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Ep. 4 Sleepaway Camp - Interview with Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) Top 5 Holy Sh*t Endings
May 22, 2014 Alone in the Dark
Episode four we review the scream factory release of Sleepaway Camp with Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) and give our top 5 holy shit endings. Mike is joined with the newest podcast contributor Tom Neff from Syfi and Chiller tv. Music at the end provided by Plato Zorba - Tom's top 5 5. Happy Birthday to me 4. Dead and Buried 3. Don't look now 2. Identity 1. Saw Jonathan's top 5 5. Murder by death 4. Copycat 3. Magic 2. Psycho 1. Fight Club Mike's top 5 5. Saw 4. Seven 3. Friday the 13th 2. The Sixth Sense 1. Psycho
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