Get Free Money From TikTok Shop: Do This for Black Friday
Scaling Uncensored with Next Level Ambitions
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Scaling Uncensored with Next Level Ambitions
Get Free Money From TikTok Shop: Do This for Black Friday
Oct 04, 2023 Episode 27
Next Level Ambitions

Ecom founders, do not sleep on this episode! Tommie, Tieron and Kai unpack TikTok's game-changing 50% discount subsidy for this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday season. You'll hear insider tips on how to capitalize, including revisiting your media plans and getting your TikTok Shop ready for live streaming sales. With social platforms battling for your ad spend, this is huge for increasing conversions. Tune in to get the scoop on leveraging this once in a lifetime opportunity to crush your holiday sales goals!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The scoop on TikTok’s offer for sellers during Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • The requirements to be eligible for TikTok's holiday promotion
  • How brands can drive traffic to take advantage of the discounted TikTok Shop deals
  • How to tie in TikTok Shop's live streaming capability to maximize this promotion opportunity
  • What your brand should consider operationally before participating in this promotion
  • How to best optimize your TikTok presence now to be prepared for the holiday season
  • The long-term shifts in the eCommerce landscape this promotion could catalyze

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