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Lethal Weapon with Clayne Crawford
July 25, 2017 Chris Gordon

"No matter how big the show gets, it wouldn't be anything without the fans" This quote, said to me post interview marks Clayne Crawford to a tee. A brilliant actor, and true gentleman who echoes the sentiments of his fellow Lethal Weapon cast. Clayne is very well established actor, having been in shows such as NCIS New Orleans and as Ted Talbot in Rectify as well as films such as Spectral. However, he is currently rocking the screens worldwide as Martin Riggs in the TV show based on the Lethal Weapon series. He even does a great Swedish Chef impression ;) Sit back and enjoy the amazing Clayne Crawford.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00I'm claiming Crawford and I'm here with Chris Gordon on Hellblazer Biz.

Speaker 2:0:05Good morning, good afternoon and good evening and good night listeners and viewers, wherever you are in the world right now. This is Chris Gordon on Hell Blazer business today. I bring to you a special episode one. I've been arranging for awhile, but scheduling with busy actors can be fun. I'm more than privileged that this actress carved some time and it's hectic. Filament schedule for Lisa weapons. Season two to talk with me. I've had to select only a couple of questions. I'm afraid, but believe me, don't worry, he won't be disappointed. This bacteria is recognized for many roles in his career in feature films such as spectral through to Ted Talbert, the longstanding character and rectify. However, it's for his role as one of the most iconic characters of eighties movies, genre in. It's new tv for that, I bring him here today for. I'm proud and more than a little excited to bring to you Mr. Clayne Crawford. Okay, so everybody. I am so privileged and excited to be talking to client Crawford today. Hey, clean again.

Speaker 1:1:46How old are you, sir?

Speaker 2:1:47I'm very well, thank you and just to reiterate, I am very, very pleased and thankful and grateful that you agreed to come on and talk to me and put yourself through this. I'm grateful

Speaker 1:1:59you guys that the show is actually a, a, it's being shown over there and uh, that it's, it's, it's had a little success and uh, you know, we're just grateful that um, there's like, you know, as far as the world goes, that the show is kind of getting out there as opposed to having to wait for three or four years and they go into syndication. So it's all very exciting and we're just as grateful. So thanks for having me on.

Speaker 2:2:23Oh, nice. Well thank you. I appreciate that as well. It happens to be one of the biggest shows in the UK as well at the moment, which is great. You've got prime time slot on a Friday night on ITV, which I know you're aware of.

Speaker 1:2:35Look, when we were over there, we were shocked, you know, we were only, I was only in London for seven days, but I felt like the show was on four or five out of the nights that we were there. So it was, that was, that was, that was exciting. You know, again, we're just, we're happy that people are enjoying the uh, the silliness, you know, that we, that we do each week, but, you know, I'm trying to ground it with a little bit hard. So what happened to people are kind of buying into what we're selling.

Speaker 2:2:58Oh God definitely, definitely. And I, I mean I've heard you speak in interviews before I'm dead, you know many times about how you didn't think were no one thought that it would do well because you've taken such an iconic 19 eighties film or series of films and turning it into a TV series and there have been areas where that's not worked as well recently.

Speaker 1:3:20I think it works, period. You know, Peter Roth man and make Ge and Matt Miller in those guys. The fact that they, they, they saw something in the that no one else. I certainly didn't see it. Damon and I were going to just be such a good fit in true. I mean I, myself even now can see a photo of the two of us together and it makes me Giggle, you know, there's just something about the two of us together that's just without us really having to do much. It's just silly. Funny, which is nice.

Speaker 2:3:54Definitely, definitely chemistry as well. Between you and I've said this to several people who've been on the show before. When you have a chemistry like that, when you're on set in real life, when you just get together, that kind of puts itself across on film as well and when you do have the script and the vision behind it as well, which back you up, then it produces something spectacular. Which is why I think lethal weapon has done so well doing so well at the moment is because you've got every single step of the way. Is the boxes are ticked for, you know, your script writing a vision, a vision, would you call it visual? It's visual effects or acting, especially the accent and the fact that you guys go,

Speaker 1:4:37it is that perfect combination that it doesn't matter how hard you work or how much you plan. You can't put all these elements together. It has to be outside, whether it's the universe or whatever it is, but it's the Hollywood gods, you know, it, it just, it all worked out and we are grateful to have such talented writers and most importantly to have a man like Matt Miller. And he sees somewhere in the fact that how doner was a with the films pushes us to kind of find the funny. He pushes us to find the emotion and then gives us the freedom to explore those avenues. And in television a lot of time just because it's so, uh, to corporate machine, isn't it when it comes to primetime TV, especially network. So there's not a lot of time for exploration when it comes to the craft, the acting aspect, you know, they really just want to pump out the story and the crime drama of it all, and there's just not a lot of time to kind of explore the details of it. And we're fortunate that we do have those opportunities and I think it shows on the screen and it also goes back to what you said about the chemistry of it, you know, like each other, the Lens sees all, you know, the camera lens sees things. Yeah. It doesn't, it can see your heart, they can see your intention. Uh, and I think it, it sees how much we care about each other, you know, off camera, which is silly considering we've only known one another for a year.

Speaker 1:6:06It's definitely undeniable.

Speaker 2:6:09It's just the relationship is there. And I'm like I say, you know, there were so many people, obviously most lethal weapon. It was Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. You can't do that, but youtube have nailed it. You've nailed it. I say you've surpassed it because I loved those films, but I think I actually love the series more and the way that you, you know, it does, you've got more time to develop the relationships. I think that a film. Um, so yeah, even the character relationship. So I'll say that I actually like it more than the films.

Speaker 1:6:41Well, that's blast for me.

Speaker 1:6:45I'll say thank you. And I think, I think the fortunate we're fortunate is that what Shane Black created initially with the relationship between the two gentlemen in the fact that they're both broken but in different ways and both our desire with all of their being the complete opposites, right? They, they both desire the opposite things and yet they're tethered to one another, you know, and, and that design itself, you can really, as long as you've got two people that there's a good chemistry and that they actually, they can, you know, you can tell that they love one another, you know, it's all there. And then just make some things, blow some things up and, you know, they want to love relationship. And, uh, so I think we're lucky with the structure that Shane gave us would lead the weapon.

Speaker 2:7:34Yeah, definitely, definitely just phenomenal you can see on social media how successful is, what. I've got a question here which I want you to want to take you back a bit from lethal weapon because it's, um, I'm a friend or acquaintance, friend of jd evermore who you've worked extensively with on rectify. How did you find. That's another big show was that, you know, that's another huge show in itself. Only finished sadly last year. I'm still catching up on it. But how did you find working on that show? Because obviously is Ted Talbot different, totally different in every way to rigs.

Speaker 1:8:07Um, I felt very fortunate to be a part of rectify. Um, you know, you talk about not having the time to explore characters, not having the time to kind of massage the nuances of a performance, you know, with network. Well, that was the complete opposite where the son was working with Sundance and doing rectify, you know, they, it was all about the performance and we would spend 10 hours on a scene if that's what it required to get it right. And having a guy like Ray Mckinnon, I'm such a perfectionist, but who is such a wonderful artists themselves when it comes to acting. He's such a special actor. So to have that kind of guy at the Monitor and in essentially your barometer a at the monitor who's Kinda pushing you into the right directions and, and, and, and forcing you to challenge yourselves yourself creatively.

Speaker 1:9:09So, you know, jt and I were, we were fortunate to have such an unusual dynamic on that show. And yet I feel like teddy and jt probably spoke the most plain to one another. Yeah, they did with anyone else in this series. You know, I think the show was really kind of designed to where it was, what humans don't say to one another, you know, we're all communicating in this world, but rarely do we say what we really feel. Uh, it's all underneath. And Ray really wanted to explore that and, but I saw what was interesting with jd in an I or teddy and sheriff Daggett, um, was that they were quite candid with one another and uh, and it was almost like they knew too much and uh, it was this unusual relationship that they had, but from an acting standpoint point, it was the most rewarding job I've ever had.

Speaker 2:10:05The drama, like you say, it's a show to develop characters and that's what happened and that's why he's got the success it has because I think it was drew everybody in like, I guess drawing me in. So I'm still quite season one myself, sadly. So I've got,

Speaker 1:10:23gets excited. He gets it. I think there's something to be said about not designing a show where there's a specific characters, you know, in, in the sense of there's the good guy and the bad guy, the black hat and white hat, you know, we all tend to wear different hats at different times depending on the circumstances and depending on the individuals that we're encountering. So Ray, again, was, was so good at exploring those worlds. And, uh, it made it a lot of fun for an actor.

Speaker 2:10:50Alright, thank you for that answer. Um, like I said before, I had about 60 questions sent in for you, so I'm not going to go through them all. I'm just going to list all the people who sent them in just to acknowledge obviously that they sent them in. And then I've got two questions I've selected and if we've got time I can get a few more in as well. So I'd just like to acknowledge, bear with me for this claim. Lisa rigsby. Jack County new edition. Derek Martinez. Susanna who was at Lilly World Ellen Day. Congleton's Margiela, not William Willard. Cheryl, Frederick Carey, Scott Perry Meta. Emma Duran. Tomorrow. Arnold, Laura Saxton Rodeo. Simon Barry Brisbo. Megan Conroy, Julie Eaton Rennie. Campoli at starlight for 90. At that too is lethal weapon and l and Sarah at Baytown custard for your questions. So yeah, those guys are all sent questions in and obviously I've had to select a song, so unfortunately, yeah, maybe another time we can get those ones done. Harm. So I've got a couple I've actually selected for you these, I think you'll recognize these two names. I, I've selected these because of their efforts in the fandom and getting it together. So the first question is from Stella, who is Clayne, Crawford Italia, beautiful. And she would like to know where do you see rigs at the end of the series in the very last scene of the very last episode of the whole thing. And how would you like it to end for him?

Speaker 1:12:21That's a good question. I would like for him to have peace that comes. I think ideally I would like for rich to have the opportunity to go home to go be with Miranda and his unborn child. To me that kind of seems like a very fitting any. But you know, it's tough to say because I don't know. We're exploring aspects of rigs that we never were able to in the film know we have so much time now. Those guys had, you know, eight hours in four installments, you know, we, we, we, we exceeded that last season and double. So we're gonna learn how, what makes rigs tick. We're going to find out more about his family life and what happened to him when he was in. He was serving in the military, you know, throughout the next couple of seasons if we're fortunate enough to continue the story. And so there's, I guess it's still kind of unknown, you know, I'm still exploring this character and the fact that we're kind of creating it as we go, it's going to send me in a different trajectory. So it's difficult to say, but I think if I could answer now it would be piece because I think is a quite tortured and then don't think there's anything on this planet that's going to ease that pain. I think the one, the one human being that could provide that is gone.

Speaker 2:13:51Yeah. That's a great answer. Thank you. Been in the very last episode as well because you don't want to end up killing yourself off and yourself out the series

Speaker 1:14:04he wants to be. I think he and I don't think he would ever do it, so definitely it would have to be hopefully saving someone or making the. Giving something back because I think that's the main motivation is to give more than it takes from this world.

Speaker 2:14:21Definitely. Definitely. Excellent. Thank you. The second question is from Tonya, who is lethal weapon HQ. She said if you had a chance to swap the roles for the day, who would it be and why?

Speaker 1:14:41I'd love to play Captain Avery.

Speaker 2:14:48Yep.

Speaker 1:14:50Yeah, play trash. What Kesha sharp does. What? That character is just phenomenal. So dynamic and interesting to watch and she's always working so she is just. Yeah. Yeah, I'd love to. I think above all I loved to play Trish.

Speaker 2:15:10I'd love to play it for a day. Just coming up now. What can you tell us about season two? Because I'm really honored at the moment because you are currently on set filming season two of lethal weapon exclusive scoop here. You know, this is great.

Speaker 1:15:31Finishing episodes to read a day and then I started episode for tomorrow. Um, you know, I think, I think what you're going to, I think the first episode is really a continuation of last season and we're going to wrap up a lot of things and I think, you know, we're going to kind of to be expected this time to kind of put Miranda behind us, uh, and to kind of move forward with rigs. Um, so I think episode two will be kind of a reset and I think the season again, we're just going to kind of explore. We're gonna, we're gonna realize which we saw a piece of this in the first season and the Christmas episode when rigs were sitting in a bar the first time he met Miranda, um, we realized that that's Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, I forget what it was, but regardless, briggs is obviously not with his family.

Speaker 1:16:19So there was, he was acquired broken man before Miranda came into the picture and I think that's Kinda what this season is all about, about us to kind of go, uh, we're going, we're going to see rigs as well as a little boy just season and we're going to kind of see what his family life was like and how that is affected him. So I think that's just one aspect of season two. Then of course, you know, just the, the, uh, silliness and the bromance between Rajan rigs and which is, that's really the show. So you'll see a lot more of that and I think maybe a little role reversal. Um, I think maybe Roger's going to be dealing with some major issues in his life and maybe rigs might be the voice of reason for once and that might be a little bit of fun.

Speaker 2:17:10So trying to characterization

Speaker 1:17:13[inaudible].

Speaker 2:17:13Excellent. Excellent. Cool. And I've got one last question. This is a fun question. I ask everyone before I finished, and I apologize if I put you on the spot. And this last year I had a guy who was on who's been a muppet here with Jim Henson's credit since for 30 years and a question got thrown in and I thought that's such a good question. I'm going to ask everybody. Sorry if it's what kind of, if you were to be a marketer, I have a map made after you. What kind of market would you be totally off. The

Speaker 1:17:43was my favorite,

Speaker 2:17:46right?

Speaker 1:17:47Yeah. Just, just because he was just,

Speaker 2:17:51he had so much to say but couldn't put it into words, you know. So it's like a little kid. I kind of felt like beakers that I just ended was just sounds, you know, I could never with so much enthusiasm. So I think if I could be a but I would want to be beaker and if one was made after me and I don't know because I love the chef too. Rudy Birdie, Birdie.

Speaker 1:18:14Yeah. You know, like I would def chef and Baker my favorite, so I guess I would if I was going to be a muppet. Anything like that.

Speaker 2:18:24Fair enough. Thank you. Sorry. Apologies. It just made me chuckle every time

Speaker 1:18:32the question never. That's never a negative.

Speaker 2:18:35Just be thankful. We haven't got time for me to do all my market impressions to you. Other people have suffered them, so you're looking. Oh, brilliant.

Speaker 1:18:48I appreciate you taking the time to ask me these questions and certainly to the saints, you know, for taking the time to call him with the questions.

Speaker 2:18:56Thank you so much for allowing me to get an insight into lethal weapon through your perspective and allow the fans to hear you. I hope you've all enjoyed that. I certainly enjoyed talking. This has been Chris Gordon on Hellblazer beers with the one and only Clayne Crawford.

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