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The Code & more with Robert Dukes
October 13, 2018 Chris Gordon

Rob Dukes is a Midlands born actor, residing in London. From his early days, he showed talent in the arts and has a love of both music and acting, being an accomplished trumpet player...something he shares with this presenter (albeit remove the accomplished for me as it was 15 years ago since I last really played!) 

Rob is currently in the multi award winning WW2 short film by Patrick Ryder called The Code. I've had the pleasure of watching this film twice now, and also presenting and hosting the Q&A at the London screening in September. Rob's career is going from strength to strength and it is easy to see why. He has a presence which oozes charisma and having seen his work on screen, I can confirm the acting talent. It's an honour to know Rob, who is always willing to help and promote others as well as himself. Take note of his name as it is one you will be seeing a lot of!

Episode Transcript

:0:00Hi everybody. My name is Robert Dukes I'm here with Chris Gordon from Hellblazer.

Hellblazerbiz:0:05Hey good morning good afternoon good evening and good night listeners and viewers wherever you are in the world right now. You are tuned into Hellblazerbiz with your host as always Chris Gordon. You're stuck with that sorry [laughs]. Thank you for tuning in. Appreciate it as always everybody who's tuning in for the first time Thank you. Hope you enjoy what you're going to see or listen to and for those of you who are returning - Wow you came back [laughs]. I appreciate everyone's support as always thank you so much. Before I go into the interview I'll just say you can find me on Twitter at @Hellblazerbiz same on Instagram search Hellblazerbiz page on Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, stitcher, Spotify, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Spreaker, Google Play and Heart Radio and you'll find me and you can subscribe and please please subscribe and please rate me on whatever social media you can. Thank you. Today's guest I bring you is absolutely fantastic. I have spoken to him before but something went wrong on my side. Less we talk about the better [laughs]. But this guy is actually a fantastic part of a multi multi multi award winning film The Code as well as many others. Fantastic guy. Brilliant laugh. And yeah we could talk all night. So without further ado I introduce to you Mr. Robert Dukes.

Hellblazerbiz:2:13Everyone I'm here with Robert Dukes who is one of the stars of the excellent film by Patrick Ryder multi multi multi award winning film at the moment. So Rob again nice to talk to you again; the first time we did this there was such a background noise in Leicester Square thanks to my poor choice of microphone. They weren't even a very good street or street performers sounded like dying cats.

Robert Dukes:2:53Yeah. But yeah we're good. We're back and actually chat about The Code essentially which is better than the last time cos we have both seen it and you've seen the final product. Cause I have so many points for you and you can come see certain bits of it as it goes through each say and I've seen a lot of this in the trailer.

Speaker 1:3:14So let's say the site asking questions about what the film is like we kind of know right now that hopefully we can hear it's out there it's out there for everyone to see.

Robert Dukes:3:26And it is a great film but least I have seen it more times and you know seen it twice. Yeah yeah I saw him was at the Cannes Film Festival. Oh and me and the only Darbee. Yeah it was it was it was Patrick in there as well. So they went up there and see the one in Milan and you know the way he said Yeah well this is an amazing scene. It's huge.

Speaker 1:3:52I was coming home at night I took the I may have the same color as all of us of us. I listen to Genesis to check it out. All right. Well I want you to say that I did that kind of classic base because it's his 560 seats in go. And we felt like it was. It was incredible the turnout for that score is insane.

Speaker 5:4:23I had no idea to get that. It was an amazing day.

Robert Dukes:4:30It really was it was like you say the cinema is just amazing. I mean you walked in I was looking at. And thanks to Patrick you turned down five minutes before I was due to go. By the way you saw lightning 270 tickets I was like Yeah yeah exactly. OK. I've ever done that. But you know walking in that hotel Transylvania 3 was just finishing. So it's like you know there's a whole film coming into film which is the Hollywood blockbuster film.

Speaker 6:5:02And then the codes going in the same screen in the same cinema. So yeah that's a tremendous tremendous thing to say.

Speaker 1:5:11It's like someone said to me just like movies is like seeing your face on the big screen. It is. And I can't quite put it into words like this. I'm not nobody watching you somebody watching a movie as I don't like it too much. The whole experience of going to the cinema and what do you really outpace back to actually you kind of go faces a. MAGISTRATE.

Speaker 7:5:36Yeah. Nice to see lots of friends there as well. It was a big relief for the cast and crew is amazing to see.

Robert Dukes:5:45Over half of them since we wrapped in February say oh up in Scotland NOAAs and she said she's she's always busy. So yeah it was nice. Kassovitz laughs Yeah no yeah exactly yeah. You know it's nice to see you all get together. So I've spoken to pretty much all of you.

Speaker 8:6:04You can watch someone once over and over on Facebook I can get these friend requests and it's like are you.

Robert Dukes:6:12Yeah but what are your mutual friends do we have. Is it true. Yes it's true. Panchito yeah I've not stopped since I've been to be fair friend request I think out of our 130 since that night. We know because honestly that the people who sent me there have added me. And then again it's the network of like Mutu for someone is just following up. There's been a few.

Speaker 1:6:38Part of the magic of what we do in these industries. We will make together one another go through to the events and hopefully some point work together and then form friendships and stuff. And that's that's part of the joy in it.

Speaker 9:6:51Yeah definitely. Well I think so too Errol Tolstoy or some of the British show circuit for that because this is a family of seven. You know even me on the outskirts this. It's like I'm still be welcomed into they have rock on me made to feel so welcome by everybody. And it's just it's just a great feeling and then the network goes around the guns another event and then more people from here you know. And for me it's right I can get more guests like you guys like we've talked about before which I'm not going say on and don't get stolen. You know it's the inspiration and it pushes all the people to maybe get inspired to do two things that they would never never thought of before. So yeah.

Speaker 8:7:36So it's fantastic about cocksucking music of sort.

Speaker 10:7:42Yes it is just a fantastic atmosphere and I think it's probably quite unique as well in the sense that there is a family of the acting is a very tight knit organization tight knit industry no organised industry. Yeah. Yes it's definitely something special about the Irish independence.

Speaker 1:8:01I think that's the friendliness and the similarity that Oh yeah and everything I guess it's almost like one's love because the film is less familiar here and I think it should be.

Speaker 11:8:15The fact is that the songs get bigger and bigger but you get one you to be carrying a you're working on a project for six seven weeks and people come and go.

Speaker 1:8:25And where said the film everyone's in it together and kind of just other John's not just sat around you know like being some of these boji but they also work as part of the current result of what we had a makeover Carrión Renmei she did the dresses for the girls on the day she also did the choreography for the last four months. So everyone would get mucked in it's it's fantastic. It's really wholesome.

Speaker 12:8:54It is astounding also that sounds I'm talking to you guys when you see these helicopters and stuff and they do they come in like 6 weeks while it's gone.

Speaker 10:9:02And I say there's no passions because they wouldn't be doing what they do in passion. But I think it is a big but not as much as we'd all love to be brought up like that without doubt. I think there is just yeah it's just not the same.

Speaker 5:9:18Because of the mass of people working on it as you said you having less time might you know it is with any films obviously we have less time to make that way there's less time to make off because if people kind of don't get enough money. You know people like all these people coming in so we can it. Yeah. Hi Wolf. No I just think that the families family feel is amazing.

Speaker 12:9:49Oh yeah definitely there's a lovely couple in America.

Speaker 13:9:53Lyn Delaney and Roberta Gomez forgive me for that name wrong but we're not Robert Rubin.

Speaker 9:10:02Rubin and that they were husbands and wives and they've been married for two years if not longer and they've just made a film together and they said the same thing that friends were on set and you have let the lead actors then moving furniture around because that budget was sometimes tight they were. It's like you saying in between like you said your friend on the couch as well like doing multiple things and mom finished it's like let's shift elephants around and get the set changed and crocodile. At the end of the day it is you know it is a great feeling.

Speaker 8:10:33Yeah. Coop right. So I take your right. Right. Right. But there's no hope I'll be able to. Well yeah very true.

Speaker 9:10:44Here he took his place and I will said it was great because we went into wrestling three years ago I was at age 38 minutes wrestling and I was twice the age of that and they turned round after seven or eight months. And they were four. I was literally 26 or 27 and I was like maybe if I was a tarballs for just turn for just turned 40 at that time. So being a get it. And that's what they said running my dog. I thought you're 27. So like.

Robert Dukes:11:09Yes. That's. I of the look healthier. Gray has less last year. How did you get into it. What made you decide that this is the profession this is the passion that you want to follow.

Speaker 14:11:27Oh watch you.

Speaker 1:11:31Funny you say the person behind me. Yeah.

Speaker 15:11:34Well the reason some of them will never be the case based on the first time is being like I want to do. I want to do this. I tell the stories in fantastical worlds. And then certainly at that age it was things that the world the adventure and journey saw and the tea and then I saw Disney movies as the voice acting and this is what I want to be and not well I want to do what they did.

Speaker 7:12:04Growing up maybe it was my sex life fights in the garden gardens.

Speaker 15:12:09No it wasn't the fact that we just rework those characters who were the people that we got massive massive came and went to see it.

Speaker 16:12:21Yeah it's just fantastic evidence. It grew from there into drama. Mokichi sakes stop and like background again.

Speaker 1:12:31I love him. Yeah. That's where it came from. That's what you saw first.

Robert Dukes:12:39All right. That's what's on the show. I'm sure my age again because you said you and your brother I were lifesavers and stuff and the girl that didn't have toys let lightsabers for me when I was playing played broomsticks. Yeah well that's cost of Stogel sort of the original Star Wars toys.

Speaker 17:12:57I think I was 2 years old when my parents took me to the year to see Star carbon Bullough.

Speaker 6:13:02Remember Ampon strikes back and see that one in 1983 just vaguely metod.

Speaker 18:13:08But yeah Kobe still gets a couple of low figures left over because of the token and the though. Why is well within the Frager's. Yeah they were game broke because of a fight. I would love for it.

Speaker 17:13:28Well yeah exactly. Mine is like I usually always people saying how much they worth the original ones and things about them so all of those silver years old or the damn thing opened it up and even now that's that's what it was made for it wasn't made for keeping things right.

Speaker 1:13:45They showed the decline of Latin American nations. I say killing anybody an. But not everyone their imaginations run wild and that's why it's so.

Speaker 17:13:56Well yeah exactly. Oh yeah. I mean now there's a company called Hot Toys bring out click 1 6 girls about 12 inch high yield. Yeah liver and really details ones are them so few through those from stalls. Again people keep them in the boxes. Why is that. You know they go about trees to get lots of lifesavers you can post them. Amazing Kylo Ren standing the end of his life.

Speaker 12:14:19That's from a good moment when he starts somewhere. Go figure about 12 inch thick and composed opposing Well that was handout.

Speaker 6:14:28It does look good to be on and that's what that's what Charltons if you like.

Speaker 19:14:33Yeah Muslims playing with and now they also claim them because they're expensive.

Speaker 6:14:40Yeah he's got he's got huge I wrote 6 inch fingers out into the kids and stuff of all time. I earned it literally. I think he is almost two and a half white about US Navy. Two and a half Lahaie because it's proper scale to speak and it's amazing.

Robert Dukes:14:56It's just know how it was most mostly sat on a shelf because of yelps and do not break that out. I was not toy stores toys yet but he's a good inspiration.

Speaker 9:15:12I mean you know the likes eating star wars Spielberg. I think this film happened to have a big influence in a lot of people's lives to get into either filmmaking or the acting side of things because you know I'm just a genius director and I just happened to me time.

Speaker 15:15:31I'm very lucky like I still feel like I know nothing about my set of any movies that I just sit on just completely blown away by the different reasons I went to the on my own. It's not time and I wondered what are you seeing this movie and I thought I got to see it in the cinema is raving about gravity.

Speaker 7:15:57Okay.

Speaker 20:15:59Completely blown away by the opening shot.

Speaker 7:16:03You get out by the deafening silence.

Speaker 1:16:09And to me that could have made me feel like that kind of growing your sense of humor.

Speaker 21:16:18The gut feeling was just indescribable and it's hot. I'm very lucky to get out from Moscow.

Speaker 22:16:24Who knows.

Speaker 21:16:27Dr Chris it's just yeah movies a passion. It's wonderful I get to work.

Robert Dukes:16:36Exactly. And that's not really anything to do you're doing that because it's like me. That's what I love watching movies. Lord Of The Rings is amazing. I mean the great shot of Katrina Grady that we can she says her dream is to be an elf. And she even did watch for the head down she who she doesn't even a prosthetic is. She said there is a heritage. It is great. Now it's you know it sounds like they go you know and they make it a hobby and making it on Amazon or making a CD Sherman. Yeah. The most expensive to be made. Exactly. I'm so interested. Yeah. See I play that one. But no you're right. I mean I get an audition. Yes please. Welcome to a Super Bowl by time that comes out of you hopefully hopefully to actually have a big name as well. So you remember me.

Speaker 9:17:34So this is great because it's good to think about the. I mentioned before it's the fact that we will remember each and every room. Everyone supports each other. No matter what part of the industry that's that's important. And that's what I love as well because he signed for.

Speaker 1:17:50Yes.

Speaker 11:17:52You know there are you look at Patrick and Kevin recently they when there's one focus she says she's kind of so incredibly proud incredibly happy for both of them.

Speaker 23:18:04And it just goes to show that you kind of know where you got the support love from all the fans of the filmmakers it produces the stuff we do get behind them and that's that.

Speaker 1:18:17So Patrick Brigance Christian and John I think you and Tom Holland for crying out loud. So I mean it was a. I think it's fantastic. I really do.

Robert Dukes:18:29Yeah I'm in the same way. I was gobsmacked when they were you know of those finalists with the likes of Chris Nolan the band and all of a sudden to be the most it's like wow.

Speaker 9:18:40You know that really is you know I mean so credits you guys as well because I've seen the film as things like the code as well so everybody contributed to that so those guys the ones that got the awards and back again. And that's what you know. They're so humble those two as well they all they love to these guys as well. And then they say oh well I think they are very humble though the Cheryl out you know they're constantly doing the same thing and trying to boost everyone else up despite the fact you know they got these horses. If I'd go to be fair there's a time he'll go on personal.

Robert Dukes:19:15Other than how you act without putting you back down. Cameron Yeah exactly. I had to be too big to get out the door. But nice. You know that's that's just proof.

Speaker 24:19:29What kind of a lot of people genuine genuine people genuine people are the sort of close knit industry has to be that way I think and it just looks into joint mutual support so Speaker films of the film that you would you love to work with as a director as a director.

Speaker 5:19:51Ooh.

Speaker 10:19:55You worked with Chris Nolan.

Speaker 11:19:59Yeah. CHRIS No way at that for me like you think his work is some of my favorite. I like the combination with Kevin Hanson Right. It's Khamees of affection. I love inception steamboat scene Dunkerque just criminal in that section Seage and Interstellar.

Speaker 23:20:23Wonderful I don't know Jake the dark knight. The take here is one of my favorite sites.

Speaker 5:20:30Yeah he gave way over this site but not yet. No way. Yeah.

Speaker 11:20:47My favorite was last year. I didn't see coming was a grand hotel.

Speaker 5:20:52His name was completely on my head which is ridiculous. But you know what I mean. But yeah I. Yes. Yeah.

Robert Dukes:21:04Excellent not Christo's good so. I used to go out and do a mediocre Joker impression from the dog like this one of my favorites. My car is just Guilhem hence the point looking them up. Do you have a cracking dark film. I think that was Heath Ledger's finest moment sadly. I think it just drove him to insanity.

Speaker 1:21:27I thought that is an awful lot of reports an awful lot of people who say that's what they see. Hey he had the time of his life on the movie. Oh I loved it actually. But this is France you want to be honest I cooked a documentary on Dzieci which is all about Heath and his time on his or not.

Speaker 23:21:51Yeah one can get into characters.

Speaker 11:21:56He's a shitty situation.

Speaker 25:21:59I remember seeing him first getting a nice title. That's the one my mother. No know. I don't feel guilty about it.

Robert Dukes:22:15Yeah it was it was a great accent. I think the who they cast as the new joke. Now you asked him yeah yeah yeah he's they will see they seem to have done is taken.

Speaker 11:22:30He's looking one hand Jack Nicklaus is looking the other kind of.

Robert Dukes:22:35Yeah exactly. We'll see what comes out of it. He admits he's a sensation. Oh yeah definitely. Jack Nicholson's joking it's just brilliant.

Speaker 26:22:43Just vote for night you Yukon comedy compared because they it is.

Speaker 10:22:50Yeah completely frosted as well because let's say that they took the job to different angles. So you call them.

Speaker 26:22:58Yeah slightly smaller. You're right it's like trying to compare different jobs because they're all from different here is that S.E. that I know I've never met before. Yeah right. Yes. You go to standard time that was James Bond. People were looking for something a bit softer a bit just a bit more fun. You know and then on the other hand you have a fire in Ukraine. People are not wanting that secret agents to be a joke anymore. Did you think there was any more serious to Daniel Craig. So every character in movies has like their own place in their own time. Yeah yeah. Jack Nicholson's horse.

Speaker 3:23:37Yeah it was definitely comedy but you just saw on TV that neutral must work with the chairman band bond thing because they said he's too toxic in this me to ear. I was like oh please no. That's it. You've got to take in context. Obviously yes. Because if you read the books for me so I'm taking this off topic again. The books in bond. Oh yeah he is a misogynist statistic. He loves killing. That's who the character is. And Sean Connolly playing well I think of the time though showing that clip of him forced himself on them. Honey Yeah you know that scene when she was like resisting. And I was like pretty much was the first scene of sexual assault.

Speaker 26:24:23But that's not what you know you said like you said it's a different bombs for different ears and I think there is room for bomb to grow and develop a can become slightly different you know kind of taking you now that James Bond W7 is easily the man's name. CONAN Yeah exactly. That is so obviously of course it's not the same because the 80 year old conveys it makes no sense. So that you know if you can be if it's just a code name then anyone can play against. Exactly. Bring all your data that's making it fresh and new when they see it which I actually think.

Speaker 3:25:03Exactly. As usual Daniel Craig's don't think I think he's going to be fair on cracking jokes. Few people don't like I didn't like him at first but that's because he was change. To be fair. Yeah. Very good yeah. I mean not like George Lazenby personally Malfoy would have been a great one. But Louis pharmacy your services is one of the best with the one line and they always forget he said when he chases he come and goes.

Robert Dukes:25:29Night to put it that this is great performer for up it's over the rest of the movie's great breaking the fourth wall that.

Speaker 3:25:42It's like 60 miles. Yes. No Barbara Reynolds impression. Yeah yeah. You know it's just so much what movies are like. It really is. It's just because you can really move on Deadpool nimbleness and I'm just absolutely thrilled that movies are that the guys just born to be Deadpool lines. Absolutely insane save watch his Instagram post how it left office on the stuff because you didn't take it back in the trailers come it was just hilarious.

Speaker 1:26:18I did. The way that would actually be so quick.

Speaker 27:26:22Oh his wife's doing a new TV show and she put up a picture of her in a month and not see it she's got a naked guy on the kitchen worktop timeline is now my most runs counter to the guy.

Speaker 19:26:40He seems nice today. It makes die.

Speaker 10:26:48This is just such a quick way of you know and it's just absolutely spot on. And then also finished watching the end credits and stuff like that as every time he goes by his crime bluster.

Speaker 8:27:02I still haven't seen any and that's how it goes for example. Know that's it. Watch all the credits. OK. Yeah go.

Robert Dukes:27:13So we go back to the code. And then they had that which is what you pay for and which will start taking them around the houses and around the states and in the city back to the cars. Yeah. I've got you. Ryan Patrick O'Malley who sent me two questions for you. Right. I think it may be the friend request I've had since you realize you can actually hear this.

Speaker 10:27:37Yeah yeah it'll have to know how you connected to the character in the code will be the World War Two soldier.

Speaker 1:27:44That's a good question. I think for me the thing that Id connected with mongst ever since I heard this this story about boys that these were just normal lots they're not trained killers are trained soldiers.

Speaker 28:28:02And it is the same for the opposition. They're just boys and men.

Speaker 16:28:06That happens to go to war.

Speaker 29:28:08And they were told to this is and you know and it's that's the thing for me the idea that some of the moment in the movie where my character speaks to Chris Mowlem and German pilot.

Speaker 28:28:24He's got a sweetheart and he loves it and yet in light of a wife hired him that Mike and Tom stand by these guys these guys the same as us like why this is so messed up.

Speaker 21:28:37You know the story mentions the fact that Christmas day they put down their arms and they're playing football in a no man's land. And the very next day I go back to Canada.

Speaker 28:28:47It's it's both horrific and harmless. SIMON Yeah paying breath. But that's one of the ways that I kind of try to connect it with times please leave me you know and I can start to receive care and takes care of these guys and just doing what they have to do to survive to try to try to get home.

Speaker 16:29:11My son Beau Biden. We all care about them.

Speaker 15:29:18It's it's just funny something that you try to keep going. For me it was going.

Speaker 29:29:24I taught myself to the Korean War Museum. We also watched a documentary to uncover China. As much as he can. He has his official kind press.

Speaker 19:29:38But I know for a fact me have my Corkhill who it's probably another issue. That's correct. That's good.

Speaker 1:29:51I think the fact that it was also Oh comes from a real place is why we took you so seriously in the first place.

Speaker 30:29:58And I told you so. Oh my. To the people here.

Speaker 28:30:02Yep hundred rounds with no distractions have any music or anything just that if you want to be one specific thing that I connected with is the fact that just that will just go I mean I'm totally with you on that one.

Speaker 6:30:19As I mentioned before before I start regarding about the relaxin Einstein which we saw reenacting a world war two years parents powers them and asked their German actually changed us about the German and I had a German uniform but it wasn't political what I'm saying is true because of the nation's noble peace and it also want to learn more about those guys because I studied German uni got Tigrean Juli's. I lived in Germany and I met a guy an old gentleman who was the next door neighbor to my friend and he was a German soldier he'd been in a prison camp you actually being put in a field of Manchester City at the best time of his life there and he always wanted to go back before he died. And they listened to his story and then when he was out there listened to other stories exactly what you just said.

Speaker 6:31:05The majority of these ghostly there were some words. Yeah those ones we leave them to one side but the majority of the guys we were they were just they've been told to go. I didn't go. Their families would be killed. And so that was you know they were fighting. And yeah that's why they went end the Vietnam veterans I think there's a sense that some of them didn't agree with the war wananchi posted on Facebook thing. He said he never agreed with why they were out there but he was fighting for his friends and that it was the unit and that's why I think the code really shows especially because you've got the two brothers there and you got the ego unit and the three of you just then you know the wars going on you can show tanks that are essentially focused on three and it's because you fight and just see each other to get home to the two sweethearts and stuff. I mean that's what the codes is about the code is there but you know that's the whole sense of the movie that comes across so so well in the film it really does. You've just explained it perfectly and the fact that that's exactly how you wanted it to be seen really well thank you very much and you enjoyed it.

Robert Dukes:32:19No no I don't. Yeah it was great. I loved it so much. Going to watch it again to be sad and I mean it was. I mean there's times in there as well. So I'm spoiled for conceiving. And we have but we have seen that's part of it. Chris move in painting the gentleman we see so hard on the other hand and then you've got Neil you know and in there as well. And that goes on as a compliment. Jacob last time was because when one belt was fenced off Jake that was in that place the first time I met him in person been involved in Janesville a baggage who went on to say that death was actually really moving such a side. I'm just and how that works. Let's just take that back and I'll do that. That's all I got. So yeah when speaking with spigots Jake said there's a part of that which was so moving in that it is just so well done. And without spoiling it you know it was just perfect. And it was. Yeah I thought it marchin.

Speaker 1:33:28Yeah. Just was reading is really horrible. Anyway like your book you say yes they love that guy.

Robert Dukes:33:38It's called the most infectious gringo in me. Yeah yeah. Yeah fantastic. It was. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 6:33:46No I mean it being such a short film though because you go compatible story and you know you're going to feature film an hour and a half you get more time to put stuff through. So I think a short film is so much we give you an actor and it's the same. You you're doing the same job that you just go compact it right down.

Speaker 1:34:05Yeah yeah I mean it's cold comes in just under 20 minutes which is like a nice decent a show but you know we will all talked about what we what we do.

Speaker 7:34:14If it's got turned into a feature and say hey guys I know where we're going.

Speaker 6:34:20Lots of ideas thrown around and stuff so it's a brilliant a feature you can really see how it could get so much more story and some more expansion to tell. Oh I like it even though flashbacks and stuff that they have. You know when the girls came in and that was just it was just sublime and to watch and see how it still pieced together. So it will be lovely to see that expanded out.

Speaker 1:34:48I do love that.

Speaker 7:34:49So you see the three months to be given you know make it cold cold and covered in blood.

Speaker 28:34:57And that is that is that slapping you flashback to the dad and then the room quite brought me to it especially my dad like he Snowdon's he's quite got hope in his eyes and cliche. And when you see him now when he starts confronting Chris's character. I look at myself my Christ my age like yeah nice.

Speaker 1:35:19That's the assessment the matrix or so Scott she made.

Speaker 21:35:23Yeah and we did I like this part of the things you know we spoke about the differences between Greece and all the fact you know.

Speaker 29:35:35I think it was minus three days and running and running with all the heavy gear on and that cold and Marsh is the soft money tree this kind of.

Speaker 1:35:49There's no relenting quite you know you are completely not prepared right now. It was it was an amazing experience.

Speaker 17:35:58I can imagine it is I'm so I'm not I know heavy that stuff is off marched around with water 30 miles of in a fitful world is it. Oh OK. That's a long time ago but I was in full U.S. paratroopers with a steel helmet. Forty five pounds of pop punk rock. CORCORAN dupes the law to the full 35 miles charged. It's a good shot.

Robert Dukes:36:22Yeah I couldn't walk for three days afterwards. I'm not surprised. I was. The whole thing and I was which was great. Yeah quite impressed with that but yeah the so that you know is half the stuff and especially British the world so is Iraq. What is wrong with this.

Speaker 1:36:41We want more action says locals who shake general without that coat was a godsend because it goes down to I think Hoffert down you Shin that correctly Noyce's makes it clear that you kill here.

Speaker 30:36:55So what we have locally like right now.

Speaker 16:37:00Chris Jacobs said a lot of the time that that may be on the full of credit to them. They are taking on the chin and think oh yeah exactly.

Speaker 6:37:10We freeze it was great. Lovely lovely old things you did but also one of my favorite stories of World War One was the football truce in the sense you know the senselessness which is what the code is and it's it's just that senselessness of war. But I won't trace when he did just start singing Silent Night to each other and no time.

Speaker 28:37:36It just brings Chaisson life because it's like you said it's nonsensical. Yeah.

Speaker 21:37:42And it's true what they were doing was so home the whole sort of micro over haunting the graveyard and then the next day they have to shoot you.

Speaker 7:37:53I not get the fighting. I don't Nizami shooting each animal cause it's real life.

Speaker 21:38:03I just want to stop them to get this movie has any semblance of it could get to that calm to the horrors they had to go.

Speaker 16:38:12It was an honor and a privilege. All right. I just hope to get it here. I have to just say yeah he definitely did.

Speaker 9:38:22I'm a big boned both myself and you know that's my kind of era of films as well as you probably guessed. And what was the big chat about me.

Robert Dukes:38:31So definitely think that's what probably reasons not so much because it was the realism that you managed to get older and and you all the fear and then you've got the the adrenaline the anxiety rushes that goes through and it's just yeah it's just all around really cracking and you know a few songs of war since well implanted it that probably without off the backs of the like the beach scene which are getting cold and I would never go on the beach because I could do it too. It took days for me to get off the beach. You have to love being black I think is probably the best ever and I mean I CRY I'M PROBABLY goosebumps now just thinking about it because I'm crying talking about it.

Speaker 11:39:16If you get to see me again to do research and fresh and others it's not like it's Melchett is the main event.

Speaker 31:39:28But marketing for me.

Robert Dukes:39:34Yeah there's no words or is there really is just fine. Is nice.

Speaker 10:39:38Yeah. SCHMIDT This is you know you've had by inside series for for just laughter and Hillary even in the episode laughter in-house. You know I'm the last of the two because of the and stuff that's there just before we go is that the captain is so scared. It's like that was it out of my eyes. Now just thinking about it just coming over and like you say and not just slowing the music down. Chills is really something. Have you been out of the cemeteries. So you don't get a cold we'll go to if you've been out to Norman do you want.

Speaker 27:40:14No I actually I went to Berlin immediately after we finished the first shooting which the Jewish War Memorial and the nobody was the draw and I didn't like that. That's next.

Speaker 11:40:29Yeah I find it quite moving and quite interesting that the German people aware that their history honestly is like there is hatred and they went on this is tremendous. It really is so. I mean I'd love to go to the great unknown outside. That's the reason why this is so.

Speaker 10:40:51I went over for seminars the next and I think it was the 16th anniversary actually and I saw some of the best things and also some of the saddest things some of the saddest things five coach loads of British veterans couldn't get to Omaha sometime. Stupid penguin gets a sword Juno and gold beaches in their coaches because the process of being changed because Tony Blair and George Bush are recovering. So that was two guys going into that we saw the black hawk helicopters flying overhead because those two politicians have got nothing to do with it. We'll go in five coach loads of British veterans who most probably would have been the last time England go on couldn't get to experience on the day to visit the memories of friends.

Speaker 6:41:31However it made for great laughs because we spent the afternoon with them at the Movil pantry and they were hysterical some of the stories that they came out with we just walking around them you know and I would never have had that experience.

Speaker 1:41:44So that's something you haven't quite yet quite spirits.

Speaker 32:41:50Yeah well as it is I do highly recommend meals and Felicity is that you know that the cemeteries you just turned around to see the sea of white 18 years old. Crazy some good ghost stories are out there as well.

Speaker 33:42:03I'll tell you one actually I tell you what I know you go for I'm keeping it really like that. This one is a we were a camp site where we saying is right where the calls took place you know the old temples.

Speaker 34:42:17So the farm house you can see the farm house all the buildings around literally about two or three feet high and then old brick and then it was all newly built. And you can see where they've also just been completely destroyed. So we just camp site and about 20 of us 20 of us in the little circle now group that is probably about 50 or 60 on the actual camp site in different areas. There was a few times and there is a fog bank.

Speaker 35:42:41This is just one part of all of fall and it was just that it was just a vertical wall like that but it stopped it. Now these people don't believe we know. When you walk into a farm you know when you walk into folk because it gets cloudy this fog move but when you walk towards it if you stopped it stopped and if you move backwards it came forward again and it was a pure ball and it was crystal clear on side but the PC from outside and it was just like OK and even after about 10 15 minutes of Kokkinos elvers went right.

Speaker 34:43:13So the last three cigarettes and then we just poured whiskey down and just have a drink on us lots because we just felt that that was about the atmosphere and we went down a country lane as well.

Speaker 33:43:24Todd life's a full hydro on each side. It is about three fourth in about five foot wide no country lane and it was a straight road and it just went up. My friend went around the corner. I was about 30 yards behind them and trotted around. I could already feel the sense of something go around saying Get your heads down safe keep your heads down you know safe. It's hard to explain but it was a feeling that just came from inside. That was what they said. So the sidewalk infested.

Speaker 17:43:54Around the corner my friend was gone. The road turned straight on went straight again the hedgerows are too thick for anyone to get through and he just disappeared. So that last week so I turned around and went back and then come in across the field when I saw him 20 Hunsley coming across the field as well and he was asking where I'd gone and I said well I couldn't find your boat after you disappeared down the road because when he was back he's come back to the lines five foot wide.

Robert Dukes:44:23He said he'd come up against him. And he said he couldn't find me. And he slightly crossed the line and I said did you feel anything because I just felt like I was pushed out and told to keep my head down. They'll take me to safety. And I was like that's the feeling I got as well. And it was like wow. Yeah and then that night as well there's a little copse of wood. This is the last one that the cops tell of a ghost. These are like ghost stories these stories sleaziness. Yeah.

Speaker 10:44:53Guys there's no cops of land and then there was any little bands like to see trees and stuff like that and the saw little town side by the camp. I didn't drink at the time I wasn't drinking. Instead we just sitting there around the campfire and about say from 11:00 o'clock at night all we heard was Massetti which is German for make ready And then the cocking of a machine gun.

Robert Dukes:45:17You can imagine it was swings and the same moment that everyone in the company turned around and they say all 90 people in the camp whatever they were had O'Driscoll and looks out of its way this piece of land was.

Speaker 10:45:30And we went out we talked she said nothing. There's no way anyone could have been there and run away. So we went to bed that night sort of quite nervous and following day went out and just stop and investigate and ended up uncovering a 6 foot wide 4 foot deep slit trench which have been filled and machinegun nest at the bar and there were some rounds two rounds and some porcelain plates broken that supposedly Ware has actually been machinegun a little trench. And it was just that from the very spot where we told all this noise from the machineguns noises and stuff it was just yeah it was an experience I'll never forget as you can tell it's like 8 12 years ago and it's stayed with me ever since because of I firmly believe what we heard that it was a hoax. And what we experienced was true because it's something else.

Robert Dukes:46:25Yeah those kind of places. That's why I say you got to go there because there's a lot of them out there. And you know the birds don't fly in certain places.

Speaker 24:46:34And in this just stillness and airiness.

Speaker 1:46:40I mean that's the thing that's why we try so hard to do it justice. They do it with the right amount of respect because lives and they you know yeah this is probably yeah yeah definitely.

Robert Dukes:46:56And I say you guys Dave bring you all right so the cold again won't just ring which is true.

Speaker 9:47:03You know that's why again is for me the reason why it's going down so well is because it was done so respectfully so well. You saw 20 minute session just burst onto our screens and just told the entire story again what's going on and we were with every single character that even with a Christmas card. So you know we were with him because we understood the reasons behind him and those empathy. You know I'm an I'm an empathetic kind of way that everyone can feel empathy with every single character possibly want.

Robert Dukes:47:38Oh I she mention names. Yes. Well like that I suppose it could happen.

Speaker 24:47:46So yeah you get the empathy for them and that feeling. I mean because of that whole area just warms people and has a whole genre as to people's memories going back and thinking this is what it was like when something not the thinking is for me what my granddad went through a lot of that's what a lot of people think it's like this is something that would have happened today. And hopefully you can get into CGIAR Sicko.

Robert Dukes:48:14Patrick I know you're watching this. You can get right in. Excellent excellent. Right. Also asked Did you ask your fitness trainer and to play Bruce Wayne in poison ivy. It wasn't good prep for traditions.

Speaker 1:48:32Yeah. Yeah. It's funny. I saw I saw one because this was an for me today. And you can tell that I went out for that movie doc. So it's set in Arkansas. And so you can you can't tell. You know I did. I did. Thanks advance.

Speaker 7:48:55I started doing weight training for all that I took up boxing. A friend of mine who fights and that's without a doubt the best workout ever done. We get up people are doing today 12 frequent rounds 45 40 seconds. Right. Well I say yes. And you just were swept by the fantastic untested resistance training as well so enjoy it.

Speaker 15:49:25Yeah it's I mean I certainly do a endorphins.

Speaker 1:49:32Yes.

Speaker 36:49:33Let's get to some interesting comments on my physical stature. So my my my my presence on screen is lower than that. That's right.

Speaker 6:49:44Yeah those great moments to have a lot against that of thing. Some great. Yes. Three Guys from us what I say the rest of the rest versus that was my sense of of the box. Yeah I just loving him.

Speaker 19:50:02Does anyone take part.

Speaker 17:50:04Yeah exactly. So it goes as well as I find that always taught me. The first rule the best fights of the past five a day is when you walk away from it.

Speaker 7:50:15Yes first you know I told you in a voice the first Chinese way. Yeah. Exactly. I don't know.

Robert Dukes:50:23Yeah. So yeah I loved the boxing match self defense. Best Defense. Running away. Yeah exactly.

Speaker 6:50:33But not a great sons regime. I keep hearing people saying it is just one of these things. But you know it's great it's great to have as well is the fact that you know your presence on screen there and away from the code would elevate the person's on screen.

Robert Dukes:50:46I mean it isn't 50 screens the presence on screen is great.

Speaker 6:50:53And you know I mean like you said you're only 16 and you're on scene yourself. Houston I'm a screamer and just for an answer I can just imagine again just the pride of your parents when they were like.

Robert Dukes:51:07You have to know about your parents. And there is something to everybody I mean yeah. Yes.

Speaker 6:51:16See the problem I just yeah it's just much mentioned pride. I was always proud of all of you guys just sitting there watching and thinking like you guys know. And yeah. It's just it's just different. The event was fantastic because the films were fantastic not just the kind of Soviet too great as well.

Speaker 37:51:36They're both fantastic and you come here with my favorite.

Speaker 1:51:41I got a real real special. Feels like it's just a sensation.

Robert Dukes:51:49You're not here disagree. Yeah yeah definitely. And I've got to assume so while almost two of the three people on don't have the voice voices that I didn't know that until they said that the don't. Q And I know that sounds brilliant. Is there anything else you know that you've got your project like that or something.

Speaker 1:52:15So you know I this summer I was like You can't go okay from that group. Eco friendly nice Chase set around again three blokes in the narrow boys.

Speaker 7:52:33And the premise of the movie is that my character Chris comes up with an idea about how to get them some free time away from the lake stuff. His character too much and the fact is they use money as a way or something to get out of jail free card that pays off saying the look out for the marriage offer.

Speaker 1:52:58But I made them up.

Speaker 21:52:59And then one day a letter to each of us saying I don't get away with this if you don't come out don't complain I'm going to tell you otherwise you will see daily Mike Wallace all right.

Speaker 18:53:15So you get this they think they like the candidates like you think they are harmful to Wall Street. It's not that nobody gets the more of it.

Speaker 29:53:25That was a fantastic so seven days.

Speaker 28:53:30And that's the rights of the tree. OK.

Speaker 29:53:39Yeah great guy to work for. And again the movie where the cast and the crew all came together we went out on location and so come all the time off and I'll say yeah I'm really excited about that I we see them.

Speaker 30:53:57We just spoke about.

Speaker 38:53:59And then I have a thriller horror movie that's starting to kind of put itself together and get some funny guy who's surveils that's great films.

Speaker 1:54:11I get to play someone who's not together nice.

Speaker 18:54:14I'm very pretty good fun because quite often I get to you know I get to play at least around here if not to hear. Yeah love. I love that with this film I'm going to take your Bateese. So that's that's an entire side and a little ways to say.

Speaker 17:54:34Yeah I'm just gonna give you my first ever for my second ever first date. I'll show you a picture and I'll send it. I think you might say in a thread with Michael shade. I was with him. Michael Yeah so the mike machine was hit and that's when it hit the German stuff. But the second the arms. So that was the first time I was a Nazi. So the second time was I was actually in the film that three years ago. And it's the one that we discussed the last time was I wasn't given the script I was given the script for the scene I was in the token role which was phenomenal for me NYT. My first on screen role of see what I'm talking and is activism and that's all I got. And then when I got to say about that.

Robert Dukes:55:16Yeah and didn't have to do anything.

Speaker 17:55:18Got punctured and put a towel over and do a few voiceovers which is what sick Kleber things happened and yeah calm happened I'll just say yeah that was my first thought was really my first real onscreen role with lines it's great. And people say it is a great thing to do. You know what I want. That's all I'm trying to do.

Robert Dukes:55:39But more accents don't just get remembered as the commissioner of Europe and the first is this is the will which your brother used to go on about until now. Yeah we did this one when we did the last one.

Speaker 6:55:58See it as my signature question people. Mike queen who is on the show yesterday and this will be if you could have a puppet created. You what kind of Muppet would it be.

Speaker 19:56:10And you can have one that's existing mixes a couple changes that something different isn't it. Well I'm quite a big fan of the whole superhero spirit thing for Captain Burton.

Speaker 7:56:34Says we need to be careful love to see the tree.

Speaker 19:56:40Maybe it would have a superhero. Thanks a lot. Super Grover. Yeah I think the last thing you asked me here was my favorite of.

Robert Dukes:56:49And I said guns are so guns like Goldsboro's superheroes are just like people. Sounds like OK.

Speaker 1:57:00Though the impression that any one party member of the Muppets to count is awesome.

Speaker 9:57:12Such a good way that she can. They saw all those things in the Christmas card I up.

Speaker 1:57:18I didn't get out of the way crime rates for war and also the always scary.

Speaker 37:57:24We'll see with the knowledge. This is fantastic.

Speaker 17:57:28It is here in Britain.

Robert Dukes:57:30Most of all because of the big doing. I'm stoked. I really don't know. I think probably the rest probably do.

Speaker 17:57:45Fozzie Bear because I was trying to make jokes and I'm always trying to be I guess I'm mostly most of the time I'm trying to be happy enjoy it.

Robert Dukes:57:54And people just look at me and go and get a Waka Waka Walker because everyone's that goes under the car and I see the soldier sign and I really don't get the why there's so many songs about rainbows. Keep the icon I can think of that just a little bit but it was certainly a good impression of. But yeah that's it. So yeah. And just before I recording is there anything you want to say to people who are watching or listening.

Speaker 1:58:28Well thank you very much for putting some questions. Thanks so much Chris for your time. Great to talk to you.

Speaker 37:58:38Thanks I'm back on the show. Thank you.

Speaker 2:58:41Thank you Rob. That was absolutely fantastic. I hope you all enjoyed watching or listening to that. This has been Krysko and not Hellblazer boos with the awesome Rob Jukes sign going out and saying See you next time don't forget to tune in and subscribe and rate hey they see.

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