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004: How To Create a Podcast Brand Story feat. Sam de Santo and John Biethan

April 22, 2023 John Biethan, Sam de Santo Episode 4
Imagine Podcasting
004: How To Create a Podcast Brand Story feat. Sam de Santo and John Biethan
Show Notes

Executing the Brand Discovery Process results in a Solid Podcast Brand.
This is our signature piece headed up by our Creative Director Sam de Santo.

“We all know good storytelling when we see it or when we hear it and everyone's got a story too. It's just that sometimes not everyone is great at telling that story. Because we don't do it every day. Right. So those are the waters that I swim in, telling people stories every day.

But you know, when you ask somebody, tell me about yourself, sometimes you're gonna get a very long-winded answer. Sometimes they don't know how to say it succinctly or the story meanders. Some people can tell jokes well, and some people just can't. So the ones who can tell jokes, well, you know, they have an innate sense of it.

So the long and short of all that, of me saying all that is the brand discovery document allows us to interview somebody and have them tell us everything. So they spill all their guts. We get it all, we write it all down, and we get a transcript. We're able to finally see all the 52 cards on the table, and then we can take those 52 cards and come up with a really winning hand.

Because half of what you talk about we probably don't need. But the stuff that's good, there's DNA in every conversation that you have with somebody, and people give you DNA of their story and of their business and of their passions for their business and what they do. It's in there. You just have to mine it out.

And so that's “why” the process of the brand discovery document, the different topics that we discuss. The different points that we cover get us to that DNA.” ~ Sam

The Process.
With our process, we’ll have several “brand discovery” sessions with our Creative Director. We’ll look for creative opportunities that can point to the unique brand, voice, style, content, and theme of the show. If music will be included, we’ll look for clues as to what the “sonic brand” should sound like. The results of the discovery process will be expressed on a single page that will serve as the foundation for everything else that is developed. We’ll review it in collaboration and make adjustments as necessary. Additionally, we’ll discover the show’s “title, tag lines,” and several short versions of the “show description.”

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