Midlife Rise + Thrive
How to Be Playful Again with TJ Matton
How to Be Playful Again with TJ Matton 35:31 Getting Through Holiday Struggles with Maria Winters 31:08 Inflammation: What It Is and How to Combat It with Dr. Shivani Gupta 27:31 What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? with Erin Harrigan 29:08 A Beginner’s Guide to Chakras with Lauren Leduc 29:24 Hormones 101: Get to the Root Cause of Your Perimenopausal Symptoms with Monique Willingham 30:03 A Holistic Approach to Regulating Your Emotions 18:04 Tools You Need in Your Life Kit with Lisa Shires 31:48 Rediscovering Your Sense of Self in Midlife with Lisa Maholchic and Marna Brickman 33:12 Midlife Sex Advice From Tantric Sex Coach Angela Dawn 34:45 Understanding Your ADHD with Dr. Cristine Ehly 26:10 Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Midlife with Pam Adams 33:30 Gut Health for a Happier Mind and Body with Carrie Chojnowski 34:36 Aging Gracefully: Wellness, Skin, and Midlife Wisdom with Monique Willingham 24:58 Why You Should Incorporate Yoga Into Your Life with Julie Blamphin 32:30 A Guide to Parenting Teens and Young Adults with Samantha Straub 45:11 Leadership in Midlife with Paula Castillo 41:59 How to Make Time for Exercise with Tara De Leon 24:02 How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Morgan Adams 36:05 How to Be Brave with Sandy Travis Bildahl 31:46 Rethinking Age, Habits, and Self-Doubt with Dr. Amy Johnson 26:01 Answers to Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions with Jennifer Gularson 32:42 How to Have Your Best Sex Life in Midlife with Advice From Dr. Catalina 40:35 Overcoming Career Challenges as a Woman in Midlife with Molly Wilmer 31:30 Make Peace with Food and Your Body with Elizabeth Harris 35:06