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Hearing Loss & Tinnitus with V4V Audiologist and Exposed Vet Podcast

June 16, 2022 Exposed Vet Podcast
Valor 4 Vet
Hearing Loss & Tinnitus with V4V Audiologist and Exposed Vet Podcast
Show Notes

Listen to John and Jerrel with Exposed Vet Podcast discussing hearing loss and tinnitus with the Valor 4 Vet audiologist.

"Dr. Christine Erickson, Au.D., CCC-A, is an audiologist who specializes in Forensic Audiology. With more than 20 years of patient care experience, Dr. Erickson has worked in an array of healthcare settings, including private practice, Educational Audiology, Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals, in nursing homes, in remote audiology arenas, and in ENT clinics.

She is a member of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), is in good standing with her Certificate of Clinical Competence Accreditation (CCC-A), and is licensed in several states. She is also a subject matter expert in Worker's Compensation, SSA/SSI, Nexus Letters,  and Compensation and Pension exams.

Dr. Erickson completed her undergraduate degree and master's degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and received her Doctorate degree in Audiology from Salus University.

She is the spouse of a Veteran and is passionate about Veteran's health care, Veteran's rights, Compensation and Pension exams, and Worker's Compensation cases. 

When not working, she can be found with her family or studying literature regarding new developments in hearing loss/tinnitus related to noise or industrial exposure."

Original Air Date: June 16, 2022

Posted with permission from Exposed Vet Podcast. 

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