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#76 About your relationship with God... (August 3rd KSGPJ*)

August 29, 2023 Katie Speaking, Katie Smith Episode 76
Katie Speaking Live True
#76 About your relationship with God... (August 3rd KSGPJ*)
Show Notes

About to your relationship with God… Do you call God your “Father?”

Why or why not?

On Katie Speaking Live True podcast, 13 yo Katie decides to call God “Father” after a day of reuniting with her family and friends in San Diego. It was a good first day back with them after a month at Grandma’s house in New Mexico! That’s answered prayer!  

August 3rd, 1992
Truth #5
God cares about everything in your life!
Jeremiah 29:11-14a
Video:  https://youtu.be/Vc8R_xYH9VQ

What do you need from God today? What does it look like for you to live boldly in your faith and love of others?

Be inspired to journal those prayers!

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*KSGPJ is Katie's Seventh Grade Prayer Journal

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