You Shouldn't Let Poets Lie to You
About Bogs (w/ Tracy Fuad)
About Bogs (w/ Tracy Fuad) 59:12 About Napoleon (w/ Erin Marie Lynch) 47:58 About Symbiosis (w/ Jesse Nathan) 1:04:06 BONUS: Two Truths and a Lie with Elizabeth Metzger 8:22 About the Tarot (w/ Elizabeth Metzger) 1:04:56 About Hypnosis (w/ Catherine Pond and Kai Carlson-Wee) 56:28 About Math (w/ Adrienne Chung) 40:47 About Cryptocurrency (w/ Matt Broaddus) 33:22 About Spooky Action at a Distance (w/ Diannely Antigua) 50:44 About Aeronautics (w/ Austen Leah Rose) 30:13 About Podcasts (Teaser) 6:11