"Harness those cross-functional skills" with Weston Baker of Morphic
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What The Tech?
"Harness those cross-functional skills" with Weston Baker of Morphic
Nov 21, 2023 Season 1 Episode 21
Boast AI

Today I am thrilled to welcome to the show Weston Baker, Founder & CEO of Morphic and an overall force in the startup ecosystem. At Morphic, Weston has created a no-code SaaS platform that empowers businesses to create their own high-quality websites. The solution uses an advanced design logic with integrated best practices and instant brand application to create pages that can be easily edited and managed using the integrated CMS, Site Editor and Asset Library.

Along with being a founder in his own right, however, Weston has extensive experience partnering and mentoring startups, tech giants, VCs, PE firms, real estate companies, fashion houses and brands throughout his career. 

His startup studio, 15 Finches, has worked with dozens of successful founders in various industries and with different business models to help find product market fit, consult and design product, rebrand and propel growth at various stages.

He’s got a wealth of experience in the field, and I’m excited to pick his brain on what’s next for Morphic, his journey within the startup space to date, and his take on what the future has in store for the startup community.

Without further ado, welcome to the show, Weston!

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Intro and Outro music provided by Dennis Ma whose mixes you can find on Soundcloud at DJ DennyDex.