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Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!
2 - It’s Only The Second Episode And The Host Is Already Blacked Out
October 09, 2018 Guest Host Tom Dustin, featuring Andrew Rudick, Bridget Denman, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, Ran Barnaclo
Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!

2 - It’s Only The Second Episode And The Host Is Already Blacked Out

October 09, 2018

Guest Host Tom Dustin, featuring Andrew Rudick, Bridget Denman, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, Ran Barnaclo

Episode 2 is a special black out bonus episode! Tom Dustin steps in as my guest host, as I was too inebriated to even form words! Also joining us on this special bonus puzzlecast are my hilarious friends Bridget Denman, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, and Ran Barnaclo! Listen in as we solve the mystery of whether or not Big Puzzle has been shorting us pieces! 

Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 2.

Episode 2 is a special black out bonus episode! Tom Dustin steps in as my guest host, as I was too inebriated to even form words! Also joining us on this special bonus puzzlecast are my hilarious friends Bridget Denman, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, and Ran Barnaclo! Listen in as we solve the mystery of whether or not Big Puzzle has been shorting us pieces! 

Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 2.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:21500 pieces. This is twelfth. The puzzles in here. We got seven comics here from all over the globe. There's actually five of us. No counting or not counting the hostess. Five of six. Yeah, but you're speaking as the host. I'm sorry, I'm stepping on your intro. Jesus. Jesus. The way. It's not seven buddy's sue's down. We got to come from all over the globe. Let's go around the horn. Shelly. Hey, it's me. Lee Kimbro. Hi, I'm Molly Club. I'm Tom, Dustin, and where are the puzzle buddies? Yes. Oh my God. Thank you guys so much. We're making a puzzle. We're doing puzzles, so just so the audience knows, that's what what is happening is entitled the day at the dock and there seems to be some confusion about how many pieces there actually are you rudy q claim that this is a 500 pieces puzzle. It's a 50 slash 5,550 pieces. Does anybody have any. I mean counted a, a segment of what's on the table and I come up with 12 pieces and then I looked at the rest of what's on there and I multiplied it by 12 pieces and I come up with fucking. You got 86 pieces on this trip. This is what 20 pieces looks like. Yeah. You don't have all the pieces to this puzzle and that's why you're fucking edges aren't done.

Speaker 1:2:18I think the boxes around here with the rest of the pieces in it somewhere. No. All these pieces are here. This is a $500. 500 pieces. You want to know where you're at. Look on the floor. There's a pair of dirty underwear and $500 and it's not. I mean I'm looking at. I'm looking at the picture that it's going be once the same one. I'm looking at the picture that it's going to be. If we completed a great picture. This is some real behind the scenes shit. It's Andrea. How are we're going to have to stop the

Speaker 2:3:00podcast. There's some bullshit.

Speaker 1:3:09You can edit this, right? He can't. He's got so drunk. He has cerebral palsy. Whose wedding face. I actually right before it fucking. Oh, we're doing it. We're doing it. All right, so welcome everybody and he just counted the cast. That's the new name of this stupid fucking to the puzzle bodies. We have a million fucking comedians in a room where we're all doing a puzzle, and the guy that supposed to be running the show shit faced drunk as shit.

Speaker 2:3:54Just say hi and drinking like he just got a house fire safely drinking

Speaker 1:4:05and cohost of the puzzle. Cast. Otherwise known as puzzle buddies. Say Hello Lee. Hello, I'm Lee Kimbro. Here we are.

Speaker 2:4:17Hello. I'm a puzzle. Bali belly at all. My name is molly. Molly from Bali.

Speaker 1:4:29Sit next to me on my left hand side is the guy that drove us here. We. We didn't want them on, but rob the limo driver. Now I've got to say your name ran. Ran, ran, ran Clo, and for a long time I thought it was barnicle the shit that attaches to the bottom of the sea. I had been thinking that. Oh, and then I realized you're a filthy wop. Yup. Good. Good. Grapes, yeah, he sounds great and yellow's in the.

Speaker 2:5:26Doesn't look like he's a spider that just not on the podcast

Speaker 1:5:32because it's not, it's because it's a podcast, visual medium, but he is spindly. He looks like a, he looks like a clone from a weed plant that you wouldn't want to get to give it a little more time to sprout something. He's so drunk. He looks like when Keanu reeves was born in the matrix

Speaker 2:5:57like yellow leaves,

Speaker 1:6:02what was that bias? Ligo like, Ya know, what is going on? You're going to get on the mic. Can you, uh, can you, can you track your drinks for the evening? You wish I do? I'm just curious. Listen, as a host of puzzle buddies and executive tour now, I'm definitely doing the puzzle on the bridge. Uh, Denman and no. I'm not going to track my drink slowly over $600. Mark. I've and I've had an adequate amount. Oh my God. Let a first question. GotTa let them. What's the puzzle? But the puzzle buddies. Okay. What puzzle buddies is about, it's about putting the pieces together in your life, which is that as you go to a Mexican restaurant and you get a Margarita that's as big as a kiddie pool, drink it all to your riddick falls down. Have you ever heard of chronicles, the chronicles of Riddick, starring Vin diesel? I don't know. Like the first one. Does anybody here besides Marlin Black Knight or something? Is Anybody here besides molly? No. Vin Diesel's legal name. I do.

Speaker 1:7:50I'm not going to steal it and take. Take Vin. Mark Sinclair. Sinclair. He's from Canada. Mark Sinclair. Is that the guy that is. Is that. Is that the guy that is into the dungeons and dragons nerd or is that vin diesel? Diesel. Vin Diesel. Naz Gay. Two Gay. Why do you hope he would be gay? Well, how would that affect you guys? I want to give a shout out to our sponsors again, all of our parents, me, molly, and tim helped. Did you just say my parents name mine. They're killer tack to that Vin Diesel Shit. And you did that. Okay. I'm not doing it now. So you guys appreciate it and parents can let her in. She was so drunk. He just looked at the time, hey, let's do a podcast. Better names for this podcast.

Speaker 1:9:31I got another one finding the edges or how about uh, how about uh, yeah, the silver, the silver lining. You guys, how'd you this podcast himself to spinal Bifida podcasts. Just inappropriate to people. And they do that. Drank himself a real strong man. You fucking. Oh, I just got a piece. Hey, a little much for this audience. And we got pieces being made. Bridges on fucking working. I got her drunk. He looks like he's having a stroke as a serpentine wall. Like a bad boy. His Cs. What's the scripted team wall? You're looking at it?

Speaker 3:10:27Yeah.

Speaker 2:10:30It's the sounds that come out of your mouth as what you say is that really make it bad? Like we all slur words a little bit, but then when you're just like, I'm just doing a basil that's, that's not a good. Not a good look.

Speaker 1:10:55Oh Man. Who's comedy? Calendars that on the wall. That's a. The clubs that we want to try to get into, I don't see comedy key West on there. What am I lesser than you know that's in the drivable area. Wiley's. No, I didn't look up the list before I got. No. Okay. I'm just kidding. A Wiley's I love lately.

Speaker 2:11:35Key West on there, right?

Speaker 1:11:38Calvin to key west on their wall. Just say comedy Key West. Another couple of times. I hope somebody listens to this. Look at that line. Hold down the whiteboards. Oh God. Lead. You know what we might. You know what Chad did? Stopped it, but I want to do comedy key West Key West with a question mark. An exclamation point in a question mark. So it really puts you on the map. That place. Oh yeah. That's where I want a map of Cuba during the. No, I really want me to go. You have to do that. I'm just thinking about. I've been talking about and I just. I figure out way to make it happen because I can help with my budget is. No, it's called naked. He's rubbing one. We were thinking about the final piece of the puzzle back. I've done naked, naked coming back on topic here. We get answers. Oh, we still doing a podcast guest podcast. We have callers asking questions. First question for Tom. Dustin advice. Did you wish that you had somebody could have told you early on you don't stay in school or don't do drugs? I had never heard it.

Speaker 1:13:48No, no. I wish somebody was like, hey, you should get a, like a killer job. And then if you like comedy, kind of try to do that on the side or something. But um, make some money and get dental and shit and like, yeah, don't, don't, don't turn into a 43 year old nobody comedian get dental. You get dental first before you do comedy. That's, that's, that's the advice. That's it. I wish I was funnier. That's the advice I needed. Get funny. Really fast about puzzle isn't bad. Edgy. Hey, thanks for taking away my bomb. Riddick. The kids are about edging, vomited. All of Riddick was a stretch.

Speaker 1:14:55Don't know. I'm just going. No one can hear it and I'm way over here. Guys. I want to ask good fucking what do they call that in this wrong close that. This dual next question on the podcast. Okay, got it. Alright. This is going to be the last question on the pod. The next one is the last one. The last question. We've been doing this for 39 minutes. Seconds. Barely 15 minutes, right? If we've got a lot of. That's true. I hadn't lost. I asked the last one given a bridget worst bond ever. My mum was amazing. No bomb. Like bombed.

Speaker 1:16:02I think it would be fun. I think it would be fun to talk about the worst mom ever. Who's got the worst mom? Mom. Worst mom ever. Sorry. Just fucking ride up on you. Okay. It was weird. You know what? It reminded me of this a real story. We're not. Give me a mic. When I was a kid, I was in an arcade, a blind, you know, playing video games. I was playing. There was this game called cabal capital or something and it was weird. It was basically a rolling ball shooter, like, you know, like the golden tee golf has that roller ball. It was like that, but that's how you control the aim of the gun. And I was getting good at it and I'm living there. My Dad used to drop me off at this arcade. It was up the street from his work and uh, I'm getting good at plane.

Speaker 1:16:57I'm on a fucking plane and get my high school on the fucking game on Cabal Cabo. But whatever it was, and this guy comes up and he's like watching me and I thought he's watching because I was doing well in score in the high school. And then I felt his legs touch the back of my leg, you know, we got real close, like in. I was like, oh, that's kind of weird. But I was 12. I was 12 years old. And uh, and, and then he did it again and I was like, oh, that's real weird. And then on the third pass, whenever he really fucking kind of grinded up on me, this is like a, you know, like a 30 year old guy or something. I'm 12 and I'm going to play. I'm fucking setting my score and I want to leave. Yeah, just fucking same fucking sale a cap.

Speaker 1:17:47But the guy fucking rubbing up on my leg and shit. And uh, I never told this story to anyone. And uh, and then, uh, I got, I, I, you know, I wasn't dumb. No, you know, it's on the third, it took me three passes, you know, the guy fucking rubbed this leg on me three times. And then I was like. And I walked away from my fucking high school. I was about to beat the high score and I walked away from the game and I went stupidly over to a different video game. And then I put it in a couple of quarters because when I went, when I was a kid, it was a quarter got molested again. Then fucking guy come back and he's fucking standing behind me and he fucking does the rubber thing and blah, blah blah. So I then went to the payphone cause it was only payphones then.

Speaker 1:18:42So, uh, throwing a diamond, the payphone. I called my dad and I said, dad, come pick me up. I'm done playing video games. And then I waited that entire ride. He knew something was wrong with me because you come home from the arcade. I didn't want him to turn around and go kill that. So I waited until we were nearly home and I was like, he, his wife left, uh, this, this thing happened and this guy was like rubbing on me and stuff and, and blah, blah, blah. Any still spun that fuck. You go around and went back there. The guy was gone but a long gun. Do you think that, uh, with today and the Internet, especially back when we were kids with chat rooms and everything, kids seemed so at danger today. But back in the day, your dad drops you off at the arcade fucking radio silence until you find your way to lock in a pdf, a text.

Speaker 1:19:39It's not in your pocket. It's like, yeah, no, that's so crazy to think about. You were so isolated when back in the day relation also gave. There was almost a sense of like, we're everyone's so connected now. That's almost what amps up the fucking Weirdos and the perverse. I feel like back then it was like a rarity. Like it's like a plane crash, you know? I mean probably not a rarity, but. But uh, the ones that came to light where, yeah, it's easier to get away with anything but way to get away with it. Can I tell? Can I tell somebody agreements? Is it about them? It's about the Barnacle on July 29th is my birthday. Just chill out. General Comedy Key West wishes you a happy birthday. Thank you. I'm just trying to open up. I'm just trying to open up to my friends. So July 29th is my birthday, so I'm a Leo. Do we eat you [inaudible] this July 29th. I'll be on a show at Dayton funnybone with Luke capasso. It's called co comics in a caravan smoking crack. That's it. That's my story. Oh, he's doing it.

Speaker 2:21:07Oh my God. Comedy Key West does not approve of that.

Speaker 1:21:19Wait, wait, so are you going to actually smoke crack in the Caribbean? No, we already did the episode. Did you smoke crack? No, dude, I've smoked crack. You have a small crack now. Hey, overrate fine. Cocaine as much better. Yeah. Yeah, so heroin, best time I've ever had.

Speaker 4:21:45Welcome to puzzle buddy. What's your favorite? Hard.

Speaker 1:22:00I have that that much. Thanks for having us on route.

Speaker 4:22:09I'm really glad we solved this puzzle. This is amazing.

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