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SEAL Team with Judd Lormand
December 10, 2018 Chris Gordon

Judd Lormand proves that he is one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, having appeared in over 70 feature films and television shows, most recently promoted to series regular on the second season of the CBS’s hit TV series “SEAL Team” (Wednesdays 9/8c).
“SEAL Team” follows the lives of the elite Navy S.E.A.L.s as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask. Lormand plays Lieutenant Commander ‘Eric Blackburn’, the SEAL Team troop commander who coordinates operations whenever Bravo team is on missions and serves as the team’s leader and confidant, both on and off the battlefield. The series also stars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., AJ Buckley, Toni Trucks and Jessica Paré. 
“What I love about Judd as an actor is his naturalness, his ease of performance and his ability to disappear into the role,” says John Glenn, executive producer and showrunner of “SEAL Team.” “Judd perfectly captures Blackburn as a compassionate advocate and vital leader for Bravo Team. His skill brings Blackburn into such three-dimensional life that we can’t imagine the show without him.”
In addition to his work on “SEAL Team,” Judd has appeared in over 70 feature films and television shows. His television credits include fellow CBS shows “NCIS: New Orleans” and “Zoo,” as well as “American Horror Story” on FX. He also played Secretary of State Robert McNamara in “LBJ” opposite Woody Harrelson, Mr. Freely in “Carter & June,” and a corrupt police officer in “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.”
Born in Marshall, Texas, Lormand grew up in Houston and spent a number of years in Saudi Arabia, where his father worked as a civil engineer building natural gas pipelines. Later, the family moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, where Lormand attended Comeaux High School and the University of Louisiana. Lormand credits his high school drama teacher for encouraging his interest in theater arts. While in school, he competed in acting tournaments, winning many and further solidifying the acting bug. By 2010, Judd was acting full time, landing part after part. He booked 72 SAG jobs in 72 months – all while living in Louisiana. 

Lormand splits his time between Los Angeles and Atlanta, GA. In addition to acting, he is a busy father of three and is interested in astronomy. He is also a huge supporter of veterans and the USO. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @juddlormand.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01This is Judge Lauren from SEAL Team. I'm here with Chris Gordon on Hellblazer Buis.

Speaker 2:0:50Ever on the honor and a privilege on the company of the gentleman from the SEAL team. Great to be here Christiane and privileges my man. Thank you. Thank you. You're on a man who doesn't know you do me justice. Is that the way it is. I have flown with us.

Speaker 3:1:08Is great because of the just coming in I'm not sure how much you halfway through season of the moment almost that I mentioned to you earlier. Yes. Well because you hear the bids that come on Christmas season one it starts out you start doing those missions and you know the training them. So it's not that big. But now I can see these kids coming out really well.

Speaker 1:1:30Oh it's it's it's big but the time you get the season by the end of Season 1 it's it's you can't miss the beer and announcing some of the pictures and some of the pictures you tweeted out Instagram of a new episode coming up.

Speaker 2:1:43I don't recognize it to be fair. Look at the pictures of outfits that say that really hit me up.

Speaker 1:1:49Yeah yeah yeah it was huge and it's a totally different different look which which I like you know because for eight years I thought I would do all these roles in law enforcement you know cop roles in detective an FBI agent. She's a lawyer but all the clean shaven and show between auditioning and shooting I was literally shaving as much as the guy works at the bank you know. This is the first time that I've actually gotten to just kind of let it grow and yeah it makes it makes it be like vacation in a way I envy I'm here.

Speaker 2:2:26They sound like out what and I say. So they'll be nice and clean shaven and I'd like to let it grow one day. Oh yeah fair. I'm trying to get into Atkinson. So you help to try and get in France and I'm too big to to be a SEAL. I should be a SEAL literally a seal because of the blubber but not immediately so the others are going to mention as well.

Speaker 3:2:54I mean you have lots of different roles like that. So before we get into talking about what you began I'll mention that now you played Prostor a farmer. You played multiple cops and detectives Jack Reacher as well I remember you Jack Reacher crooked cop paramedics as well and the seal for what. What is your faith. What was your favorite was your favorite role to play. PRONTA SEAL team what was a favorite one which I have not been on a lot.

Speaker 1:3:22Yeah. And it's you know it's funny. When asked like your favorite role. It's so hard to narrow down because it's like asking your you know which which of your children is your favorite. Yeah because it's there all you know. I mean because I literally like as an actor you work really hard to get the job. They're all very near and dear to you when you get them for different reasons. But I would have to say like. You know Jack Reacher from whom it was so great because I done so many police officer roles. But working with Tom Cruise on a on a large venture like the Jack Reacher franchise. Yeah I was just just a great experience in every way possible working with him working that Productions was so great a concert like the climax of my Kopra you know what I mean like I reached the pinnacle of of corruptness you can be the captain you know rest Tom Cruise where no.

Speaker 1:4:20And then another favorite target for a reason is a movie called LBJ that came out a couple of years ago and the role is really small. But I got to play I'm a former secretary of state in the U.S. It was an actual historical figure. Yeah Robert McNamara and when I played him that was brand new for me because every role that I do I feel like I put Judd. In the shoes of that person. Yeah. You know so how would judge be the cop. I would just be the longer I would just be dead. And where's this one Robert McNamara. In actual living breathing person. So I the preparation was totally different. Than anything else I'd done to that point. Yeah it was just it was such a challenge but it was a fun challenge you know. I read his book his autobiography you know watched all of these these videos online of him talking and yeah I really tried to get the physical part of him down even changed the direction my hair part Krabby you look every thing I've done prior to LBJ my hair one particular shot.

Speaker 4:5:37And then I reversed it for that role. Match him with him. And I kept it that way ever since.

Speaker 1:5:42And you just little things you know how do you walk can we talk. And it was kind of funny. I would get others to help me with like. I would say come up with a topic. It could be something current. Yeah. And asked me how I feel or whatever about sensuousness topic and I would try to answer that. The way McNamara would. OK. Just to try to just to be in his head. So those are two that I can think of off the top of my head that were favorites for different reasons you know.

Speaker 3:6:15Yeah I mean I guess when you know you are portraying someone who was a living person or you know a character in history especially recent history is not more as well then you've got to try it you know. I guess yeah. Getting that right compared to like like a cop or a paramedic somewhere. You're in the wrong right but the actual mannerisms. So the straight answer changed you have some things it that sounds really good. You don't see guns that much of a dent in that. Change you change yourself and change your outlook and yeah it was it was so much fun to do that.

Speaker 5:6:47Yeah I can imagine. MARTIN Well to my Ritcher as well. Have you read each other to throw this out there. You ready child.

Speaker 6:6:55No I haven't. I know right. I did the books you taught. Yeah yeah.

Speaker 4:7:00Well I so many people have told me how great they are but I've got this thing where when it comes to books that get made into movies that was younger. If there's a crime series or that it's everyone is raving about or whatever. I purposely don't read them. Even before I was an actor. Yeah because if it's likely to be made into a movie although if you read the book first it's 95 percent the time you're going to come out of the movie saying it wasn't as good as the book. Yeah I you know I just heard it all my life from everyone. And. You know the thing is it's like no book has like a limited time and it has your imagination. It has all that whereas a movie's got an hour and 45 minutes. Yeah it's combat like sponsored enterprises. Yeah yeah. So it's not a fair comparison. So what I do love the Times is in the past what I've done is that there's a movie that I love.

Speaker 1:8:00I really like it was based on a book. You see that we first love the movie and then I'll go read the book because it gives me like bonus Inchbald story. Yeah. More details and so we'll get to that with like I did that with DaVinci Code present. Oh yeah yeah. You know the movie like you said they have enough time and. And. And so the movie was great when I saw it but I loved you more. Yeah. But I don't like to do it in reverse order. So but I haven't gotten around to reading the Jack Reacher books yet. I want you one day.

Speaker 5:8:38Yeah they are good. I did the same with DaVinci Code. To watch the movie first then read the books afterwards. I resign eventually reach because the book bad the odds broke up read all the rage books. And I listen to them. We had to drive my car for five hours. The great great oracle and the oracle less if they want to sponsor Jerry Can he go. So yeah just a series now is upset that that might rip I mean Tom Cruise is a fantastic actually never knocking but you reach a 6 foot 7 and right around 6000. Does he know anything. Tom did a fantastic job in the movies anyway. If you didn't know that and you wouldn't but you know recently yup that smile is exactly what you've just said is because you've read the book first.

Speaker 1:9:26You get the book and you've created this carriage you have this image this idea. And now it's like Well Shawn is now and so many people said that we originally came out and just so many people said oh that's not going to be any good because Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher but the movie people went to see him were like can only see Jack Bridgers jumpers. Yeah. So yeah that's what I do I go the reversal.

Speaker 5:9:49Oh yeah. I mean I really enjoyed the movie spoke. And to be fair the fantastic films and he didn't even read the books you'll still love the movie. You know I can't do that much I can separate and even those that I think he's not really good role. Yeah there's such a good job. Yeah you ever do such a good job in the film in the way of insulin or are you just to get a good outcome. Excellent. Yeah them just just all go up and down. I knew that was what you had. David Leslie was on my show I was well once he was in June Stormont's was a political not linked Bermudians of fealty which is actually why he is it's mean from the south. We are behind you. Yes. So in troubling times the flare up had a backlog of shows so we're watching what's totally addicted. For good even life is addicted and you know I said that's something which she's into it is. I mean this question which I had coming in from June is up. That's right to do on Twitter. Two questions first I'll also the serious one of them are two of the Choekyi when I think they feel a sense of responsibility in playing the role because you are representing and you're actually working with men and women of the armed forces.

Speaker 1:11:09Without a doubt 100 percent. And the the encouraging thing every day is that there are reports that the overwhelmingly positive thing about doing the show is the fact that it's not just me it feels that way about my character. It's it's every single crew member every writer every producer on our show. We're all in it. Every actor we're all in it for the same thing to tell these stories but to tell them as authentically as we possibly can. We've got oh gosh. Dozens of veterans to work on our crew itself up from the catering guys to you know cameramen camera operators grips costume department. We've got so many vets in there. And then on top of that. We also have designated consultants that are there with us every single day we shoot that are coming in from the SEAL team. Former SEAL team former Delta Force guys former special ops special operators that you don't know what we're trying to achieve and they're watching every little aspect what we do.

Speaker 1:12:14Get Your Gun this way. You want to cross the target and move in this way. You want to hear your patches wrong your helmet needs to be this. All the little things and then we even have a former SEAL in our writers room to make sure that overall the stories that we're telling in the missions that we're portraying are realistic about what Shiells actually do. So to answer that question I definitely feel that responsibility as as does every member of our production and that makes it. And makes it so rewarding and it's challenging and rewarding at the same time you know when when I'm in an airport and when someone in the military comes up and says Hey are you. Are you Buttram from children. And they talk to us they love the show and you guys thank you. They tell us thank you for getting it right now. And I'm like you know do thankyou for what you've done. Yeah. You guys. But they really you know. That's like the best compliment ever from them to say that we're there we're keeping it real. This is so awesome. And yes it's it's the thing I think that all of us are most proud of are chronologically of the guy you know and I kind of a compliment is definitely not.

Speaker 5:13:32I'm not and I'm not a Navy SEAL. I don't I get it from what I've seen studied it. I mean from the cadets fans say from I remember I can tell when I was in the reserves and things like that of how to handle myself and look to the tactics of SEAL team uses for documentaries that you say is spot on. And now we you've got so many veterans and you get all that you know these guys coming in and how can you so the stuff they might get reasonable realistic and I mean even the costumes down to the ground does the costumes and the uniforms that you're wearing are costumes. Well their costumes the uniforms. Right. But yeah the uniforms and the equipment isn't there. It is the crystal of Heysel legit is the currency that we want. You know what I loved in the first few episodes of seen but probably carry on. I've got a real thing for that night. Come on the midnight sociologist notoriety you have an awesome shit they feel like it's the first song. Yeah.

Speaker 1:14:33Are are guys who ordered that stuff for us. You know the kits and everything. It's the legit stuff that the guys use and the real SEALs used. And you know I've been on production before where the actors have to carry large guns around or whatever and they'll be they'll be replicas didn't look identical but they're so much lighter and whatever. Yeah these are the real things. Wow. So when when our guys are out there shooting all day long. Going up a hill with guns and gets on whatever. It's the real deal. They're carrying the same weight that the real SEALs would. And that yeah it's it's it's so cool to be part of something that it's trying to do our best to do it right. And yes to answer Goonj question without a doubt I feel that responsibility as does everyone on the show earlier.

Speaker 5:15:24Sometimes something sounds very much like a modern day version of the band of brothers thing in the series I think. You know what you just told me I didn't realize that the rights would turn the full weight of the seal was as well. So again they all got in full experience down there you know. That's clearly impressive especially for TV series for us to go of actors doing exactly. To going through that. How did you do that. Boot camp type stuff with them all.

Speaker 1:15:50No no. Actually we did a lot of we weren't at the very beginning. We did see training with our excuse me at the very beginning. We did at the very beginning we did a lot of training with our SEALs our consultants. But most of our training is done on the fly. You know shiver if we have to do something new. Yeah. So we don't roll the cameras and chill. Our guys come in shows exactly how it's done. I personally went out to the Mojave Desert a few weeks ago. Rucka as it was and I was invited through some contracts my pulses from the Army up and said Hey would you like to come out and participate in this. It really exclusive deal they only have like 30 people per year to do that. And you go out to the Mojave Desert and you train with the army.

Speaker 1:16:42And it's it's called an immersion day where they pick you up at 7am and a Blackhawk whisks you out to the desert to this huge city they built. Yeah it's the size of Rhode Island one of our states. And it's this intense war games like atmosphere. And with everything on and run around you that was kind of like a boot camp day. Yeah. And but you know it's as far as the show goes. So much of it is on the fly. And the good news is is like I say the good thing is is that we don't shoot it until we. Everyone knows how to do it right.

Speaker 5:17:18Yeah. I mean how how hard are some of that I mean I said well I'll take it because like really aliens as a human right. But I think the image looks brilliant on the day it was the color car. Oh I like the current the criminal. Yes. Eastern European generally Moses or that take that guy's car. But look not so much phones have got you hoping to get lucky it was a fun that you must have had when your prices brought the cook each other out.

Speaker 4:17:48Yeah that was amazing. It was amazing. You're the one where we practice it and you practice it and then you go out and then yeah. So yeah I was there the day time and the guy and I say I've got a front row spot of of the whole scene. And it was so unbelievably Cougar's like the 13 year old me was like wow this is awesome. Like what you saw it was what they really did you know. Of course there's things like you know Hollywood glass when they break the glass. So they get severely injured struck by the thing. But they're shooting blanks right. Yeah. It's rounds of blanks. So you know there was a couple takes where actually one where I got hit with a blank Well it was flying out you know. I mean it's it's was one that light felt so real because I'm sitting there standing there with the stopwatch out just a few feet away in its. Car gets out and grabbed the guy. Man it was so awesome to watch.

Speaker 5:18:57I can imagine you know some thoughts from sitting on the screen wasn't something to be being there. Yeah and that's plan because a lot of people with Amell know that like a hit in the face pipeline. When I was in the as people realize it because a plant still comes out of the air and then it comes out of it and it's not the Californians importance that it does look here. You know you know Sam earth has the hazards of the job hunting and sure it's good to be here. Yeah. Secondly I mean within hours I'll you ask and thank Saqqaf friend who's SS regiment was that size perhaps maybe the battle rattle who couldn't see. The rivalry. Right. Right. Those guys are as good as each other they are fantastic but he's great. He was out in Holborn and things like that and he can switch himself on his car.

Speaker 5:19:52It's just triggered my memory and thinking that I was in his car once and he took us on country lanes. He was doing the sit in the back and then hit him and there's another guy who's also extortionist and they start doing not the aggressive driving just to try and I was in the back of the toilet and I needed to change my trousers afterwards because so much going down country lines. And it's just like looking at banks look at the map not you know soft left or right soft left out and they spun round and then it is reversed you snow can stand in the car around and it was actually a good match. But you know watching it all as close were sections to stop the guys in the seals on and off to do and it was just fantastic experience and since the accident and I mean you know we talked about that.

Speaker 5:20:42I mean you got huge. I know that. So a huge respect and a huge support of veterans of horses as well. And I think in America in the states from Zelma in the UK we have a lot of respect for our forces as well as these. The U.S. has such an amazing respect was security. Yeah and you know we go to SeaWorld and stuff and you stand and never asks if not just US force anyone you will stand up give them a round of applause and show their respect and egotism yours will become a slightly slight while. And you know it's such an amazing feeling and but I think there is more to be done on the streets quite a lot of veterans are really abandoned by the government and like they come out. So they just left and I know that's very similar in the States. And you know we have for every everything positive I can say about you know crime.

Speaker 1:21:40Or treatment of vets. It's gotten so much better since the days of Vietnam and that's for them. It's gotten so much better the overall respect for the troops.

Speaker 7:21:50However everything posturings say I can also say that we should be doing more a lot of these these men and women who come home you know are often in need of treatment. Yeah. Physically mentally emotionally. That I think that we could be doing a much better job of taking care of them. And you know for what they've done for us I think it's the least that we can do for them. Yeah. So yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm happy to say that we've come a long way in our respect and our treatment of our veterans our active troops. But you know again and again don't think I don't think we're we've reached there. I think we there's more that can be done.

Speaker 5:22:40Oh definitely definitely agree with that. I mean you mentioned Vietnam there's a lot of dimension our record here. The fact that I start reenacting Vietnam 10 years ago and I reached out to the veterans there and made friends with them and they were sending me stuff that they brought back things like patches and patches. First of all Nathan Velvet was taking you know some of now so sentimental for those guys. But I was so thankful that anyone would want to remember them in them in a positive in a positive light. And that touched me more than anything actually. Some of us started I've got the idea in my head I've I've started in the first three words of my own screenplay of wrong doing some that person was like a Vietnam kind of thing. I want to be able to get something out there and portray that era because those guys went through hell because Larry Chambers broken heart went out to hurt him and he said.

Speaker 5:23:34I think he'd come back he was 20 teams in a football hole. And as a college football player who the not been to Vietnam yet and he broke his ankle and the girls were swarming him and they were like oh look at this you know what you do. And the thing is how did you do that exhaust you know fell over on the football field. And Larry just said it is you know it is not I feel your pain guys couple months but the are here we went down in Vietnam you guys I got out with a broken knee. He said my buddy he goes got the top of his head sliced off with the rotor plate as it came around that crime and the parents of the girls just looked at him in disgust spotlight and walked out. And even the guy broke his ankle hobbled out and just left them stood on his own in the kitchen. And I that is the most heartbreaking pain and you know this guy he was 20 years old and he's already with the same the SEALs currency it was out in Afghanistan. Given the fact that they have seen.

Speaker 5:24:30We briefly touched on the fortitude that these guys have got and which is just. Not sycophancy at all. It's just respect because like that that dog we mentioned buil you know the dog in the pile yes the. Yeah that's what he meant. You really to bring that up. It would only sit when there's a bomb and you've got the tensions you going down in the house.

Speaker 1:24:55Yeah. First of all yeah. You haven't seen it. I'll just say really quick. In our very first episode because this is the one that hit home for me on how different a breed and. The incredible superheroes are. They introduce early in the first episode of our show they introduced the dog and the CIA guy goes to pet the dog and see Ogas says I don't pet dog you know. You don't do that and don't tell him to sit on time he sets so when he smells explosives and you know that's towards the gate.

Speaker 4:25:28Fast forward towards the end of the show where the seals are down underground somewhere in Africa and they know the terrorist hideout is down there and they get to the door and the dog sits down. And my gut reaction on something like that is oh crap. You have the roses in there. Let's go. Yes go the other way. These guys they're trained the way they are. OK. Explosives run there. Take note of that. Now let's go in. And you don't know if the dog just smells explosives.

Speaker 1:26:04They don't know if when you open the door bomb go off it's going to be a suicide vest. It's going to be a stack of explosives. You don't know. No but they go in and digest shows like to me like the difference and the special breed that these city superheroes are they are are they all real life superheroes.

Speaker 5:26:26Because you are my reaction of those I run the other way. Yeah. And if anything goes wrong with that with an operation or something you know or even just a bit of intel changes erm we might get a whiff of recognition or anything like that then the powers that be to sit in the office thousands of miles away will just like right off close the lines and close all communication channels down and say Right you're on your own and you get back you get back if you don't get don't. And that is the most to go out there knowing that you can either end up dead captured and tortured or just communicated from your own country just cos you've got to have some OLS or even a female you know that you have to prove it. Yep. Even the thing you know you give the women the women go out there and do just as much as the guys out there you know it's all right. Yes I read that read them. Was it worth it. It was against the law. Or was this a double testicular fortitude.

Speaker 4:27:32Tried. That's right. What was Jeunes lessors quibbles.

Speaker 5:27:37Oh yeah I started to get use the other one was about how's your feet how's the bird getting going.

Speaker 1:27:43Thank you. June Vere game is strong. It's not as strong or not is out there as it was at the end of Season 1 the indices 1 were deployed to Afghanistan and in real life the SEALs when they're deployed on a mission like that they they stopped shaving. They let it grow out to let their hair grow and helps blend in that sort of thing. And so that's what we did on the show from a show like 13 of 14 on. We that we were instructed okay no more no more cutting the beards and hair let it grow and you'll see that mine grew. And then we started up season 2. I didn't want to go back to the stubble that Blackburn had at the beginning of Season 1. I wanted to go kind of in between and so beard game is doing well. Jeanne.

Speaker 5:28:29Thank you for asking that and the follow on lies the cause of true blue onions which with Mrs Colbert. She asked the question on Twitter and Instagram. I notice that she's desperate to find out what products he's on your.

Speaker 6:28:43Hi. Question true blue I use a product called the D. The hairdresser's onset introduced me to which is called Tacho and I think it's real one on Amazon but it's not a beard oil. It's like a cross between a paste and an oil so it doesn't shine as much because cameras pick up everything. But there a great job of like you know keeping it you know beer can get pretty frazzled. You know what I mean. It does a great job of like keeping everything down and emplaced and looking nice without looking too shiny. It's called tacho. Girl shut up. Maybe future sponsorship any sponsorship would be great for the home. I may have to connect with them see about a spokesman who type deal. Yeah yeah. No. Oh yeah.

Speaker 5:29:35As we all constrains because quite a few questions that want to get through these Budweiser. It will be tempting for you so frequently. But McDonald is asking how often do you get to go to Georgia when you seal team.

Speaker 1:29:51Great question Beth. I it just depends it's you know it's something apt we get our schedule episode episode we get a new schedule and so we shoot an episode typically over seven or eight days weekdays which is about 10 days on the calendar and if I'm working three or four days of the episode it depends on how they fall. As to whether I can go home or not. So what I do is I get scheduling if I've got like a three day break like I'm off Friday Saturday Sunday Monday let's say I'll take off Thursday night take a red eye flight leave L.A. go straight to Georgia I can get to three days and my wife and kids and they get back on the plane and get back to L.A.. So on average you know every couple of weeks or two or three weeks I try to get home.

Speaker 1:30:37This season's been a little tougher to get home as I got home a lot more last season. But yeah it's it's still on average enough to where I miss the heck out of you know my kids are over there and I expect. But we fortunately we have a few days off for Thanksgiving which we just had and then we get we get to two and have three weeks break for Christmas. Sean can't wait to go back and just sit them on the floor and. Just hang out with the kids for that and then we get to three months of hiatus in the spring and early summer show. And that's kind of how it works. I cope.

Speaker 5:31:20And I feel about that as well without just blokes in London for you. And I was going down on a Sunday five hour drive on some nice day in town. I come back on Thursday night Friday morning and my son was in school fraud so that a would get one day with the family everyone a bit better than you. Every couple of weeks I have ever vaguely just one day away. I mean I missed. I was away from my birthday last year just two days ago the other day 43 years old for her. I'm like a week ago so they say Oh best people and that's it for December and next year Sagittarius Exactly yes I'm going home affairs I'm Elizabeth I was watching this first day that high school was here. So yeah it does get to you when you do that kind of thing. So I'm totally surprised when you're that far away and you want to get it done.

Speaker 1:32:12The point I mentioned do a lot of people were asking about this is Chen to elaborate on best Quashy. She doesn't brutally hard you know like this year I had to miss Halloween. Yeah. And. Kids that are my kids that are my kids age their 6 6 and 7 and twin boys are six and a daughter 7. Halloween is like 8 it's second only to Christmas. They dress up in costumes around to get candy or something. It's huge. And so to miss that just broke my heart it really did. And the thing is when I'm out here in L.A. shooting and I have to miss something and I get any time I get kind of down about it with her it's it's really easy to fix that because I think back about oh 10 years ago you used to work on offshore oil rigs you know and I didn't have kids at the time but I would see these directional drillers and guys talking their. Wives and their children on the phone. And I'm thinking commands would be brutal because they're out there for 40 days sometimes whatever. And then I also think about the character that I'm playing. I mean. I know it could be a lot worse. I can actually deployed doing this for real. Which is so much harder. Obviously you know when I think about it like Dad it puts you in perspective and you know allows me to snap out of it pretty quickly. So far it's working. It's working well.

Speaker 5:33:43Yeah. Yeah. Coming to sort of Sobi up from that perspective on some fun things it doesn't feel right. We drive a 6 6 Hoffmann's at a time when these guys think I'm crazy a Catholic or athletes and that sort of thing for talking about Black Flag character himself. Looks you're going to see more of a personal side of him because so far we found out he's not very kitchen friendly and even off duty he still maintains control. So get any background information or is it just me bacon that comes up from the sense of who you think he is.

Speaker 1:34:17Well first off. Hello and thank you Cathy. I've interacted with Kathy before on the numerous social media platforms. And I know she's a huge fan of the shows that they get. But to answer that question we will definitely see some personal side of Weingard in due time. Cathy have patience. We'll get there. But as far as like up to this point you know last year last on season 1 I was given the material and the guys all about you know seeing is how they write when the writers would write the episodes and I was only doing my job on the show. I took that as a you know a character thing about Piper like okay so I'm not going to see a personal side. Well then he is going to be the most focused guy in the world on his job. Yeah you know you you take something and you make the most of it type thing. And so yeah I've got I've developed a back story in my head for Blackburne. But whether or not that's what unfolds we'll have to wait and see. But yeah you'll definitely see some personal side of the Blackburne coming up and hopefully I don't want to spoil anything.

Speaker 5:35:40Yes we will certainly see something to expand on as well with a few of the questions but I'm not going to go there just in case it spoil things. They know coffee has once again hangs I. It's coming. Actually on Earth. How is your passion for SEAL Team. Was it a long wait to find out if you got the black bear.

Speaker 1:36:01So if I remember correctly 2017 about mid February I get an email from my agent and this is out. You know all the auditions they start with me when you get the emails and audition notice many of them nowadays are on tape rather than in person which is a cool thing about our job that technology has changed. You can actually tape it at your house and just send it in. Rather than going to it in person and then there's positives and negatives of that. I'm a big fan of both. I like the convenience of taping in the House and the fact that you can do it several times so you get it right yeah. Send it in. But I also like going into the room and just you know doing it live. But this one was a taped audition. I got to like say from mid February and then I want to say it was about three weeks later I get a call saying hey they're checking your availability.

Speaker 1:36:57Cool. You know March something or another. And then so we said Yeah right now is available. And then a week or two later boom I was booked. To go down to New Orleans where we just moved from we moved from Georgia. Two months later it's like get back to Louisiana and up and worked on the pilot and I didn't want to get too excited. I love the role and I got it. But I didn't want to get too excited because it was a pilot and the way the networks work here in the U.S. you know a lot of times the networks say OK we're going to shoot 12 pilots this year. It's only going to pick up maybe to have as a show and back in 2011. I booked three different pilots and not one of them saw the light of day. So my experience was with pilots had been jaded you know.

Speaker 1:37:50Yeah I'm looking at the role of my other screeds Bleicher was really cool and ironically enough was my first ever military role. Right. And I'm like wow this is awesome. Ok cool. But don't get too excited about it. When I go down to New Orleans and I finally get the full script because on auditioning I didn't have the full script I just had Blackburne seats. And I get the full script when I get to the hotel it read and I'm like wow it's really good. Yeah. Don't get upset don't get excited. And then of course we shoot and the chemistry with the cast is great. We we all hit it off and at an instant chemistry I think and then I'm looking at the dailies you know the next day after we shot. Look here's what we shot yesterday. I'm looking at and I'm like wow it looks like a film.

Speaker 1:38:36But don't get excited just yet. And so the excitement you know it was several months later when we found out that he did get picked up CBS picking it up and I called my agent we find out that it was shooting in Los Angeles. Right. And I called my agent scentless was like You know I think you know this character has a chance of coming back home. But I didn't want them to say oh well yeah Joe was great but he's down there. Let's get someone here to take that role. Yeah. So I said Hey call the production office and let them know if they want me to come back as Blackburne you know I'll work as a local in L.A. No problem there. And sure enough he did show and then a week later. Ese available location to move or.

Speaker 5:39:20And boom that's on at a faster rate. It's good that he did that. I know there are times when you when you look inside the basement lunchroom stuff and then just maybe they will look at the distance. No I'm not. Because it's not going to work. Yeah. You know exactly. I know that's a tough thing to hit especially you know you go pick up etc.. I've heard that before. The people I've spoken to really said about the pilot episodes and then it doesn't go anywhere. Of course people are always so good at it and then sometimes you know Compston thing they'll say. I think it's 12 or 13 really to do anymore. It's like why. Seriously. How do you know that works. Yeah when I was on I mean ahead of us.

Speaker 1:40:09Yeah I think it was on shields Joe's. Anyway we're so all of us feel so fortunate and grateful that not only to me any time as an actor age you can get regular work you know Jizan whatever that's great but to be part of a show that that CBS has decided to go with that we feel is telling stories that need to be told. Yeah it's it's it's it's it's a bonus. Man it's the best feeling in the world. We're all super grateful.

Speaker 5:40:41Oh I can't imagine I cannot serve is the trio asking them about the camaraderie that is being funneled side because I mean like you said you guys are bonded. Yep you know you've got to have a bunch of actors names in there as well not with yourself included. Everyone is just in it just jealous and I think there's something you there. Let me say we have to do everything that we so precision you've got to be able to be in tune with everyone else. Yeah. It's the laughter offset as a joking around. It's not just you know when the cameras are off.

Speaker 1:41:15I think it's more so when the cameras are off. Yeah. I always say Man. If we could put out if we could put out the footage of we're not shooting you. It would be just as entertaining because yeah we're all really close since the beginning of the show. I think a really great amount of respect for each other and what we do. And on top of that it was just a good mixture of you know people that just hit it off. You know what everybody out there on this show all the way from Tony ingestion all the guys I consider like family to me and they would say the same about all of us you know. It's just a really I've heard before people say looks like you guys get along well you know and like because we really do. Oh yeah fortunately managed its greatest job in the world when you work with people like that.

Speaker 5:42:09Yeah you can certainly see that as well when it's on the screen it comes across I think it's a show of luciferin and those guys love they get like a family brothers. You see the bus. Instagram stories and stuff that they put up. Yep you crying. You know Tom. Hugo. Yes I can just imagine what you guys do. Oh yeah it's fun it's fun show. Yeah. Come on. So he's also he's got some important questions here now Joe you get the most important questions. Cake or ice cream.

Speaker 1:42:39SIMON Well first of all if I had it my way I'd say ice cream with cake together is like you can't beat that. No but if I had to choose one I'll go ice cream cope with your company. You. So I would say beach but I don't I'm not a fan of getting into the water as much. I'm not going to swim it.

Speaker 5:43:05But I do love Istana when I'm shocked. I love it.

Speaker 1:43:10I loved the Bofill beach. So yeah I would say I would say beach by just a little.

Speaker 5:43:17Fair. Fair enough. She just thought I'd throw in session was high for the biggest Seal team fan in Canada. She says. Fingers crossed for season three inches high fives of the cast and crew for putting out an awesome show every week.

Speaker 6:43:30Thank you Sobey that's awesome and yes fingers crossed.

Speaker 5:43:34And Hi5 right back to code at the last hush we got from someone and you probably be glad and I've met him I don't know. It's from Melason at at. And that's what's a name that we have. It's kind of similar to the tough gone. We have a chance to see more scenes of Blackphone in action like in the episode sometime Werter.

Speaker 1:43:58Yes. Yes. Yes you will see that as well. I think it's awesome that that we've been able to establish Blackburne in the in the command situation room. Yeah because I think it was. I think it's an element that's different from what the guys do on the ground. But but also very needed element. You know what I mean. Yep. I love that aspect I love doing that. Also though you know I was told just Lieblein seems like so was told like in October of last year. When we were shooting Season 1 that yeah in future episodes we make the Blackberry that feel like oh how cool show. But I was like Ugh I gotta get in shape. So I shot nutritionist and a trainer and I started like a completely different regimen to getting better physical shape and show. Yeah I have to maintain that because I don't know which episodes but yeah like so we saw a sneak peek of that in season 1 in one of the episodes. We're checking a congressman. We saw the one just recently that she was referring to. And yes to answer your question. This season you will see some more of that fantastic suster.

Speaker 5:45:13All the best of them. Yeah it's just the series just developed so well is. You know it's just brilliant. And a lot of I mean I'm on Episode 0 9 of season 1 so still a baby steps at the moment but when those grips from a person like say from episode a missile going in and they say yeah that was like this is this is my popish I got to explain it to Peter. You've got a lot of good stuff to come so I'm really looking forward to it. The last question and go figure. This is a signature question now get the reason behind this is because last year a guest who came on my show. If you know if your stuff was fine you might recognize. He was the guy for the millennial folk with Lenddo risen at the end of the chat. Yep yep they're the monkey typeface yes. Yeah had how will the show last year. Mancur and lovely guy and he's worked to Jim Henson that he is on the Muppets he works on labyrinth and so on. If someone asked this question and this is such an awesome question and I've had a lot of laughs with this question people say if you could have a puppet created after you which Muppet would it be. Why. It could be an existence on either.

Speaker 1:46:35Side would create a new character. That's part Blackburne and part.

Speaker 6:46:43A member of the band. Was it the electric electric mayhem LH map. Yeah. Ducks teeth and you animals and Floyd and Jana's look I know my and zoom zoom into the next guy so I would I would have another instrument.

Speaker 1:47:03But I would keep the Blackburne it would be Blackburne as a musician in the 70s band with with that crew. I would be the sixth member of electric man.

Speaker 2:47:16Baby lots of them point. Yes.

Speaker 5:47:19Yes yes of course I would be on point. Yep that was a great question and I just needed them. It's awesome. I do this through better job. The call that the voice now have votes too much or that her children are or its current Germany was valuable and it is not going to go to the mall. That made us some great answers. No it isn't anything before I start recording anything you would like. To the people who are watching or listen to this one.

Speaker 1:47:55Well you know for those of you who you've never seen Seal team I would say go out of your way to check it out. Because even if you're thinking oh it's a military thing. No. I don't I'm not in the military that they are I'm not into that type of thing. Give it a chance because I think that one of the great aspects of what we do is because I think that one of the great aspects of what we're doing is that we're not only showing what these guys do do the action you know the intensity that shoot them up stuff what we're trying to tell a story of who they are and the effect of what they do what it what what effect it has on their home life their personal situations as human beings. And you know I liken it to something like E.R. that could do that show.

Speaker 1:48:45You guys know E.R.. Yep yep. OK. So we are like if you told me to watch watch the show it's about surgeries and all these medical issues. You know that doesn't really feel to me. But E.R. wasn't about that. The medicine and the surgery procedure was about the people who did that kind of work. So if you haven't seen Seal Team you seriously you're missing out. And I'm not just saying that because I'm on it because there's plenty of things I pass that I'm not recommending to watch. I am not saying. This is a good show. It's a very. Our writers are I think just an incredible group of talented people telling some really good stories. And for those of you who do watch the show. Thank you. You know I love every chance I get. I love interacting with with our creped fans you know who caught up and love the show and I love interacting with those fans and and hearing from them and that sort of thing. So thank you so much for your for your loyalty to the show. And yeah fingers crossed for many more seasons of what I think is a show telling stories that I think people need to need to see here.

Speaker 8:49:59Thank you. That was absolutely fantastic. Absolute honor and privilege to talk to you as their live and seal team the moment for all of those out there I hope you will enjoy listening or watching this interview. Please subscribe to Hellblazer. For more interviews on Twitter at Hellblazer baith and also Instagram Hellblazer images and you can find Hellblazer is the page on Facebook. So please hit like subscribe. Share and hope you'll enjoy that and hopefully I'll be speaking to more Seal Team cast soon. Fingers crossed. This has been Chris Gordon Jungleland. Next time.

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