was the only thing that was like fun. Yeah. I think that's why I've never been like actually really super depressed before but I'm not one of those people that was always going to write you know me you know in any way I do. I liked the only dick around. Yeah. If you already have a serious conversation with me I will.

Speaker 7:9:07Tricked anyone right now. Oh no. Know what happens. The puzzle a sealed puzzle I got is puzzling Helen way rate into the quiver.

Speaker 21:9:16Yet it's fine that my brother when I was growing on my older brother. I remember the first time that I made him laugh really hard and it was like the greatest feeling. He said like yeah yeah he's super funny super mean and we just always looked up to me just always kicking me down.

Speaker 7:9:33Yeah yeah. You can't be getting kicked down to start him back. But you might. Yeah I'm the kidneys.

Speaker 22:9:39Khulna oh here's the border. Yet. I mean I was only after looking back on it I was only sponsored skateboarding because I was funny. They wanted me in the van to go on trips with yeah. That was consistent with my tricks and I had a good style and stuff like that but like I was it.

Speaker 7:10:02I wasn't as good as some of the dudes on the team for sure. Would you describe yourselves Verte or otherwise. I was a street skateboarder and I was a real question.

Speaker 18:10:11I was just joking. Yeah. Yes yes yes. Funny joke Ruvik really funny joke. Like are you emphasized. I knew it was a joke.

Speaker 7:10:21See I just did. Yeah. No I think that just bothered me because it was funny actually being funny it's like got me for skateboards before. Yeah nice. Nice.

Speaker 23:10:34So I just wanted to do standup because I always watch standup. Ever since I was a little kid.

Speaker 24:10:39You're like kids you want free skateboards do stand up start cracking jokes. No

Speaker 18:10:44I mean I even tried to buy that.

Speaker 25:10:47Yeah I was I'm 20 I started when I was 13.

Speaker 7:10:55I'm 34 and feel like that was a good question on my part. Your question Riddick. I was doing a very original. Why did you get into standup movies ever asked that. No. So pretty feel pretty. Good job. RUDIN Good question was this caustic game pits are getting suay I would like to buy my shirt off urges cooking and cleaning until pick you up man.

Speaker 18:11:17Sessional. I mean I mean a you know what you get through your shirt if you take it off right next to dirty underwear that's on the floor it's not dirty underwear.

Speaker 21:11:26Let's be perfectly honest with this.

Speaker 20:11:29Oh so they just make the backs up around like that.

Speaker 7:11:36What company did you get it from pristine these dotcom pretty poor countries pressure he's off on going. I would just like to point out to my viewers that this Thursday there are these on the floor but they are not soiled their piece did.

Speaker 26:11:57Next question prepared were really big questions Where are they.

Speaker 10:12:02They're just sitting right on the ground. You got them on the ground like you got in Bonn now.

Speaker 6:12:07Also we're going have to switch to a 200 foot piece puzzles because it's five Hondo is. This is a Meguid.

Speaker 7:12:14Yeah whatever we're going to work on that this might help.

Speaker 12:12:17I feel like you're getting in the weeds over there and I feel like if you do the edges OK it'll help.

Speaker 7:12:23OK to help you in a role. OK. And I read the whole me in a row. OK. He did it. The rhythm is gone make and then his Ghana gaged decided the other day. What I think Billy Joel the is the Americans. That's OK. Hold that thought because I have a preprepared question about Billy Joel. Oh hell yeah. You know me my man.

Speaker 27:12:45I should. Let's let's get right to it. QUESTION And here here's my question.

Speaker 15:12:53Why is it that Billy Joel is the only man who is able to make you show your emotions. So.

Speaker 7:13:02Billy Joel had dealing on Paul McCartney and and Prince Rogers Nelson did it too. Yeah. Billy Billy Joel so good man. There's something about it's Italian blood coursing through. I mean I like him. He's he's he's jewish is he. Oh shit that's why I like him like.

Speaker 28:13:23That. Billy Joel. Billy Joel just does this thing where he can like I originally I used to I used to think he wasn't a very good singer. I just thought he was like no longer like a dad that got away with it. But then like you know. Like somebody with a voice where you're like oh that's actually a good singer for the longest time and like Uptown girl like I can sing that stuff.

Speaker 29:13:50Like that exactly that. I don't.

Speaker 16:13:55Say That's Billy Joel rules because he he's so like what's what's the word I'm looking for. He's like fucking lingo God it. Not like I'm back but he's like you know he's like a normal person that's good at something you don't even like him much like crazy sunglasses and go fishing issues and he's like walks outside and walks on stage and he's like I'm a.

Speaker 10:14:23Modest person and you're like Wow we love those pageantry and shit. But Billy Jones like you walk out with a cool sweatshirt sweater on and walk up to a piano and just sit there and nobody's paying attention that he could just be like Guys you know you get to be famous no matter what.

Speaker 20:14:43Yeah think about that. I like this Daljeet shit. Have you ever seen like you know this old in movies like typically like maybe like Woody Allen movies and shit like that.

Speaker 16:14:55You know like when they show somebody who's like my parents living in New York City like they live in the city of Mexico. Me go to my parents house. You know it's like Dustin Hoffman house or something and he's like it's all white. Like books like leather chairs. He's wearing like a. And he's wearing like a cool ass cardigan and shit. That's music for those people. Rules. Billy Joel rules an old school 1960s New York church it all.

Speaker 30:15:23Everything all white folks you heard here would it wouldn't house you want a wedding outside. Well why don't you. Have you considered a log cabin. No I don't mean that I don't want to do it. And what I'm like hillbillies stuff I don't like. Silly stuff. At all. Long. Tractors lucky. Rusty wagon wheel I've got next to my. Name. Mamá.

Speaker 29:15:58Says resident hillbilly to drop me Kimbro.

Speaker 31:16:02I've been sitting in the room across from here we're in my house. It's great great banter so far guys. I think it's been a pretty great thing. Absolutely nothing has been done on the puzzle scene.

Speaker 32:16:14Of the podcast. You guys are just talking and not doing a puzzle but I'm just I digress.

Speaker 31:16:21Hillbilly shit yeah it sounded like a direct attack towards me. I was not attacking my day I think you specifically brought up the word hillbilly to get my job shoveled during a job as a resident hillbilly. I'm not a hillbilly I just appreciate the finer things. I think a rusty tractor has a nice aesthetic I'm talking about landing wheels it should be. It is that. Dream capturable not.

Speaker 4:16:54So bad.

Speaker 15:16:56Ladies and gentlemen that was Lee Kimbro. He lives here. Yeah that was Lee Well very descriptive of your roommates. That. Is.

Speaker 4:17:12Here. Well he's a good friend of mine. I love death. I pooped his designs and I threw him in here. Nothing left.

Speaker 7:17:22His beard. Wow. I can see you really care. You know you care. Yeah. No. Like this describe my mailman man. He's cool. Somebody. Got somebody you love and one of your best friends in the world. He's a cool guy. Wow. Can't wait to one day views for that piece of shit and Angel rooting for. I don't like funerals in general so I'm fine. Oh you're not going to be. Friends funerals.

Speaker 17:18:01Yeah you and everyone ugly OK. Everybody knows it.

Speaker 7:18:06Will be here during the witching hour. Let's bring up the witching hour. My man. So for those of you who don't know. I didn't get a piece calling it a piece I just went something in the worse like wife and her name. Is a heterosexual man.

Speaker 33:18:31He's very he's very slimy isn't scripted. You're.

Speaker 14:18:39Slithery. I love slithery I'm a cool dude. Really.

Speaker 28:18:44It's like you could really cause like a human Salamander and so when he sometimes he gets all fired up and it gets hot to trot and you get out you don't know what hour it's going to happen it's usually it's whatever our falls between 19 and 20 lives. The Witching Hour and he gets real loose and starts grabbing all the boys and me and me and generally any.

Speaker 34:19:12Entity starts grabbing on the boys asking the boys what they want to sleep. We can turn off the lights as we can take Park his shirt off populist shit like that. I mean let's be clear. Meaning is not just hot.

Speaker 7:19:28Yeah yeah that's how it starts.

Speaker 2:19:31I'm just hot guys. I had my take my shirt off guy.

Speaker 29:19:37Right.

Speaker 35:19:39I'm a weird guy like štefan pleading his case. Yeah. We love you. If you're not one of the scariest little fuckers ever walk the earth.

Speaker 20:19:48No guy shows up to the damn witching hour.

Speaker 36:19:55Oh yeah. We laugh in the other room.

Speaker 29:20:03Oh heck yeah. Now we're puzzling to God he could not wait. I was down and I know we all died.

Speaker 7:20:10I cannot wait to see the after picture of this. It's going to be a fucking nightmare. You're gonna be bombed on the very end of the first episode or the piece count. The piece de resistance Pete did a lot. Thanks dude I think I got another one.

Speaker 35:20:28Every day is a limbo land and it is about being a kid that wasn't lonely and didn't grow up every night in my life and crawling onto is. I don't. Trust.

Speaker 37:20:43The president.

Speaker 15:20:48I'll bet kids way to get married or Rabbe without me.

Speaker 7:20:54Yeah okay advice from this fella didn't like I don't trust it when I put it in. You know I mean like I said keep it clean. This is a family party. Actually when I take my piece out and I slip it in the other pieces slot. I don't trust it.

Speaker 28:21:12No I'm not doing anything. When I take my puzzle.

Speaker 38:21:14Okay I get it. Yeah. You don't try sometimes. You know what. The key I found is very visual that am pointing at the puzzle. Yes that is what I'm saying. Yeah. You know what you do sometimes is you make sure the edges lined up properly.

Speaker 7:21:27That's not always the design I mean. Well fuck my ass.

Speaker 38:21:32Yeah because the edges need to be exactly like this is why you are Meister dude. Yeah. You know. You know like nerd shit. Yeah well think of. I wouldn't call it that by any means. I would say that's useful. Oh yeah you know how to be like the biggest dork. Well I mean it's same thing of life you know.

Speaker 39:21:51Well the patterns got here Birdwing way ahead.

Speaker 12:21:59Now I can't figure out a way to analogy.

Speaker 7:22:02I don't know. I'm going to rewrite some analogies next time I have to puzzle that or puzzle basis. Oh cool. That'll be ones I'm on. Yeah. We get them out the maximum. Oh yeah. Maybe he can defend his book Word. Maybe you could set the other room and not laugh at my jokes. I could see that I do it all the time. You can sit in a room and don't live your job.

Speaker 38:22:24Excuse me. I do my comedy is art.

Speaker 7:22:30Yeah. Okay let's get to these questions. Okay let's get to this question.

Speaker 15:22:35Why is my NPR ran you ran as a former winner of the famous person in Cincinnati last year. Feet is very difficult to do so I ask you is bad and if you if not tell me what is.

Speaker 7:22:55Wrong. Now tell me the highlight of your comedy career to date would you say that is it. Because that's pretty hot to trot. I feel like that would be me.

Speaker 23:23:09That was that was most bleak surreal like in the moment. Most like yeah that was that was the most surreal thing that's ever happened to that was. It was weird man. I was like I did. I knew I knew I was. Oh yeah hell yeah low in the toilet screams.

Speaker 7:23:27Zonta go ahead toilet finish your statement. Okay it's done.

Speaker 35:23:34It's weird when I get really emotional when other people have moments. You know what I mean.

Speaker 23:23:40So I don't think I got as emotional as I would have if I watched one of my friends you know winning the contest I would have got more emotional if I like if I watched you win I'd be like oh thought man my boy did it.

Speaker 18:23:54You know what I mean. So weird because I watched you and I was pissed that I was okay.

Speaker 7:24:00Yeah that was your emotion because you're a narcissist but she would have been like I feel good for my friend because I'm a saint of death.

Speaker 35:24:09But it was true. I don't know man.

Speaker 23:24:12King was pretty crazy that that that that that feeling was weird too because he got a standing ovation.

Speaker 24:24:22I walked up and saw but like during my set I looked over to where a green room was like can and can name was like watching me.

Speaker 10:24:32Yeah and I was having like a good set because in that situation nobody would have bombed you know I mean the second angel that anything out of your mouth.

Speaker 37:24:40They were like Oh God.

Speaker 23:24:43So. So no matter what I said it seemed like I was killing it for a minute or two containers like right there you know. Yeah. And I like I fucking love cocaine and so yeah. Anything that's dope needs a dope dude. I don't know when the contest was weird because like after they called my name I walked up and like a trophy or anything but everybody clapped and I was kind of like OK look there it is. That's done you know. But then I got the trophy in the back. And then when I walked outside out of the back of bananas and all you guys were standing on the patio like cheering yeah like everybody was like fuck it would just be like you know I have a trophy I got a little.

Speaker 18:25:24I was like man I have to go walk up to the pole and you know what I mean yeah I got the book Wrong on that and girls can be boys too.

Speaker 7:25:30So all the comments were Ursula and the boys yeah in Menza is my boy. She's the girl. You go girl boy. Yeah. And she didn't like oh you guys were like doodling and you guys friend like all this dude really clapping you know like Ghafur and I might have to go take a lap get away from these dudes because I've never.

Speaker 20:25:51Done anything like that. So really kind of.

Speaker 31:25:54Yeah. And I think I think people really do downplay that like that contest is fucking hard to win.

Speaker 40:26:02I mean in any in any division any year it doesn't matter.

Speaker 7:26:05Like it's it's insane like it's because there's like there's like 200 something amateurs Yeah. And and then I think the amateur division is harder to win. So my point Wolf it's not for the time constraint that that is a huge factor. But besides that in terms of just like I think having more time it behooves you. Well it depends on where you are as a comic. If you if you have the time race if you don't exactly twenty one minute and you're trying to run through it. But yeah. The Kramers you said explain the parameters of the contest. Oh yeah. So there's.

Speaker 34:26:43Your show do you miss your voice. Oh the parameters of the contest is going on now. The currently going out is kind of an automatic says Aha.

Speaker 15:26:52There are two divisions amateur semi pro each week it goes all summer every Wednesday.

Speaker 41:26:58There are usually about eight to 11 or 12 amateurs and four to six semi pros and they do three into advance every week.

Speaker 26:27:08And there are three rounds and I can't repeat material you seven minutes versus five.

Speaker 7:27:14And I know I didn't beat material. Oh well in the gym in the am. And I didn't read the material.

Speaker 42:27:23Ran a Cloe crushed it.

Speaker 23:27:27Yeah that was what it was. It was a wild thing. It was crazy. Yeah because I like I wanted I wanted to win because like I remember like nobody from Cincinnati won in a while. Yeah. And I was like. And we were all standing outside when it was Mickey Levy and we were all standing outside and we were like we were like all talking like the people in the finals.

Speaker 7:27:50And I was like just somebody from Cincinnati when that's all he just kept saying I was like I don't care if it's me or you are you are you like somebody when you know what I mean. Like one of us has to win. Yeah I'll be happy if it's any of us. And then I will get from anyone. Yeah. Lucas waterfall rules are of rocks. So this brings my next question. What does your low life in comedy thus far.

Speaker 9:28:19You know it's not really like a low light but it sucks but you know people like you come out.

Speaker 16:28:27I you've even known company for like 30 years.

Speaker 18:28:29You remember when you first started and you just got good this year. But do you remember when.

Speaker 3:28:35Did you get. Thank you. So have you been here from out of town.

Speaker 7:28:41Asked me anything about things like do my boy really think you're funny as fuck that there's when you do the I'm trying to put this little girl had on her but I can't find her body where there's a kid sitting on a dock on this god damned puzzle. Oh I see grandpa's shoulder. So anyway there it was.

Speaker 9:29:07I don't know. We started going slow.

Speaker 16:29:10The flow of is probably you know when you when you first start comedy like when you first start out like when you first heard when you first heard me getting laughs and people were like hey Weintraub do you know five minutes on the showcase in town like when you first start. And you like. And that happens for like you. You might have another bit another bit and then you're like man yeah like you're like I'm I'm I'm doing comedy. You know what I mean then like a year after that people don't ask you to be on their shows as much anymore.

Speaker 10:29:42You feel like you're not like you had that initial little burn you know like a lot of people have that yeah I hit a little burn where I was only. Every fucking show and then it stopped.

Speaker 13:29:52Yeah. And now for any injury because there's afraid a juice boxes but not too drunk to almost a year. So you know what I mean it's like that.

Speaker 15:30:00Just for you that you know. I mean. Also for the record I ran was on too drunk too loud in February which was five months ago.

Speaker 9:30:12So it's Oh yeah but I was only allowed to be put on that show because I brought chomp.

Speaker 15:30:23You can see my face right now as I'm filled with rage. Absurd statements. No I'm totally kidding. It was like Yeah I ran got Trump and start doing comedy.

Speaker 7:30:40I was I was eight. Do that now. It is. This is the low point of your comedy career. Being on radio is my low. No I'm not. You know when you look don't you when you don't like when you don't like when you don't feel like you're getting any better. No. Like yeah. Oh yeah. You've plateaued. Yeah you're. I get that I'm just as funny as that. Yeah. And then my now I fucking you know I feel like that all the time.

Speaker 22:31:11Really. Yeah. See I feel like it too. And then and then I'll have a I'll have a couple days where I'll like right and I'll be like oh wow I really like you know this bit or this bit but then yeah bound you're like boy am I stupid.

Speaker 7:31:24Yeah I feel like it's so up and down all the time it's like it's like kind of stuff and she was Coffin's way is this psycho to your roommate. Oh ok I got a good question. OK. I was very I was excited about this question. Know I guess stupid.

Speaker 41:31:46OK three inches from the floor. If we didn't do stand up what do you think each of us would be doing right now and would we be friends with the Prevnar that we met each other that we know each other.

Speaker 7:32:01Let's say you just met. Well first of all this answer was Oh no actually I would not be your friend to my dismay now and we just. Like weird ass Rumplestiltskin ass fucking call in the night. There's a shadow person would you be a vampire shadow by the way. No I was that way when I see your shadow from behind. It looks like a vampire from the 1920s. Why are all long and scary. You think you're wrong it's scary and. Attractive. Yeah. Wrong lesson for those viewers out there can't see it right now. I am not. You're looking at now. You're very attractive now. I'll say that. Yeah it was you started. No I don't have it.

Speaker 13:32:48My girlfriend doesn't like it. Sounds like she needs to get over it because you like her with big brother.

Speaker 43:32:56So. So yeah me impress the boys.

Speaker 7:33:03You got me wearing shorts I don't wear shorts. You're a great deal. Great. Thank you. So well. So would you. Would your job stop using Charlie Rose one day or this one. Would you just be. You know what I would want it. I would really want to be a florist for us. OK. I would want it out when they have a shop.

Speaker 16:33:35I'm serious. I would want to have a shop where I get to sit in the back and I had a little apartment above my shop and I would just trim roses and put together these elaborate arrangements.

Speaker 44:33:45All right and it's my shop. Got a question. Yeah I was so sick wow i still smoke cigarette smoke cigarettes in the back of my shop.

Speaker 38:34:00Of course you're not going to own a floral shop can't go Kimveer told me no smoke shop give me your tired.

Speaker 26:34:07Navy crab fishermen who owns a flower shop and not smoke. What are you going to do. The Navy doesn't fish for crab. There might.

Speaker 3:34:14Be a lot of stuff that we don't know about and think they might.

Speaker 7:34:17I would like that though I would like to have some sort of just not crab fishermen. I think I'd go with less. I think it could be a lobster. A lobster a little boat Yangon's boy who smoke. It's horrible. I work at the anchor at the seafood place boatyard and I walked in the kitchen and the chef had a live lobster.

Speaker 12:34:40And I never seen a lobster be boiled before tech shit is terrified like that being knows it's going to die.

Speaker 7:34:48I did. It seemed like it was me. Bro bra gimme I was hot and think I think they don't have the things that even regulate the fact that they're in pain. They said I feel stuck your hand and criticisms don't work like yours. They don't know.

Speaker 41:35:09He is worried that you don't know the definitions of your word and the Craddick.

Speaker 7:35:16But their systems don't work like this man. Their brain doesn't process like painting like that. I think it's like a water hedge.

Speaker 45:35:26It's like you can think they sit in a boiling pot of water and then they're like oh I love.

Speaker 7:35:33And then the lights go off. Did you know. Yeah. Well throws the human brain. You know it's nice dream but then the poop. GUTFELD Yeah. Yeah. They told me that there's like green on the plate. It's like the lobster like served at the. Would you like extra lobster shits. I've never heard of torture torture meal.

Speaker 11:35:59Never never never. He clams lobsters. You were born in a clam came out of class. Okay that was an.

Speaker 7:36:14Appropriate question Brooke. OK. Oh I should done this with the funniest person contest question because I had this as a group of questions. So here is two parter. Part 1.

Speaker 41:36:33What are your thoughts on positive visualization. And part 2. Do you think that that played a role as an illegal PD in your funniest person since anyway. I'm wondering if you will legally use positive visualization as a performance enhancing drug given that for you to you can't do it for somebody else. Yes I can't my positive visualization with you and I.

Speaker 7:37:02And you and say my pro me name Kabak has put your mind to me. Hey you crush what do you do. Yeah but listen. This is never seen. Thanks I appreciate that. You know I'm going to be with you or against me. Which is my fault. You know me. Listen here's my follow up. OK. That was a very candid answer. Do you believe that people can be psychic. No.

Speaker 3:37:27Oh OK. Just a number. Here's my follow up. Here's my follow up to that.

Speaker 33:37:34You asked me about religion. I did. I did. You did those things I believe.

Speaker 7:37:39Implement invasion all the time. Yeah. Anything. Yeah. When you're visualizing listen up kids even if you visualize something positively you're allowed to still be anxious and nervous. Sure. Because that should be flying by the seat of your pants. But I do believe I'm positive but you do not believe in psychic ability. No. Well let me ask you this. OK. Think of the number. OK. Between. And by the way soon you were just walking around the magic set and you got your magic trick on me right now.

Speaker 3:38:13Do you think I'm going to magically be able to think of what number you think of it's David Blaine trick.

Speaker 26:38:18David Blaine is a fucking wizard. Be burned at the stake.

Speaker 46:38:22That's true. Over number. But here's the important part.

Speaker 7:38:29We have been to at least test if I have guessed it right. Multiple god damn. OK. Thank you. It's true. It's true. True is True. The puzzle puzzles going nowhere. As soon as you think of it the moment that you think of it the minute you thought of it okay between 25 75 Oh 32 now 73 now. 69. Now you know your basics. Yeah 27. I was close with what 69 you were between 25 and 100. Yeah I love that too fast you will think about that for a second. I just need to know. Wait it says you think OK maybe 25 and 75 23 70 someone.

Speaker 29:39:33Said pretty good that's pretty good. Which fucked up the numbers game.

Speaker 7:39:43I think we're getting time. This seems to be pretty close to a few more things I wanted to ask. God he's a good man who wears ailments of any human being adult I've ever met. Yes he is problems with his with his. What was going on as you heard from dancing will be a long and happy life. E.g.. I think it's like trying to get through the back and do the right.

Speaker 28:40:20Thing. And you know vertical legs but the back doesn't look like Crocodile bellies. Is there some other dry wet like you've got a weird thing going on with Bonnie stop eating.

Speaker 33:40:37Follow us on Instagram account I haven't made yet hash tag about it. And we.

Speaker 7:40:44Have to take it out back. Oh yeah he's wrong. He's smoking tobacco marijuana. No.

Speaker 26:40:53Tobacco pot.

Speaker 7:40:54Listen everybody listen here's my person's you are sacred. QUESTION Two questions for our.

Speaker 41:41:12Favorite local comedian and who is your favorite new me.

Speaker 9:41:19Oh these are fun my favorite local comedian and your favorite comedian. Oh OK three to my favorite person locally like when I see him go up on like a going up like some like I love watching Chris where'd you stand up so much. But I also loved seeing you or Leigo up to like I'll be in the room when you guys go up.

Speaker 7:41:47So like Don't meander around your sound by the side of the car.

Speaker 24:41:58I like TV one person right now doesn't have to be there. You right now.

Speaker 7:42:06Chris we're cursed with a lot worse. We're damn funny dude is hilarious. Yes Chris we're so funny isn't legal.

Speaker 47:42:20Right now we're in L.A. right now so he's not local.

Speaker 7:42:25So I am begging we won't get any evidence to back. I'm picking. No I'm sticking with weird man which. My favorite local comment like favorite newcomer. What does a newcomer. Like you get into Governor press or newcomer. Newcomer would he be a. Pick. Number. French.

Speaker 48:42:57Newcomer to go on a salad or something like a water salad.

Speaker 49:43:02I love that.

Speaker 7:43:09My favorite new Clinton man. I fucking love you. He's so fucking funny. He helped me set. This.

Speaker 24:43:19Thing. Pick one. I can't just pick one one. Weinkauf. My Crufts I know why cummerbund rationalizing is not new either. Okay awesome Ben Carson. Yeah okay. Yeah yeah. Clinton Grauer new EDAR Clinton Krens not like you know I guess yeah.

Speaker 7:43:49Clinton I get he's a weirdo. He's a funny dad. Love him helped me set up this whole thing. Helped me top set up all this equipment. And so forth. And my favorite comic book it changes so much you like the way we like.

Speaker 42:44:09Weeks like I'll go back and watch like the first or second should help he's the best of all time. And then I was like oh it's like chief warns me that he is so fucking fine.

Speaker 16:44:29So for like weeks were like Listen to attack again. Yeah the Telcel funny yeah.

Speaker 7:44:36Rory Scholes or Rory Rory Scoble. Yeah I don't know. Like a hybrid car. It's a hard question. It is always changing to happen.

Speaker 42:44:45Yeah.

Speaker 7:44:47So I actually shop has my favorite comic yeah. I've never seen anybody that is that funny.

Speaker 16:44:55Yeah he's no their level he's like that. He's like good hands. Yeah he's just a good dude who doesn't even need to turn it on. He's funny always just himself and they watch him on stage and completely himself doesn't even do that the same way or doesn't even do like whole 25 minute chunks he did the show before. Yeah he like clothes is all a different thing every show he gets here. Like I've never seen a person that that child has. Ever gotten.

Speaker 50:45:27Yeah he's so under the under the like.

Speaker 7:45:32Everybody should know about him. Everyone should know on. It's crazy. Either that's the best. All right you heard it here. Well let's show you some drugs. I don't know when this is coming out so we're just going play. Oh. No. That made me really.

Speaker 24:45:55To Monday may yet I'm headlining pop in a way in which but.

Speaker 15:46:00Great show. Up up and away the bookstore.

Speaker 13:46:03Great show and there are six of us including on the. One of the boys. Yeah it's a up in a. Comics.

Speaker 16:46:15Bluish. On July 29 it's my birthday. Thirty fifth birthday. How there. I'm at the funny bone. Hi done. Comedian and. Comedian smoking crack and a caravan past Capasso so fucking funny. So if Obama looks great.

Speaker 51:46:37That August 10th one thing you heard he said.

Speaker 38:46:46Oh yeah yeah yeah. Just chill. July 30 first of the drinker. Here on that Tyrone Hawkins too drunk to drive to and that's my show.

Speaker 52:46:57Here's to the two of the top the. What do we owe.

Speaker 16:47:03You if you want to know where the show is or that if I'm doing anything you can follow me Rand to follow on Instagram and up that one's baby Twitter Facebook or a and b or c elo.

Speaker 28:47:19That's it. Oh yeah that's it. I would like more Instagram followers.

Speaker 24:47:22OK. Yeah. You've got a podcast. Yeah Rumball friends with my great friend and a master and I were super friendly debate. We debate things weekly. We have a debate about a game while we debate. Yes. Yeah yeah you do.

Speaker 23:47:41It's called Rumball friend. I think the first episode is about who was the best friend on friends.

Speaker 16:47:46Me going to debate that and people are going to be able to go on Instagram and vote through our story. Yeah and then we'll talk and then we'll talk about that next. Okay. I mean in a. Kind of fun little game on.

Speaker 27:48:01This is okay.

Speaker 6:48:07Rumball friends fall for us. I'm just getting started so I don't know.

Speaker 8:48:11I haven't made stuff yet but he's on Instagram followers share.

Speaker 7:48:17Tell your friends subscribe please review so you can go check me out and druidic dot com.

Speaker 53:48:24Baby I've got a Web site. Yeah. I. Still.

Speaker 36:48:40Call it out now.

Speaker 1:48:43Oh my. It's cool. It's cool. It's.

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