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#61 Let's get organized! Easy steps inspired by Katie's Seventh Grade Prayer Journal July 16th

July 26, 2023 Katie Speaking, Katie Smith Episode 61
Katie Speaking Live True
#61 Let's get organized! Easy steps inspired by Katie's Seventh Grade Prayer Journal July 16th
Show Notes

Do you LOVE the shows about making home beautiful?  I do!!!  Fixer Upper with Joanna Gaines, Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis, and Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud are some of my all-time favorite shows!  Why? Because they take what is ugly or absent and through plans and grit, (and money!) they make something BEAUTIFUL- a space where anyone would want to live!
What about you? Do you love making a space beautiful, organized, a space anyone would want to live?
On today's podcast, 13 year-old prayer journaler Katie documents how she made her room organized and clean! and you can tell it made her so happy!
Here are a few steps for you to prayer journal and make your space beautiful, too!
Start with your prayer journal or foam poster board and write or print out what your dream room would look like!
Then, get three crates or boxes and label them:
1. Trash
2. Give
3. Keep

How much closet space and drawer space do you have?

First, put away only the things you love, that fit and make you feel beautiful and encouraged!

Second, don't over-stuff your drawers or closet.  Instead, get creative with storing things. Get boxes that don't have much depth but could fit under your bed for storing things you don't have room for.

Get rid of anything you don't love or haven't used in the last year.
For more help getting organized or to hire me to help you with that, send me an email at katie@katiespeaking.com!

Also, I'd love to come speak for your conference with an inspirational message tailored to your event!  Please reach out to me directly for more information!  Thank you so much!

Please comment, like and share!  What tricks do you use to help you get organized?

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