Upskill with Edtech

The Future Of Work Is About Humans

February 13, 2020 SkillRise Season 2 Episode 1
Upskill with Edtech
The Future Of Work Is About Humans
Show Notes

On the podcast today we have Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, an education blog and consulting firm dedicated to the future of learning. Tom is a prolific writer, thought leader, and speaker on topics pertaining to the future of work and innovations in learning. He has written numerous books in the last decade noting trends and innovations in learning and claims to have visited more high schools than anyone in the world.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:16] Tom defines and explains the future of work.
[3:47] Tom assesses the tension between the optimism/excitement and fear of the future.
[6:19] Tom talks about the difference between knowledge acquisition and skill-building, acknowledging that the latter is essential for navigating the future of work.
[7:10] What should be the goal of young people and an agile workforce? Solving interesting problems.
[8:12] Tom discusses why schools should be primarily focused on community-connected projects.
[10:17] Tom reflects on what the workforce can learn from effective school models.
[12:24] Lifelong learning is an essential part of being an effective worker and person. Tom uses growth mindset and grit to deepen this.
[13:55] The importance of empathy and how One Stone, one of Tom’s favorite high schools, has an effective model and emphasis on empathy.
[15:55] Tom goes deeper on growth mindset, design thinking and entrepreneurial mindset and emphasizes the need for everyone to be entrepreneurial.
[18:50] Tom defines “contribution” and the notion that contributing to a community is a means toward purpose.
[20:25] Tom hones in on purpose, using his own personal experience and search for purpose as an example.
[23:10] Mutuality, climate change, community, and the idea of citizenship.
[25:30] Tom talks about some of his favorite schools and community programs that are committed to contribution and instilling a sense of community.
[28:54] Tom discusses the importance of edtech and the ways in which it can augment experience and learning.