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Landscape of Lies with Paul Knight
January 14, 2018 Chris Gordon

"Jacob’s loyalty to his Commanding Officer Hilt makes him feel duty bound to hide a devastating truth from his wife Louise.

With the discovery of Hilt’s murdered body on a plot of land caught in a power struggle between property developer Marcus Clancy and ruthless entrepreneur Brannigan Woods, Jacob is drawn into the lives of several suspects, all with secrets of their own and all connected in some way to the seductive Dr. Audrey Grey.

Who can you trust when the truth is buried beneath a landscape of lies?"

This is the synopsis of the new film Landscape of Lies which has its world premiere on January 18th in London. Starring Andrea McClean, Danny Midwinter, Andre Nightingale, Anna Passey and Marc Bannerman, this is a hard hitting film which deals with many social issues at the moment - PTSD and mental health. However, this film has been going since 2011, so was ahead of its time in these topics! In this conversation, we chat about the film, the cast, the trials of making independent film as well as a lot of laughs and fun. 

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Hi, this is and I'm online with Chris Cornell from Hellblazer bits.

Speaker 2:0:07Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Good night view is wherever you are in the world right now. You're tuned into Hell Blazer Beers with your host, as always, Chris Gordon. That's me. There are many shows out there. Hell Blazer, business, the one, however that brings you the extra step closer to your favorite TV and film stars because you get to have your questions asked to them and do you get shocked as this week's guest is a director and screenwriter who's here is talk about his latest film, a landscape of lies start Andrew Mcclain and Danny Midwinter. I had the pleasure of watching the screener of this prior to the interview and will be attending the premier on the west end of London on the 18th of January for which I'm very, very proud and I would meet in poor Danny and the members of custom crew there too. So without further delay, I introduced to you Mr Paul Knight Haffi

Speaker 3:1:14on it and they did light off the company off Paul Knight Today. Often my productions and the producer and director of. And writer of landscape of life, which is an award winning film coming out very soon. So Hello Paul again. Great. I'm really honored and proud that you're on. And what is the join me and I know we've been conversing quite a while to get this set up so I really appreciate it. We finally managed to get it tied down. So yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Yeah. As I said, I appreciate you coming on. Talk about landscape of lies, which I actually had the pleasure of watching yesterday and watched the screener of it and I already enjoyed it. It was nice. Also I'll say nice. It was nice. It was just too much before bed. I say it's a good film, not an, I wouldn't say it's a nice film because of the content in there, but it was a good film to watch and uh, yeah. And it's very well accepted and well rounded film to be honest. I was very impressed with it. So quite, quite more than happy now to be speaking to you about that film.

Speaker 1:2:22Everyone. Everyone else. So you one of five people would have seen it. So.

Speaker 3:2:26Alright. I'm very honored. I feel. Definitely feel on it there. Yeah. And I'm quite yet, I'll call wait for more people to watch it to be honest because it's a in film. Music is a great film. So he'll stand right back to the beginning. And how did you get into creating films and writing films? Oh,

Speaker 1:2:45well this is a long story. Oh, oh. Oh wait. Always scared back to this before we go into films. Um, what's the easiest way to say it? I ran in a sense certain stories and escapades and things that people white bestselling books about. And then when I put with that side of me, I was bringing out my first book back in 2007. I'm coating over concrete animal. This was back in the days of my and it's taped you back and were talking to a number of, a similar background to me, just different neck of the woods. He too is writing a book about his escapades and we got talking and he always said, I'm turning my book into a film. I'm turning into a film. So every time I saw him or spoke to him, you know, I've got no interest in making the film, but I find it interesting you're going to make a film.

Speaker 1:3:44And they said, and every time it was a horror stories, some producer had ripped him off. Someone else sit down near someone promised two years this went on and then it was at the book launch of the Second Book that I attended, I would say, has your film. And he went and he told me one more sub story and I said, why asset? The book launch was on a Thursday and by Monday I had written my first scripts and we said, we're going to go film it and prove it. You don't need money, you don't need this. We're just going to go off and do it. And that's what we did. So. And then it was after that. I mean every. Because I was in my forties. So any track, no training, no, nothing. So any mistake you could make, we made it, it was terrible, absolutely terrible. But it gave me the bug and I fought. I enjoy this. The. I said we're going into it.

Speaker 3:4:37That's a pretty cool story. Is very different to what we normally hear to be fair. And uh, yeah, no, it's good. It's good that you actually tried something account as well and you know, it's sort of steered you in that direction and um, I guess it's very similar to what I'm doing now because I didn't think I'd ever been. If another thing kind of enjoy it, I just started doing it one day because I was bored on twitter and I couldn't say I couldn't write 90 ca 940 characters. So I just started talking on the podcast and that's how it go. Then it sort of spun off as well. So it's nice to hear that, you know, you just did that because you can open a friend as well, you know, just say, right, let's go and do this. And you're right, you don't need big budgets, you really don't to make a decent film. And I think that's, especially in today's market, as you know, there's things going on, you've got your, you've got youtube, you've got Netflix, you've got Vimeo, you got all these avenues where you can actually just let your films get seen by the world and video on demand. You're not limited to getting a big budget to get it on the center of the screen.

Speaker 1:5:43That's right. I mean it's not the old school tie where you have to know someone to get that. And obviously the equipment that like the kids today are taken for granted. I mean you look at it, the winner a sundance last year, Tangerine on his iphone, oh I need this area and I need this lens and underneath this because it's proven. Just go out, be creative, get what you want to get.

Speaker 3:6:09Exactly, exactly. And again, I'll take this back to mind. My son won an award last summer and two for making films on his iphone. He did one which has a Harry Potter contest. Yeah. Took film due to three minutes of a local, the local heritage in Wales. So we have rounds and they had a script. I need to do all the castles and stuff and he won that one out of 16 schools in north Wales and the whole area district, whatever it county, wherever he came first. So you want a competition and then they handed him a form at the end of term to do another film for the international whales. You Film Festival. It's just a little. It's a local one. North Wales and the entered that, he did it on the beach. He took his iphone to tango. Say Size. I was there filming in meal on is like the iphone for him. Him and his little mate and he ended up winning that competition as well. And he got screened. So yeah, you're right. Your iphone, you get an iphone out or any other phone. I'm sure there are other phones available. Just the iphone. Yeah. No, I mean yeah, I've, I've just come from the big pixels to be fair, you know, that's a crane camera on that as well. So you know there are plenty. They film in four k know it's not as quality so yeah, you can just get out there and go and go. And make something can fulfill your dreams. It's pretty good to be in.

Speaker 1:7:36Makes me wish I was at least two years younger.

Speaker 3:7:39Yeah, yeah, true. I mean I was speaking to a couple of guys who've done indie films. I'm going to let yourself, obviously the landscape of lives. This is a professional. It's not on an iphone, so he's a very professional thing. So when you get into more areas like that, then yeah, I think it was 100 k for a camera for. I'm going to tell people it's one of their films. I was like, oh bloody hell,

Speaker 1:8:01no problem.

Speaker 3:8:02Yeah. So no, it's, it's, it's great. And it's there. It's inspiring to other people as well to see that and to sort of hear how you got into films and obviously especially with like you just said there with the technology that you can do it tangerine on an iphone, you know, that kind of thing. It's phenomenal. It's a great world to be in this sort of industry now. But it is a hard one. And like I said, you know, your friend that got turned down and you've been let down and I've experienced a little bit of it myself with some of the things I've tried to get into in the acting world that things just don't happen or, or people just suddenly turn like that and you're like, okay. And you have to change it and say, yeah, it's um, to get to where you've got to. And this was, it's not united film. If you've had nine films, you've written about nine films. I know this one was prevalent, this one's been going for awhile too. Fashiony obviously

Speaker 1:8:56we originally filmed landscape June first 2011. So

Speaker 3:9:02that's taken a at times. But like you said, I mean it's worth it just on the way out to the Cannes festival. And you came away with four awards for best director, actor, actress, and best supporting actor as well. So bloody impressive.

Speaker 1:9:18Yeah, well that's more of a testament I think to the in front of the camera

Speaker 3:9:24director's the one behind that as well. So just seeing that it's not just, I mean the guys be out in front of the camera to be fair, they're just doing what the will be, the script that the turn, what they turn the script into, something that can be seen. But if the scripts are bad and the storylines bad, then it's, you know, I'm not exactly sexy. Should take it when he can. Columbus, it's, it's a, it's a mix of everything I think. And asked to be the right sort of right into the right. Everything comes together. And from what I saw last night I did, it was, it was, there was a crack in film. Um, and um, I won't spoil it for anyone because I was about to say something happened and I was like, no, I can't. But it was, it was, it was a great film. There's some surprises in there for me. Definitely. And it was good to see some familiar faces as I said, which we'll talk about after as well. So did acting as I saw the gun come right back to that original question. Again, gaining, gaining into creating films was that there was no express to go in front of the camera yourself. I know you have done a couple of times.

Speaker 1:10:37Yeah. I mean the first film obviously we made it literally pennies in their pocket. We had no benefactor. He was, which we pulled it down where it was in Iran that day. Sound much determined we could film that thing. So you had to be in front of the cameras whether it's behind the camera and do 15 jobs. Um, I was, it was never going to get done. And then I did a one straight after that just in front of the camera. But no, people tell me I've got a face for radio and I'm happy to stick with that behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Speaker 3:11:15Fed the fuck out. Told directly as well. I just don't like jovial. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. People are too happy. Although I did a lovely director and he was suing the Houston Independent Film Guy. He's just really, this first felt when he turned around to me little camera and I thought, he's just sweet talk and me so we can get a good review for me, or he said, he goes, you know, you actually did this. He's looking at it because you look really good on screen. I was like, well thank you. Get me in your film and I'll bet you all look good on screen. I did actually say that at the end of this. I thought if I look good on screen, I'll probably look great on your own.

Speaker 3:11:57Well, you got to try. Haven't you? Would love to try a Chris. Exactly. Golino's off. Try, try, try and I'm still, I'm still, I'm still trying. I. No, that's really cool. As latest string as well as you've gone along then because like you said, you started out with the pennies in your pocket and now you've just really, you know, you've, you've got your award winning films coming out. What have you kind of learned along the way to develop your skills from each film? What have you taken away from each one to sort of move across?

Speaker 1:12:35What about trust? Anyone can do something. I'm like, I say, effort when we add proper film, students that just don't be grazed and every floor in the film is because of them. We're amateurs. We knew nothing. We relied on their expertise and as you go along and you're right, as you go up, you'll come across whatever the thing that every filmmaker wants is money. Obviously there are scrupulous people out there that will deliver a grave instead or I can say is learn as much as you can on every so now because I added Atlanta space as well. There's very little, I don't know so far. Then sub the work out. It's like, well, I know my workflow was I could do x amount of it in an hour and so don't charge me for three months when I know it can be done in six weeks. Has been useful. Learning every single thing has been challenging task or recommend any film maker. Don't stick with just being a director or being camera guy or whatever. Learn it all and you'll get more out of it.

Speaker 3:13:56Very nice. Very great way to say it as well. And again, that's a had art director, Tj Scott here, the Gotham he's been on, he's a lovely guy and he pretty much said the same thing from his point of view. So you, you were writing the lines so that you know that as a compliment or not and the fact that you've not listened to it,

Speaker 1:14:22you want to come in with a preconception that. Oh, that was a good answer.

Speaker 3:14:30There you go. You've managed to dig yourself out of that one. Yeah, the teacher having to say, because I have over two years I've spoken to people in front of the camera and behind the camera and it just seemed to be a consistent thing from those behind the camera for the ones who've got more successful areas is that they said if you learn everything that everybody is doing so that you know and like you experience it and from your side especially make an independent film. It helps because you can, you can, you can, you can call them out when they're trying to rip you off, but you know, it's no, it's great to be able to switch and switch roles. So when you actually direct someone, when you tell someone maybe move the camera that way is because you know, because you've done it and you, you know, and you've been there. Um, so it's good to have an all around thing and I think that kind of helps as well because it brings a bigger rapport. People respect and look towards that then because they know you're the dealing with someone who knows what they're doing

Speaker 1:15:25and, and it also has the flip side and then depressed,

Speaker 3:15:32right? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So now that's pretty cool. So going to the landscape of lies and they'll say, I watched this last night, um, I'm gonna you obviously out of the Cannes Festival by best director, the best actor, best actress and best supporting actor, which is fantastic. That be mid winter and uh, Andre Nightingale Start and it's also Andrew Mcclain who a lot of people I think in the UK will know is the, uh, weather lady from GMTV and also loose women. This is our first outing, wasn't it? It doesn't matter.

Speaker 1:16:04This is one and speaking to after a only she's ever wants to undertake. Um, yeah, she, um, it was the first film, obviously it's been in front of the camera for years is we now. So obviously my wife pointed around on loose women when we was trying to figure out who to cast. Right. And, and it was nice that she took a chance with us. It was, um, she was really an onset and for someone ran an active before she. Where were you saying that she comes across quite well considering how to use in real life? Yeah. I think the portrayal of the character was, was brilliant.

Speaker 3:16:40It was definitely nothing. That was one of the highlights for me because people who do know Andrew, you know, obviously let's just say from loose with their happy jovial and. Yeah. Well yeah, on the, on the film, again, with no spoilers or anything, but let me think. Well the character, she's a psychologist and the character, so again, just that very role is totally different. Uh, and, and she, you know, I, I wouldn't have known it was a first time either cause she, she fitted sheet, she sort of a, what's the word slipped into the role I'd say very, very easily and was very convinced that she came across. And the last was everybody. Uh, I mean that again, the opening scene with Danny Midwinter, I was like, it was just like, okay, so this wasn't sure what the film is going to be about. So, and then a thought, I've been opening scene, I was like, all right, okay, let's just set my expectations about where we're going to go with this. That's pretty cool. Excuse me. Sorry,

Speaker 1:17:45are you in now?

Speaker 3:17:49Oh that's true. That's true. So yeah, I was thinking that that kind of film where is so without obviously spoilers. Can you tell us more about what we explain to the audience? What landscape of lies is about?

Speaker 1:18:00Oh, many years where we've tailored it, that you can pick one route. It's just basically two separate lives and it's just the way our lives are connected in very subtle ways. I mean obviously you've worked you, there's certain things we don't hit the audience over the head with a sledgehammer. It's, it's there and if you miss it, watch it again, but we don't, we're not going to make a big thing about it. And obviously we cover a lot of areas where we've obviously the soldier with PTSD, we've got obviously the LG bet element. We've got the mental awareness element. We've got the read them and um, and, and all that goes on. Obviously I'm all around the neck of a serial killer that again, we don't know. It's not that mind hunter thing. It's um, we try to be subtle just by telling the story of these lines. Basically. That's it. It came out better than I was expecting.

Speaker 3:19:06Well, that's good to hear from yourself. I think that's, again, that's how I got it was it was a tale of separate lives and they were. Because I was watching very closely so I could actually talk to you with some new budget for. We're talking about it. Nobody over. There have been a few times I've come on and I've talked to someone because people have said bringing specialists like great for me because I'd lived talks and talking to people, but I haven't had time to catch up and watch what I have not been centered. So you know, it's great to actually know and understand. And there are there various, there are some very subtle bits in there and you're right, if you do miss it, it's gone. So you have to what you have to be. You'd have to be on your game and watch all the way through.

Speaker 3:19:45And I do think that the topics that you do bring a lot. You mentioned that you've got the ptsd in there, um, from the soldiers, which is something that's getting drawn out and uh, not drawn out or so word is getting recognized a lot more now. And it should be. And same with mental mental awareness and areas in there that you know. Okay, it goes. People might look okay on the outside, but you know, they're gonna be battling anything on the inside and from everything and there's a lot of that out there and I think it's good that the film actually recognizes and highlights and illustrates that, you know, there are people out there and just because you know, you look okay or your ax, okay during the day doesn't mean that you've picked someone can not be crumbling inside and need to be reaching out for help.

Speaker 1:20:34Yeah. And obviously I know we're all in now and it'll be in key words and people are trying to pick apart from obviously we'd done it. They could share the problems were still there and you know, these issues we're always doing all these years ago. It's just obviously, so we think I feel might be a little bit ahead of its time. That's how I'll put it.

Speaker 3:20:59Well, it's like say fucking 2011. They weren't being banded around and, and uh, there's just seems to be okay killed for what? About set a lot bandwagons that people seem to jump on. But in a, I guess it's all in a good thing because it does. Everyone gets on and people's attention gets drawn to it and you know, people come out and say stuff and things like that should be brought out, especially with the mental were melted awareness. Now we have mental awareness weeks and things that weren't there in 2011. So yeah. Landscape of lies a lot more like back to the future.

Speaker 1:21:34She tell you predicting the future. God. Yeah. Don't go into that. Was it three times they've done that now? Twenty seven, 27, 27 times. Come up with saying the year or even 10 years later it's happened.

Speaker 3:21:54Yeah, like shocking. It was there. There's the core because of the trump on, wasn't it because they prefer to. I'm not going to get into that. Otherwise we will be until the morning. The show will be very blue and I'll probably get it. Never live be allowed into the United States ever again.

Speaker 1:22:13No,

Speaker 3:22:15exactly. Exactly. I do like Florida though. We enjoy going, but I have actually found that I'm not going to go until the certain person who's no longer in a position that he's in.

Speaker 3:22:31Exactly. To be honest. It's going to take about that long for me to save to get there, but it's all perfectly fine and I think it's because the last time we went was about last year, just before the election. I'm not going to get into politics, but just before the election and I, I'm, I'm quite vocal and I do my. I gave me Sunday and impression and he went and he started walking down the street because I was like, was it was like shut up because obviously there's all these folk trump that done in Florida. They're very much so they are very important at that and I just did my little red is my redneck impression. It's not a racist oppression and my friends, my American friends love it because it's like, it goes me, my boom, boom, stick, pull the trigger and go boom, boom. And a lot to. And he started walking down the street saying it. We're Americans. I was like, shut up.

Speaker 1:23:26You call it luck.

Speaker 3:23:29There isn't. No, I was just like crying and dying of embarrassment, but yeah, it's uh, yeah, what happened? We'll, we'll go back. Um, but yeah, so the right back to the simpsons that was predicted it. I'll be here all night. There was an

Speaker 1:23:46episode where you are in Florida now.

Speaker 3:23:52See I'm, I'm pretty much in a lot of episodes though because all you gotta do is look at the Comic Book Guy Messed me. I'll pretty much looked like him as well. Just stuff. In fact that's going to go to, into the comic con and comic con as comic book Guy Comparison

Speaker 1:24:08ever.

Speaker 3:24:11Oh God. Sorry. Okay. Going back to the landscape of lies, which is what? This is where my show goes is I get distracted and I used to be called ramblings of a hellblazer because you get into those different conversations and ramble on and on. Um, so how did you get someone like Danny Midwinter Yourself? I say because he's got, he's got nice extensive. You've gone into how you saw 100 year old lease revenue, like will approach her. How'd you go about approaching people like this? And

Speaker 1:24:48we laugh about it now, but when his name come up, how the character was originally ran, he just played them, won best actress award in front of him. It's just going to be too same. He's, it's going to come in and just read through the. He's just done it. I wasn't really keen on coming forward and someone gave him my phone number and find me up while he was at. He said, look, don't, don't dismiss me. Let, let me come audition for you so I'm not proud. I'll come do it. Give me just because my credits and I just went, look, we're filming here. If you want to come up, show me what you got, but you know, and obviously come up with the tape that you see in the film. And it was just my, what was I thinking? This sign you up on the sideline and, and I guess that's it and an actor and actually wants to work and understands the work. They'll get it every time. And obviously I've often now danny just blew it away. I shouldn't say it because our directors, we again, Uhm, but to be fair, considering that whole storyline was originally based on Andre Nightingale was character as the Jacob, the soldier. It does. Danny's character does kind of now dominate the Fred but probably stands out so much.

Speaker 3:26:18Yeah, yeah. Probably. Yeah. Because he was very sort of those, you can get the uh, you know, the uh, Andre's character does come through and you do follow that storyline quite strongly. Lights, I think Danny is just, it's just a sprig screen presence on that film was just every time he was on it, it was, you know, you could see it was brilliant. It was very, very well done. And I think you've hit the nail on the head as well because I know this and again, it might put a stump my show for getting people in the future, but there is a difference between, to see there's not many of them are. To be fair, I've never spoken to any soldiers, get himself in the good books, just do it for the money. I just want to do it for the money. And it says likewise, be fair, everyone I've spoken to, they're not, but I think there are a minority out there who do and I think that compared that shows very much so in the quality of something compared to those who just really do love the craft, at least stood.

Speaker 3:27:16They studied the craft, they love the craft and they love what they do and they love they way they interact with things. And with, with the cast and the crew. I mean there are other shows out. Lethal weapons show links fit. I mean I've had the joy of speaking to those guys and they love what they do as well. And, and you can see that in the final product. So hearing that Danny loved it. You can tell that because that just seems to come through that have not just. Danny asked Andrea, everybody in that cast seem to really love, love, love what they do for a living. And it comes right through the screen with that stuff.

Speaker 1:27:50Yeah, I know when someone brings their ain't game, everyone brings their a game because no one wants to be left behind. Just pushes each other. And as soon as someone like, um, so I won't go into too many things, but you know, Danny's with Victoria Hopkins, the red, they're the very same. We're obviously he set the tone and then she went white. I'll see the level. I just think it's. And thankfully all the cast were like that and every time there was on set and it's like a map to do your know to do. And why. Obviously for add can we, performance wise was awarded we took practically every time.

Speaker 3:28:36Well you did as well, which is, it's

Speaker 1:28:40well when you think, uh, Andrea beat and Karen Gillion for best actress festival. So, um, and, and I have spoken to her and injury since, but um, I did ask the judges, look, I'm not knocking my actress. She did a great job, but it's Karen Gillion demand coming out and Dr who and guardians of the galaxy. And they said to be fair in the film that was submitted a bound for greatness. She played a very similar role that she's known for. When you compare, obviously Andrea's character, so much different wines we felt in this instant. Andrea, right? So the debut actress doing a beat and out, someone like Karen Gideon is. Yeah. Megan.

Speaker 3:29:35That is fantastic. Yeah, I mean, yeah, those are awesome. I mean, I just saw a Jumanji this Christmas as well. I kept getting slapped. Bummer for the fact that a drew was coming out every time he does. Yeah, yeah, true. When he played the woman say, well, yeah know. So, you know, I mean that is a, that is an astounding feat. And um, you know, full congrats to you guys. I'm Andrew especially for, for being able to do that. And I'll again, I'll just watch what I said earlier is you can tell the difference between the character Andrea plays and what she's like in normal life for her first role to do. It's just phenomenal to see the change in Aaron barely recognized her. You know, you do barely recognize it because you're thinking that's not Andrew Mcclain because it couldn't be because she was, she was that good in it. So yeah, it's been. Yeah, that's a hell of an accolade. I didn't realize you bit Karen Gillan on that.

Speaker 1:30:35Good.

Speaker 3:30:37Brilliant. I'm hoping to get Karen on my show one day, by the way. Yeah, we had you lost out there. The phone straight away. That's when does short lift career never work in the business again? Chris? Let's go second. I'm looking at the premiere itself. You know you've got the premier to this film in eight on the 18th and I can't remember the name of the hotel. It's in. Excellent. Excellent. And that's going to be obviously you've got the cast going. You're doing a q and a as well. The live q and a,

Speaker 1:31:29me and nightingale during the q and a and obviously other members of the cast, so if they want to come down to the front, which as well, you never know.

Speaker 3:31:42Sounds absolutely fantastic and I'm going to have to sway myself to try and get there. Just just just like a and say is this, as I say everyone is, I'm just saying this is going to meet yourself as well. It'll be great. It's going. It's a great film. It's a great feeling. It's because you guys are all buzzing because Sydney at the moment now your films. I'm quite tempted to sit outside and I've seen the film, you know, 57 times. You spent all this time editing it and you go south side and have a drink while everyone else to see if everyone comes in and she wants to talk to me afterwards. Yeah, exactly. No one comes out running to go. So on the actual release of the film when it's actually being released to the public,

Speaker 1:32:35I believe there's a release next four weeks. So in bed and then I believe they're, the district is looking to bring it out. David, Dave vod springtime. But I've got no seth, thanks for. Obviously you'll be the first to now. Um, but I believe that's the plan at the moment.

Speaker 3:32:56Fantastic. And so it's going to be live video demand and stuff like that. And it done. I know you got me started on Peter Kay. Yeah. So yeah, that's a great way to looks the video on demand the future. So it'd be great. So when people that's going to be available worldwide release to take it as well for everyone because a lot of people listened for apparently my, the highest user base is in America and Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe. Yeah. I've never met or heard any of the guys from his face in Europe. So if you were out there, I agree, you know, in your native tongue. I can't do that but. But yeah, so that's where I'm. Yeah. So he's got that worldwide about to see the film and, and get to experience and enjoy the performances as well, which is, which is awesome. And you've got another film coming avenue. The one side. I've got the last now

Speaker 1:33:55I believe you made the film filming. Yeah, we go into production. We're really, I'm literally going after the premiere of landscape so

Speaker 3:34:12she don't live here

Speaker 1:34:17with, with that. Appreciate it in the high from that and then straight back to work.

Speaker 3:34:25Fantastic. And what's that? What about can you, is there any.

Speaker 1:34:28Well yeah, I mean obviously it's completely different to landscape. This one's more action based in a nutshell. A guy comes out of prison after 10 years has been murdered. Um, he's told he's given an array of. It's one of these people that did, it wouldn't be a detective. You just easier to go kill them all and then he just goes on a rampage and then obviously the police have to find out why and there's a few twists and turns but come up at the end and whatnot. But it's, it's more actiony than obviously the psychological landscapers.

Speaker 3:35:06Excellent. Excellent. That's definitely my type of film

Speaker 1:35:13and we'll what will be on them when next.

Speaker 3:35:16Oh yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah. No, that'd be cool if we could save to follow that progress as well as you as you go on with that one and socially follow, follow all the films which are coming out from you guys now because I have to say. Well, yeah, exactly. I mean, did you say pine? Would you film a pilot, did you say?

Speaker 1:35:35Yeah, we find we the landscape with, but yeah, I mean we've, we've filmed a wood with film, you know, we would then if you can get in there. I mean, it's just the feeling you get, especially in Pinewood when you go through the opening thing, it's just like, wow, that below seven sound state and when we filmed, um, landscape that we had obviously timber and down to buildings along with the, um, shadows from the vampire thing they did with Johnny Depp so that this whole time there was right across the road from us is really spoke to him for me at the time. Obviously having the lunch was, was quite a fuzzy treat for everyone who knew everyone was obviously one can and everyone's in there. Wow US experienced that.

Speaker 3:36:34That's fantastic. Especially this guy just filming instantly standing next to Michael fassbender. I'm pretend. Excellent. When I spoke to a storm trooper for force awakens once and he was telling me like the cute think line queue for star wars was like that, but he said the sub, some of them were a bit more like Harrison. Ford is very much more reserved and didn't like to talk to anybody. So, uh, but yeah, now I can just imagine the actual feeling of being a movie. You know when you're in the movies, it's either making you movies, that's what you love doing and suddenly finding yourself. You are your in Pinewood, like you say, Aa seven sound stage, you've got the history of bond regardless if you do anything else in the rest of your life, film wise, you've made. You've made a film in the same studios as bond

Speaker 1:37:26and that's it. That's it's going to be my tombstone. Apparently Paul night

Speaker 3:37:31filmed in the bond studios. Even enough room for the excellent, excellent, and I'm kind of drawing to a close. Is there anything you'd love to say to maybe people that are out there who are listening? A words of encouragement, words of

Speaker 1:37:50I would say we're a break it down. We're landscape of lines is concerned. Those who know about the journey will know that when I say I really appreciate the support of the people that stood by us and didn't Shanice and stuck with us, then they'll always have my internal gratitude, but for every other filmmaker out there, never, never let anyone tell you something can't be done. Just keep at it. It could take a month. It could take 10 years, just keep at it, and you'll be surprised what you'll achieve at the end.

Speaker 2:38:25Thank you, Paul. That was actually a brilliant shot and I've not stopped talking about girl bread ever since then. Hope you all enjoyed that. Don't forget to subscribe on Youtube, on Podbean following at trailblazer bears on twitter and look me up. And till next time, this has been Chris Gordon on Hellblazer base.

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