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Puzzle Buddies: A Comedy Podcast For Adults!
13 - Lee Is Running Hotter Than Red! (Ruth Bader Ginsberg Coming For Blood)
December 19, 2018 Ran Barnaclo, Lee Kimbrell, Chris Seimer, Billy Devore, Alicia Devore

Chris turns football Sunday into puzzle Sunday as his newfound love puzzle passion possesses him to pick up a golden girl puzzle!  Lee has got something caught in his giblets because he is running hotter than Red Barnaclo.  An impromptu and fully necessary roommate meeting halts the puzzle pod to address Lee’s potty attitude and inability to spread out the pieces. YIKES TO RED! The gang gets into a heated game of “FMK” and some DIFFICULT decisions are made that leave some of us feeling less than whole.  Newlyweds Billy and Alicia Devore join us midway through for some hot takes on Golden Girls.  We find out that Alicia is a ghost-fucker and Billy doesn’t even seem to care!  Andrew gets his buzz on big thyme after discovering that the puzzle is cursed.

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