How can clinicians provide guidance about medical cannabis to patients with cancer?
How Healing Works with Dr. Wayne Jonas
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How Healing Works with Dr. Wayne Jonas
How can clinicians provide guidance about medical cannabis to patients with cancer?
Jun 04, 2024 Season 2 Episode 4
Dr. Wayne Jonas

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This conversation explores the topic of cannabis and cancer, focusing on its potential benefits and risks in managing cancer treatment side effects and improving patient quality of life. The guest, Greg Garber, is the director of Oncology Support Services at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and part of a program that educates patients on the therapeutic claims of cannabis. 


  • Cannabis has shifted from being perceived as a gateway drug to being recognized for its potential medical benefits, particularly in managing cancer treatment side effects and improving patient quality of life.
  • There is a lack of education and understanding about cannabis among healthcare professionals, which creates challenges in providing sound guidance and instruction to patients.
  • The registration process for medical cannabis can be complex, and patients may face barriers such as lack of digital literacy and financial resources. 
  • Normalizing conversations about cannabis and de-stigmatizing its use are important in providing comprehensive care and addressing the needs of patients.
  • Building trust and open communication between healthcare providers and patients is crucial when discussing medical cannabis as a treatment option.

00:00 Introduction: Cannabis and Cancer
08:29 Challenges Faced by Clinicians
14:38 Normalization and Destigmatization
24:10 Obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card
27:26 Personalized Care Plans for Cannabis Use
29:02 Building Trust and Open Communication
30:40 The Role of Trust in Patient Experience
32:11 Considering the Whole Person in Treatment
36:11 Resources for Clinician Education
44:36 Expanding Evidence Base and Potential Benefits
48:50 Empowering Patients and Caregivers to Initiate Conversations
52:06 Enhancing Quality of Life and Health-Related Outcomes

Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Adults With Cancer: ASCO Guideline
-A Mapping Literature Review of Medical Cannabis Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Evidence in Approved Conditions in the USA from 2016 to 2019
-MS in Medical Cannabis Science & Business Jefferson allows providers to audit any course for free 

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