"Keep Being Motivated" with myconverso
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What The Tech?
"Keep Being Motivated" with myconverso
Sep 05, 2023 Season 1 Episode 9
Boast AI

Today, I’m thrilled to chat with our friend and partner Ekin Ober, co-founder and CEO of myconverso. 

Ekin and her team have created an AI-powered assistant for enhancing workplace productivity. With their solution, professionals can enhance their communication skills through lifelike simulations, personalized training, and actionable insights, leveraging myconverso’s cutting-edge generative AI technology to provide an immersive and transformative learning experience.

Along with developing an incredibly powerful solution, Ekin and her team are also amazing partners in the Toronto and Canadian tech ecosystem, who we got to say hi to in person recently during our visit to Collision Conference at Boast’s “Get SREDed” Barry’s Bootcamp event.

I’ll leave it to Ekin to comment about how we all fared during our workout, and to dive deeper into the innovation driving the team over at myConverso.

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Intro and Outro music provided by Dennis Ma whose mixes you can find on Soundcloud at DJ DennyDex.