Thinking outside the box when leading your team
The Business Savvy Therapist
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The Business Savvy Therapist
Thinking outside the box when leading your team
Feb 06, 2024 Season 1 Episode 43
Nicole McCance

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In this episode, group practice owner Patrick Casale shares his inspiring leadership journey. He discusses valuable insights on thinking outside the box and embracing diversity in the workplace. Get ready to be inspired!

Here are some key points in this episode: 

[5:40] Strengths that come from neurodiversity 

[7:30] Being neurodivergent as a leader

[10:39] Advice on trusting your team 

[14:08] Having the right systems 

[17:48] Use anonymous feedback forms 

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More about Patrick: 

Patrick Casale is an AuDHD Licensed Clinical Mental Health and Addictions Therapist in Asheville, NC.. He is the owner of All Things Private Practice and Resilient Mind Counseling. Patrick works as a Private Practice Coach and Strategist, and is also a Group Practice Owner, Motivational Speaker, International Retreat Planner, the host of All Things Private Practice Podcast, and Co-Host of Divergent Conversations Podcast.

His work has helped and inspired thousands of mental health professionals to take risks, start and grow their businesses, and invest in themselves.

He has been featured on Private Practice Startup, Abundance Practice Building, Therapy Reimagined, Not Your Typical Psychotherapist, Selling The Couch, and Modern Therapists. Patrick is a passionate advocate for reducing shame and stigma of mental health, as well as impostor syndrome. Patrick helps mental health entrepreneurs break the mold, work through their fears and insecurities, and to embrace their Authenticity. He loves good coffee, craft beer, playing soccer, and travelling the world.

Doubt Yourself Do It Anyway has become his official motto


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