"A true circular economy" with Amanda Horn of Loless Blue Beauty
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What The Tech?
"A true circular economy" with Amanda Horn of Loless Blue Beauty
Apr 30, 2024 Season 1 Episode 44
Boast AI

We welcome welcome Serial Ideator, Brand Builder, Founder and Ocean Advocate Amanda Horn onto the show. Amanda is the founder of Loless Beauty, a sustainable shave and body care company that’s reimagining beauty products and personal care routines to use less water, less plastic and less waste, creating the next wave of eco-conscious consumers.

And while Amanda strives to protect both human and the planet’s water resources with Loless, she also plays a big role in the larger Blue Economy, which is booming in Eastern Canada.

She’s a Mentor focused on Ocean Science Communication & Brand Storytelling for the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, a Blue Standard Consultant for Oceanic Global, Advisory Board Member for The Canada Node for the UN Ocean Decade Global Early Career Ocean Professionals Programme, and a consultant for the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition.

And all of this in just the past couple of years! 

Needless to say, Amanda knows the Blue Economy well, and I can’t wait to pick her brain on what it takes to build a business that supports and benefits from the Oceans in 2024. 

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Intro and Outro music provided by Dennis Ma whose mixes you can find on Soundcloud at DJ DennyDex.