2Up and Overloaded - ADV Motorcycle Travel Podcast

2Up on a KTM 250 Across Borneo - A Tight Fit!

December 30, 2023 Tim and Marisa Notier Season 1 Episode 1
2Up and Overloaded - ADV Motorcycle Travel Podcast
2Up on a KTM 250 Across Borneo - A Tight Fit!
2Up and Overloaded - Adventure Motorcycle Touring
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Show Notes

TODAY we begin our great East Malaysian odyssey – from Tip to Tip and along the Pan-Borneo Highway stretching all the way from Kilometer 0 to the other end of the island in Tawau. We’ll be riding over 2,150 miles (3,500 kilometers), touching the beaches of three different seas, through some of the thickest jungles of Southeast Asia, and to the highest mountain of Borneo.

It’s an epic quest of monumental proportions, and we’re going to be doing it all on a KTM 250 Adventure! 2 people and all of our stuff squished onto one small motorcycle that doesn’t have a good luggage system…

What could possibly go wrong?

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