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Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!
4 - Don Fazulli Was A Hack (Part 2)
October 15, 2018 Molly Hartzell, Clinton Jacob, Lee Kimbrell, and Josh O'Neill
Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!

4 - Don Fazulli Was A Hack (Part 2)

October 15, 2018

Molly Hartzell, Clinton Jacob, Lee Kimbrell, and Josh O'Neill

Join us for the gripping finale of Season 1! Clinton opens up about how he hates parades.  Josh discusses his experience getting to emcee for Mike Bribiglia.  Andrew talks about getting heckled offstage by the Manager of Go Bananas Comedy Club.  Things get a little loose when the host starts dishing out valuable puzzle points.  Molly acquires 20 puzzle points, while Josh is docked 15 for name-dropping Chicago based comedians Mike Cronin and Tim McLaughlin.  The studio whiteboard gets utilized to talk shit about our least favorite local comedian! Email us with your guesses as to who it is for a chance to win a brand new pre-owned puzzle! 

Join us for the gripping finale of Season 1! Clinton opens up about how he hates parades.  Josh discusses his experience getting to emcee for Mike Bribiglia.  Andrew talks about getting heckled offstage by the Manager of Go Bananas Comedy Club.  Things get a little loose when the host starts dishing out valuable puzzle points.  Molly acquires 20 puzzle points, while Josh is docked 15 for name-dropping Chicago based comedians Mike Cronin and Tim McLaughlin.  The studio whiteboard gets utilized to talk shit about our least favorite local comedian! Email us with your guesses as to who it is for a chance to win a brand new pre-owned puzzle! 

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:14Buddy

Speaker 2:0:21and a fever by Peggy Lee. You ever hear of fever by Peggy Lee? Nice to sing that Shit, man. He burned these cds through friends. They all got them in. So you burned like one second.

Speaker 3:0:59What's Y'alls low light and slash or highlight standup comedy. You can pick one if you do both. Do either. Ooh, I want to go first. Yes please. Low Light. Absolute low light was the fucking below zero gay club you were talking about. It was so bad. What was it better?

Speaker 2:1:19It was so bad because I. I cannot, which have turned into shit is I cannot relate to gay people. I can't. Like I'm not. I, I can't. It was just really bad because I shit on a lot of gay people and because they don't relate, but it's all in good fun. It was horrible. It just did not translate. People were very light and as a homophobic gay man, I just don't like fucking. They're too loud.

Speaker 4:1:48Stop it. It's not that exciting.

Speaker 2:1:51A gay person would never go to Chili's and other kinds of. You're talking about that class is. If you put them in a tier, you got trash, gay, which will be in a general. Oh yeah, for sure. Huh? Did they did they were really tight fitting, bright colored American Eagle Polos. Yes. Is that a thing? Um, yeah, I could see that. Uh, I went to school with the kid who was super, super gross and he had like a thousand peers things for no fucking reason. I am just not a fan. I don't want to shit on gay people too much right now. But uh, I hate them all. Jesus. But that was horrible and I mean I was having fun and always I was trying to be me but nobody related and I was like, I don't want to do these lbgt things anymore. I don't like it.

Speaker 2:2:42I can't, I just don't fucking like it. Highlight was hosting this weekend just because it was fun to host and it was fun to literally after every set and be like, all right, this is what I got to fix. This is where they're going to work. Making it and going from like people being like, I don't like this guy to Sunday. Being like, all right, this was tight. That was a fucking. You start to feel relaxed. My son and it was nice. It was a good. I think Leah put it like you're, you're up there for an hour when it's all said and done and me being new and not doing good bands that much and getting all that time was really great and I feel like I learned a lot and I'm very grateful for it and it was a highlight for me for sure. No doubt. Every show improved. Yeah. Lee was there the whole time. It was my support system. Every show was awesome. Yeah. People Montgomery love when you shit on gay people they love, they love it when they know you can shit on it and they're like, this guy is letting a shit.

Speaker 5:3:47Yeah. I feel the exact same way by the way.

Speaker 2:4:06Well it's not because their, their gender or their sexuality or not like people for being annoying. Sure. That brings.

Speaker 5:4:14Sorry. Next time when everybody go around and tell us the comedian that you hate them, you did the segment with only one person highlights and lowlights back to highlights and low lights because I can meander back and forth as negative man. Hustle, finished puzzle.

Speaker 2:5:04Okay. Who's next on the editing?

Speaker 6:5:09My highlight was definitely a opening for micro Badaliya. That was the best. He's a guy I grew up with. Probably the first stand up comedian I ever heard was from my hometown. Went to money from your hometown, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. It was really fun and all the shows are great and it's definitely the best day ever did. Uh, I would say the low light was, uh, the first, first minute of that show. The first show, the Microglia show. I go up and I am on the microphone and I can hear my voice, but I cannot hear an echo and I do not know if the microphones on and instead of doing like, instead of just keep going, I literally asked is this thing on? And I, as I did, I just felt my. And everyone in the audience was like, yeah. And I was like, oh,

Speaker 5:6:03we asked, is this thing on?

Speaker 6:6:05Yeah. And I just was like, well all right, open to that way. I hate myself. And that got kind of a laugh and then like trying to go from there and it was good. But yeah, that was the, that was like in terms of mortifying, embarrassing things like that is the one that will stick with me for a very long time. That's great. Yeah. That's brutal. Yeah. Let me, she didn't shit yourself. Do you show your show on the record? The record? No. Oh Jesus. Off the record down. You know, a podcast is a record recording. We're recording. That's a good one. That's a good one. Are you there together to. Oh, okay. I thought you were literally just saying the name of your segment and going. That's a good one.

Speaker 5:6:52I'm like, man, that is good.

Speaker 6:6:59So yeah, no, that was a, that was a weird week yet. It was a very weird weekend. Could you now you're opening for your heroin once. Happy for you, but at the same time, don't. I don't know. I don't want to say too much. Don't meet your heroes or at least if you do, don't go with crazy expectations. Like he's not listening. Yeah. But what if he is send you're being real and he'll probably respect it. Yeah. No, it was weird. He was, he was nice enough but also wanted nothing to do with me and that hurts. I hurt somebody.

Speaker 6:7:37I can also understand somebody in that position that's like at that level being, and you're not like small but like people comics like harassing, you know what I mean? And like probably shuts himself off completely to it. I really, uh, I tried to get like even a hand going like going to zips or something. He just didn't care at all and I told them I was from Shrewsbury. He didn't really care at all. So that should be in the back room. It was in the back of the room. So we might have just been watching the show and trying not to who middled though. It was a. So it was such a weird thing, like the day of I was supposed to be just the only act as supposed to go up there and do 20 and then I show up that night and he shows up with two people.

Speaker 6:8:21Uh, Chris Laker and Jacqueline Novak who are both unbelievably funny. They're so funny, but it went from that to Mikey coming up to me and just going, they don't even want you on the show, but I told them you're doing five. So I just became the host but did five. And even then I was told Mikey like was Birbiglia says you're going over, you got to tone it down. I was like, I wasn't going over. I was doing the announcements maybe maybe that had like 30 seconds, but I had timed it out. I was doing like maybe even four minutes and then I had to just go up and do like two jokes and be like, all right, let's move along. So that fucking sucks. Yeah. It was also just, obviously I, I'm not really bitter about it, but it was just kind of one of those things where it was a very interesting week. Yeah. It's a good introduction kind of into show business, you know, it's like, it's not, it's not the romanticized thing that we want it to be and expect someone to like you just because you're a fan of them. Yup. Yeah. And it's also interesting that the movie that he made

Speaker 3:9:19don't think twice is all about that, about the dark side and how, you know, it's funny that he's like that.

Speaker 6:9:27That was Kinda the solace I took his walking away from it. I was like, whatever, Improv, stupid. I just said, who cares what he does in pro. He did Improv at the same time he was doing standup, you know, and that movie is fine. I like don't think twice. It's a good thing about comedy and show business, but in terms of all the improv stuff and is the dumbest fucking gas. I love Improv Josh. Yes. And

Speaker 4:10:02it's harder than I thought.

Speaker 6:10:05Newfound respect. So plus 80 improv. I saw that I was at myrtle's one time, I was talking to Mike Crone and intimidate laughlin and it was Improv a shows the buds and uh, I was like, you guys ready for this? And, and it just goes. Yeah, Tim's not ready. He's really bad at Improv and tim just goes yes. And I'm also bad at standup. He's getting ready to move to New York City. No, Tim. A little bit good that I would say that. Um, we know what is. Yeah. How many, how many minutes is 900 seconds? Yeah. What does that mean? A one hour and

Speaker 3:10:54four minutes. One hour for I want to. Yeah. Should we just.

Speaker 6:10:59Yeah, for sure. I don't care. You don't know you were going to wait. Nobody sent it to you. Just do it in 90 minutes. I'll cut that part out.

Speaker 3:11:08Hi, I'm molly. Did you do your holiday?

Speaker 7:11:13I have not as a host. I would hope that you should remember that it was more of, it's your turn. Oh, okay. Okay. Thank you. Um, highlights. Um, it's that standup, but there's this show that I did that was so fun called an evening with the authors.

Speaker 6:11:35You're, you were so good on that. That was like a general level with you. That's like the first time I saw you on stage, I hadn't seen you do stand up yet and you went and did that. And I was like, that's like one of the funniest things I heard in a long time, but talk about it.

Speaker 7:11:50So, uh, it's a, um, it's based on Indian. It's this group that does a sketch show where it's fake authors either reading excerpts from. We're talking about the fake book that they've written. And uh, one of my friends, the guys that run future science out of motor, they, uh, asked me to do it because they were coming there. So they chose me to go up and um, yeah. And so my character I chose to do, I'm a fan fiction writer, Tabitha roads and I did a fan fiction series about Anne Frank.

Speaker 5:12:33My favorite one was confessions of a Shopaholic,

Speaker 7:12:43but actually they reached out to me like this is like the high park continued is that they reached out to me last week asking him, sitting there, coming back and they asked me if I do it again. What's amazing? It was just really cool. Like it was something that it wasn't handed to me.

Speaker 5:13:01It was all merit based. Molly, please remind me so I can go. When is that?

Speaker 7:13:08It is, I believe the 28th. Let's see to Tuesday. It's the 28th of August down an octave.

Speaker 5:13:20Yeah, that's a cool. That'll be good.

Speaker 7:13:23Really good drink like drink prices, which I like. It's $4 wide and it's pretty decent. Where they bring it to you Tuesday. Yeah.

Speaker 5:13:35In the use of cannabis. Oil drinks there too. That is cool. Yeah. No alcohol. Just cannabis. So does that CBD oil drink? It's just healthy. It's like drinking a Kombucha. Is this supposed to make you feel better? There's no psychoactive elements in the CBD oil. Can I see those dog feet? I got a dog going on the right here. It looked like

Speaker 8:14:15my highlight and low light highlight, but obviously my first host weekend I got really lucky and headed an amazing comic. I'm Chad Daniels was my first host weekend and that was really fun, but a real highlight would be, I'm just trying to think of something where I last July or last June, I was still just kind of like getting some footing and trying to get a set together and then I got to, I got to open up or do a spot for Mike Cronin and Sam Evans show and there was a lot of people at list Germans and I went up and had a good set like did well and they were complimentary to me afterwards and I felt like that was a big kind of, you know, rite of passage to a certain extent. I just kind of felt cool and accepted. And that was, that was big. I really liked it.

Speaker 8:15:22And Yeah, yeah. Sam Ovens. My third shout out of the episode, um, and then a low light, a low light. I was five months into comedy and I was going to go to a showcase at yesterday's saloon in Mount Adams and there was a showcase. It was a good show. It was like Jay Armstrong and Holynski and Blake Hammond, and it was a fun show. Cal Jansen and I picked up my Kalinski and we were going and we got really, really high, so I was just going to. I was just going to go as like a, you know, an audience member. Oh, you've told me and I get really, really banked and then we walk into yesterday's. It's five minutes after the show's supposed to start in a place that's completely empty. No one showed up, so they turned it into an open mic and they asked me if I wanted to go up.

Speaker 8:16:13And I was like, yeah, sure. And I went up in front of like 15 comics and just talk for five minutes just to. And didn't get a single laugh. It was just a room full of like very angry comics about the showcase and then some new guy to enough five minutes. And it was, it was rad. Dude. It was so very bad. Oh, it's sickening, but whatever, man, you got to do it right. Brother brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters. Did you do one little might highlight me offstage and the charity father still to this day, there's some pretty bad when you do it a lot. Especially when you're selling.

Speaker 8:17:11It's mostly, at least for me, you've been doing it for a one time. They'll do it for a long time. I feel like a shake your head nearly. Yeah, just compared to these two. I haven't been doing it very long and it's so funny. Isn't it so funny how, how touchy comic skit about like longevity of doing it and you don't want people, you know, you don't. It's like I haven't been doing it that long. Ah, we hold so much in that. You know, there was a, I'm not going to say his name, his name is don. He, uh, at one point he told me he more experience than me

Speaker 6:17:50because he did like three. It did it like three months before me. Wait a second. Wait a second. We're going to play a game. Is it? It is not, not wow. What a shock. No, this was much earlier and it was, it was probably within a year of being in comedy and he was like, yeah, but I started like three months before you. And we were like, dude, like years from now we'll both just be saying the same year. We'll both just say five years at the same time. Be a single difference. Yeah. And also he's bad. So

Speaker 2:18:23can you, can you take loud steps to the board and write the name so we can all. It used to be used for shit to writing. His writing is writing a word. He's riding it. Going to know who this is and now that I know of. That makes perfect.

Speaker 6:18:50Yeah, they've gotten better about it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh

Speaker 2:19:01Shit. With the door open. He's sitting down, man. Oh Man. You know the first name that was written on the board? The first name? Uh, it's gonna be so hard not to say the first name that was written on the board my first time going to. Because when I started the story, just going to give it away. If he was absolutely. No, no, no. I'll make it very big. The first time I started doing standup, but also this person is probably not going to listen, so it's not that big of a deal. First Time I was doing standup, getting into it, learning where all the mikes are and stuff like that went to make Levy's uh, because they had the [inaudible] Mike and this person told me just that. And no, because I made one joke that included them in it. Just trying to fit in with these people. This person told me I need to learn how to respect if I want to work the club and they grow and considered it, bro. That's crazy. Yeah. Did you listen to his advice? I was actually, I was like, Oh man, I better not fuck with this person

Speaker 2:20:06mick. And somebody was like, just don't, just don't, doesn't matter. Ignore that and will never be important. I was like, oh, okay. Cool. Alright.

Speaker 6:20:14Who are you texting at this hour? I'm Tom doesn't actually tell him I said Hi. Oh yeah, Tommy, Tom, Dustin. Did he eventually get home? You did. Nice. What? Uh, what was the other segment you had? You had one more segment time. I'm telling you, we have time. We have time. Listen to me. Well, we got to cut out all of Maldivian embraces. Yeah. So we have plenty of time to wait one hour and 13 minutes right now. We can be at like 30 minutes then if I can be homophobic.

Speaker 5:20:49All mine. Homophobia. Yeah. No, you know what I don't like about gay people, their homophobia a ridiculous. But yeah. I know you said one more, you know what I'm saying? Never, never heard crickets there as director of a podcast or whatever you want. What was the question you had? One other question was, what is your question? That was the hating comics thing. Which one least and sincerely. No, that's not actually. Love that idea. Awesome. Very good. I spent a good three hours talking shit. Shout out to Michael as poster is on our. I'm sorry.

Speaker 6:21:42Yeah, absolutely. What a passive way to say that's your least

Speaker 5:21:53hates him because he's gay. He's five gross. Yeah, not a fan. Did Not go to that roast for that reason. There were a lot of that risk and none of them liked any of what we were saying. Maybe it would make me too nervous. I don't think anybody on the roast like anything. I didn't like it. I didn't have fun. I manage Bali.

Speaker 6:22:21I'm in front of molly a lot and then she like made fun of me and then like, I'm, I'm just admitting it now. Like I've had like a moment, like afterwards when I was like, oh man. Yeah. It wasn't that molly her my feelings. She's like those jokes.

Speaker 4:22:34God Damn came at me with fucking fire. I talked about how she looked like A.

Speaker 6:22:42I said that audiences laugh at her because her face makes her look like a male comedian. Like a, like someone who's funding.

Speaker 4:22:50Oh my God, what? My big nose. But then yesterday I'm glad that you felt bad because he made me feel,

Speaker 6:23:00but then she, then she walked away, wrote some jokes down like off the cuff and then just fucking destroyed.

Speaker 4:23:07Got Peers. I've maintained really well. Yeah. No, I love you. Like I even the next day and said, hey, I love you.

Speaker 6:23:16Yeah, it was just like, uh, I, I just don't think I do roast enough. I wouldn't say a bag and this year is the year people were like,

Speaker 5:23:26tragic. We can be really good at it though. We learned that. Yeah. Do you think that the, that the scene could even handle a roast battle saying I'm not, I, I, I was disagreeing with him until I watched that rose and I watched how everybody was reacting to all the drugs. I was like, no way. Everybody's wages. It's

Speaker 3:23:46like everybody is. It's because we know each other really well and it was getting. Everybody was getting real person. And you, you're saying my favorite rose was your roast on me said that I was so pale because I spend my time aside, but because I've spent my entire life living in my sister's shadow, I mean it hurt a lot, but it was very funny.

Speaker 4:24:09I really wish I would've just

Speaker 2:24:13time I lost my virginity but kept putting Eric.

Speaker 4:24:18No, and I think that what you're saying,

Speaker 2:24:22how you roast each other and then you felt bad and then you kind of were like, yeah, we still love each other. I think that that also isn't good sediment for everything. That was said earlier too, because you, like you said, everybody's so close that it's just like a brother and sister thing where you're going to fight and you're going to be mad and you're going to be like, fuck that person personally. Then at the end of the day going to be like, I still love them. I'm just fucking right now. I don't want to deal with them unless they're act

Speaker 4:24:47funny.

Speaker 3:24:49Didn't expect. Yeah. One funny equals to respect.

Speaker 4:24:53Oh my.

Speaker 3:25:02It was very. You don't know that I'm pretty. I'm pretty hard core. I would just nicely trying to say we fucking shit on people, but we really don't really think of one more question, Megan. Something that's got to do. What's the most scared you've ever been? Oh God, I don't want to get too dark.

Speaker 2:25:26Oh yeah. Yeah. Now that I'm thinking about it, no, I don't want to.

Speaker 4:25:32A lot of people have some trauma. My heart stopped and the doctor said, we don't know if you're gonna live in the next year.

Speaker 3:25:39Ten minutes.

Speaker 4:25:44I shouldn't say mine though.

Speaker 3:25:51Troll trying to stab me and music festival. That's wild. That's fun. That's cool. It was a guy because I was screaming about how I was the control and how you shouldn't enter my layer. I wasn't even tripping. I was just screaming in the forbidden forest trying to make you laugh. And then before I knew it, this dude who does a lot of meth or something came out shifts blaze and what. And then he pulled out a fucking shift this long and it was like hiding it in a way where like he is like, he was trying to hide it from everybody else around us. Just show it to me. And then I like tried like, do you got it this way? It's like blocking my path. I'm fucking scared to the direction I was like. So anyways, next. Let me think of another question. Yeah, yeah. I think we can cut. I can cut this because I might just cut some stuff. I want cut out the sun. Can you want

Speaker 5:26:44to. It was mostly me. Nothing. You don't like cut a bunch of shit either because everybody wants to listen to progress. Just like Lisa said, the n word, you don't want it to be. Yeah, we got to cut all the racist stuff

Speaker 6:26:58for sure. We just got it. Cut out the stuff that's about cutting stuff out.

Speaker 5:27:03How many hours

Speaker 6:27:05that out know how funny would it be if we kept it in and then it's like, all right, whatever guys. I'm really good at editing.

Speaker 5:27:13It'll flow nicely. Is a jack of all trades. Okay. I got a good question.

Speaker 6:27:19What is your very first memory? Cheesiness oh, I got it. I got told you it was a good question. Uh, I was three and my mom took me to see Barney live, like there was a live Barney show at a theater and uh, it was a surprise, like she didn't tell me where we were gone and she took me there and we were sitting under the Barney show happened and I got real scared. Like I got super scared it was going to take me away and like bring me back into the TV because we were just in Barney. I was like, Oh man, how do we get out of this? Like we're in. And I was just crying and crying and my mom was just like, she planned this very nice sweet thing for me. Like, Oh man, every like I used to like think about it and be filled with so much guilt sometimes and I would just cry. Like I, like my mom was a, you know, like raising her first kid and I'm just like, you know, I have an interest and she tried to like create a really magical thing for me and I was just to scaling and ramped up and. But I bet from your mom's perspective, she understood. Sure. But she's still won't let me live it down. It gets brought up every now and

Speaker 5:28:36well, it's pretty fucking funny.

Speaker 6:28:37Funny. But yeah, sometimes I, yeah. I am very bad guilt complex and that's one that sticks with me all time. What about with video archive of. You ever handed out a tape and been like, I feel bad for doing that, like selling video tape?

Speaker 5:28:52No, no, no. Funny motherfuckers like when you hit out it bu off somebody like, feel bad for that

Speaker 6:28:58for a second. I interested in. I told someone they should come up on stage for the blue off and they shook their head and they walked away and they left the bar and uh, like it was, I felt bad for a minute and then I just got mad and I was like, you know what, whatever he, they, she that person, you know, they don't, uh, they don't need to make me feel bad about it because it's not that the whole worst comic winning a tape thing. It's just fun. It's fun because it was a set should ultimately nightmare. I'm not saying you're the worst comedian of the night and just say you had the worst set. It's like I said it last time at the show, so could do a thousand pushups in a row, but you're going to fart during a bunch of other, like your body.

Speaker 6:29:48It's like you can have good stats. We can also have bad ones and there's nothing wrong with just super personally and like just like, you know, being petty, I think that's like a really silly things that's I'm definitely want to come out to one, haven't quit my dumb job so I can actually go out to that. But those are my favorite ones is that aspect of it. It's cool. It's fun. It is an interesting way to wrestling. I feel guilt sometimes if I'm mean to a customer and they tell me, I've been mean, like even if I don't like the customer, they're like, you could have been less mean. I'm like, Oh man, it's just sticks with you and it never goes to a customer. Yeah. I've been to mean to customers to the point where they're like, your favorite thing about working in the service industries.

Speaker 6:30:29Like someone. Yeah. Someone showed up with their uh, someone showed up with an under aged kid and they tried to get the kid into the bar. The kid didn't have an idea and I was like, I can't let you in, but he's on our softball team. And I was like, that means I went, that means nothing to me. And then they walked out and I was like, sorry guys. And she went, it's fine. You just didn't have to be so rude and like they were dumb and rude to begin with. But that was just like, ah. They got the last one. Did I added the situation? Yeah, it was a, I, I obsessed over it for the rest of the night. Really? It was the, it was a, it was crazy. It was, I was very upset. But alright. First memory, someone else,

Speaker 8:31:12uh, my first memory I had to have been less than 26 months old because that's when we moved out of this house. But I remember my dad plays drums and they were out. I was like, I would always just sit and watch him play drums. And I remember one day he installed a new ceiling fan and he took the old ceiling fan blades and he sat down at his drum kit and sat me down in front of it and was like playing drums with ceiling fans, ceiling fan fan blades, and was like making all these like wacky faces and he had his hair up, like he had long hair like josh at the time and he had it like up in a ponytail and I remember that sticking up out of and thinking like, Oh Shit, dad is wacky as fuck my kids so silly right now. And just loving it and roll it around. And now in retrospect it's so awesome because it was probably just some like Sunday afternoon and he just got really stoned on the back porch and then just came in and keep that with his baby son.

Speaker 6:32:13Yeah, that's fine. Whatever. But it's a permanent member. Yeah, exactly. And it's something that is burning

Speaker 8:32:19to my brand. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. It's cool. That's my earliest memory.

Speaker 7:32:27All right. Um, so I, I'm going to preface this with, not to sound like a pretentious annoying person, but I remember like pretty far back, I don't want to be like the, I remember, you know, but most of my are like are like around like the earliest ones I can't distinguish, which is earliest, but it's around a one and a half to two and I lived in my grandmother's house and I remember so uh, getting a lollipop from the doctor after he's taking off my ipad. But I blocked out what had happened before, which was that the cat had clawed my eye because I was eating the food out of the bowl. So when I was a little kid I liked, um, what is it lucky charms a lot, so the x's and o's. So I remember eating out of the bull of the cat and thinking why is there, why is the toy papered? It was a coupon but was just like, this is stupid, you know? Uh, yeah. And um, yeah, apparently one day the cat got pissed clog me. But yeah, I blocked that out. I remember eating with the ged but never like the bad memory, just just the

Speaker 2:33:34or don't you have memories of getting your diaper change and shit? Well I can go way back.

Speaker 7:33:40It's funny because now I can't remember shit like we will tell me like, so coming up five times in a day and I will, I'll ask him, what are you doing today?

Speaker 6:33:52What about you?

Speaker 2:33:53Clinton? Maximus? Uh, my memory is weird because of my seizure brain. So it's all like fucking everywhere. But if, if I had a, a memory that I can distinctly remember very vividly would be seeing weird al.

Speaker 6:34:09Wow. Yeah. That's the only. And I Was like 10. I can't remember anything in my childhood but that. But that was super tight. I can remember everY aspect of this day. We're now is the best concert. IT was so fun. It's the best concert you can possibly go see if you're into music or comedy or both. It's just the most. You can take your eyes off of it. You never really want to go to the bathroom or anything like it's my, my sister took her, took

Speaker 2:34:35me and I remember that same kind of thing, like it's a price thing because she knew I really liked weird out and my parents wouldn't allow us to have cds because they were like super, like anti music, internet, all that shit. And I had a weird lcd and my sister took me and she got me one of those disposable cameras and I remember that day when he came out, my sister was like, you should go get a picture, you should go get a picture. And I like walked up and I had my camera and I was like, didn't even know what I was doing. I was like blown away that I'm seeing weird al live. It was tiny. That's cool. So weird out growing up. I've seen it four times these so good. Every time. Runic earliest memory. Um, I can't really. I'm like a client. I can't remember shit, but I do have this very vivid. It's freaks, stays in my mind so clearly. And like, I feel like you could argue it was a dream that I had, but I think it's like I believe in reincarnation,

Speaker 3:35:39I believe in the past life and I remember this feels like a recurrent dream, but it's, I remember seeing it in black and whites and being in a carriage and like old times, like in the 18 hundreds and like looking up as like a baby. My mom, it's so weird and I could still so clearly visualize it was probably a dream that just stuck with me, like a recurring thing. But there's something about it that felt that feels very different. But that could all be in my heavy fucking. That's crazy. It just like the, the clarity of it that I call it disturbs me

Speaker 7:36:23may jump in. that's one of my, I remember my earliest nightmares and they're fucking hilarious. So when I was two, like, so, like at the same place, uh, Before my grandmother's house, I went to bed apparently like gremlins had been on or something. So I thought I was awake in the arm of a grandma was coming out of the lamp and it was in the bedroom. So brandon my grandmother's room and climbed into bed with her, which I did this. I did walk, but there weren't gremlins in my house. But as I was trying to fall asleep and I thought I was awake, the wall behind me opened up to reveal that there was a giraffe party going on and an elephant wearing a party had told me I wasn't invited and I'm just like. And I was just laying there dead bed and then the next morning, so it's crazy.

Speaker 6:37:17And she's like, no, I'm in fight. He's like, no. I would remember it was a catalyst. I looked at it once. I asked her the next day

Speaker 7:37:33morning if there's never been a a giraffe for elephant party in that house. Like I thought like maybe it was real.

Speaker 6:37:40Dude. That's crazy. I have to separate childhood stories about giraffes and elephants real quick. My mom used to sing a song to me that was a raffi song, is a rafi deep cut called joshua giraffe. And it's about a giraffe who wants to eat, he's trapped in the zoo, joshua giraffe trapped in the zoo. What could he do? And then my mom would just sing this. There's one other part, like it's a six minute song, but she alWays saying like the first three lines all the time, they'll heseltine was my mom. He doesn't lick me even when I'm sticky. And it's just like, that was just like something that's stuck with me forever and that's going to stick with me forever. I'm real sticky, stinky boy says my mother would like, uh, and then another animal music thing, uh, when my mom used to sing me to sleep, she would sing away in a manger like the song, like, you know, in the major, uh, yeah, a little lord jesus laying down.

Speaker 5:38:34It's a song about

Speaker 6:38:36no, it was just like, lord jesus laid down his sweet head. And for some reason I just didn't care that it was about jesus. And I made her make the song about a baby elephant falling asleep.

Speaker 5:38:47So it was still the same song. But instead of jesus, you would have to say baby elephant for me, I'm a baby elephant elephant. I got nothing cuter than that man.

Speaker 3:39:03I have a few recurring nightmares that I would have. My mom used to feel so guilty because I've got this two nightmares, one of them to be in my parent's room and there'd be these statute monsters. LIke I'll wake up looking like I was sleeping like that statue. Monsters of like my mom just like work versions over like stone, just so weird. And the other one would. I would always happen when I fall asleep and my feet will be outside of the sheets. I wouldn't have this nightmare where my mom would come in as like this which version of her. And she was like, take me by the ankles and like drag me through the house.

Speaker 5:39:34She's a something mother issues, mommy issues. I had a dream when I was like reoccurring nightmare. And it was, it always started with me underneath my bed and it was like I was in this one room house kind of thing and there was zombies outside and I thought that the zombies got in and I was underneath the bed and all I could see was their feet and ankles and just filled the room and I only could do was sit silently and I just had to like. And I was tense because I had my body all closed up and it was just shaking and I was thinking every and I had the dream and I always knew it was a dream and I was like, all right, just got to be still. The whole trick of this dream is to not move. And it freaked me out forever.

Speaker 3:40:16Yeah, that's great. That's a nice spooky note. We could leave it on. Can't really do clubs yet since we don't know where they started coming out, nothing to plug anything in particular. You got clinton as a sketch. Now it's all recommended a movie.

Speaker 5:40:37Let's plug a movie movie. Just a movie that everybody just plugged something that plug something every single third friday of the month is a showcase at the hub. Go to that and also listened to the rfk tapes, podcasts. It's really, really good.

Speaker 3:41:03I got one. I'm going to plug mike cronin because he likes to plug

Speaker 5:41:10sandra. Actually drinkery

Speaker 3:41:13every last tuesday on monday. Okay.

Speaker 6:41:15A video archive every second or first and third tuesday of the month and I want to

Speaker 5:41:21plug the movie stopped making sense? That's a good movie. Good. Sounds like you've just got to the talking heads. I did.

Speaker 6:41:29Is grant told you that he left his vhs tape out and I watched it and I've been into the talking heads ever since. It's a very personal album. Yeah, I got it. When you buy tickets for his concert, it comes with the albums going. Me and grant each got an album. That's good. The david byrne was good, but some of the metaphors are real weird. Like it's just like

Speaker 3:41:50the pope doesn't mean shit to what

Speaker 5:41:53dog and you're like, yeah, that makes sense. Does this live show is tight shoes and they just walk around with their insurance?

Speaker 6:42:00Yeah. I'm like, it looks real fun. It's going to be fun. Yeah. But that's a good movie. Real fun to watch. Always somethIng new to look at and it is just an album on screen so it's really great.

Speaker 5:42:12That's my plug

Speaker 7:42:15dude. I'm going to plug. Have you guys tried the uh, taken a bag and bake salmon at kroger? It's great. All right. No big into food. So yeah, it's a, you select your fillings. I would get with dylan, garlic a dope. Get the sockeye salmon. It gets far too dry too easily. Go atlantic coho or steelhead trout a deal. Garlic. You can do this. No, don't do any seasoning though. just salt and pepper yourself after you take it out of the bag.

Speaker 5:42:44Okay. Alright. Boy. Chris walker working at kroger's. Always shout out to chris walker for coming to all of our shows. Yeah, I did use seamless because he works for very nice, very fun. Very nice. Uh, I want to plug westboro baptist church for real as perfectly even at rio. Even people that I know, I'm gaY and I'm sinful. Do you need a rider for your website and you love to hate that and crab rangoons, that's it. The most tasty treats or do like crab, rangoon, cream cheese. Then crap puzzles, puzzles every day like I wish we just a booth there. There's one, two, three, four.

Speaker 1:43:41Whoa.

Speaker 3:44:18Greetings fellow puzzle people. Weird puzzle buddies incorporated. Really appreciate you tuning in and listening. If you'd like the podcast, please go over to itunes and leave us a review, share the podcast and tell all your friends about it. You can find us on instagram, twitter, facebook, and all that jazz. All right, you puzzle freaks, scraped. We'll see You next week.

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