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#78 Want to know your super power? August 4th *KSGPJ

August 29, 2023 Katie Speaking, Katie Smith Episode 78
Katie Speaking Live True
#78 Want to know your super power? August 4th *KSGPJ
Show Notes

Want to know your super power-I'll tell you how! But let me also ask you...
What makes a day an A+ day for you?
What are some great movies you’ve seen this summer?
Is God showing you a part of yourself lately that you’d like him to change?
Join 13 year-old Katie and be inspired to journal your prayers about all these things! (In the book, Katie’s Seventh Grade Prayer Journal, it’s August 4th, 1992.)
In today’s podcast, Katie meets a new crush, goes to see three movies with her BFF Rachel, Rachel’s mom from Alabama and Rachel’s brother and friends.
Also, Katie bemoans the fact that Rachel is going to the high school camp for Hume Lake, and Katie, being a year younger, will have to settle for the junior high Hume Lake camp!
Listen in for a fun journey in prayer that will also inspire you to journey and journal with God in prayer!
Summer movies and Hume Lake:
1992 summer movies that Katie and Rachel went to see on this day and why I don’t recommend them… Honestly, once in a while, a movie marathon is fun. But there are many better, more life giving ways to spend my time. I probably should have gone swimming instead but I’m sure I wanted to be with my friend, Rachel.
Far & Away
Historic flick about Irish immigrants, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Has inappropriate scenes so screen the review to know when to skip scenes. Why I love this story: I’m Irish and I love the acting.
Why you should not spend your time on this movie: It’s heavy on the love story and not that much on history.
Patriot Games
Another historical fiction, and maybe a love story, too? I can’t remember.
I think it stars Mel Gibson.
Alien 3
Man, I love Ripley! I honestly didn’t remember ever seeing this movie but if you love suspense and sci-fi, this might be for you. Check the IMDB parental warnings before watching.
Might have to skip some scenes for inappropriate skin.
Hume Lake!!
I went to Hume Lake many times and recommend you go, too!
This is a Christian youth camp and it’s one of my dreams to go back as a speaker one day! The summer after 8th grade, God used speakers there to ignite a call to missions work, which I did many times. 
*KSGPJ: Katie's Seventh Grade Prayer Journal
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