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Challenging Norms: Owning Success, Maintaining Authenticity

November 13, 2023 Aija & Tuija Season 1 Episode 5
Baltic Boss Babes
Challenging Norms: Owning Success, Maintaining Authenticity
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Ever wondered why women tend to downplay their achievements? This episode of Baltic Boss Babes featuring Tuija Seipell, an acclaimed Canadian keynote speaker and business advisor, is a deep dive into this phenomenon. With an impressive career trajectory that includes working with marquee brands like Harley Davidson and Nike, and being the editor of The Cool Hunter, Tuija is a wellspring of insights and powerful narratives. Hear her talk about her journey and the importance of women recognizing and owning their success.

What does it mean to infuse your business with your heart and soul? Tuija's decades of experience in the business world have taught her the significance of authenticity and integrity, even when seeking investments. She shares important advice on how to know when it's time to move away from a business venture that no longer aligns with your values or goals. With tuja, there's no sugar-coating - honesty and genuineness triumph over facades.

Finally, Tuija lets you in on the joys and challenges of her work. From the satisfaction she finds in seeing others grow to recounting the time she had to travel from Helsinki to New York in a day for a presentation, this conversation is as inspiring as it is enlightening. As we wrap up, we reflect on the power of questions to open doors and the crucial role of integrity in business dealings. Join us for an empowering episode that will leave you with a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship.

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